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Biden, Putin Prepare for Tense Talks in Geneva

Biden is set to raise a number of thorny issues with Putin during Wednesday’s summit, from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks

6/16/2021 2:00:00 PM

Biden is set to raise a number of thorny issues with Putin during Wednesday’s summit, from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks

Fresh from days of meetings with the U.S.’s closest allies, President Biden is set to raise a number of thorny issues with the Russian president, from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks.

GENEVA—Fresh from days ofmeetings with the U.S.’s closest allies, President Biden is set to raise a number of thorny issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their summit Wednesday, from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks against the U.S.

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Both sides have played down the prospects of a thaw in relations, although U.S. officials have suggested some headway could be made on sticking points such as nuclear arms control.Throughout his first visit overseas as president, meeting Group of Seven and European leaders and the U.S.’s partners at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Mr. Biden has signaled that he

wants to show that the U.S. and its allieswon’t tolerate what it regards as provocative actions by the Kremlin and will counter the growing influence of autocratic powers.Mr. Putin, who was scheduled to arrive in Geneva on Wednesday, has also flagged his interest in pursuing a dialogue with Mr. Biden, describing the American president as a more predictable leader than his predecessor, but has made clear that he won’t be cowed. headtopics.com

Both sides have acknowledged that their relationship has reached a post-Cold War low in recent years, with Moscow recently including the U.S. on its list of unfriendly nations. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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In the name of Jesus cast our enemies down Breaking News: A very commanding performance by President Putin in the meeting room. Has no legs to stand on- he allows annexation on WB by Israel with no condemnation at all, but he’s supposed to stand up to Putin and say, don’t annex the Crimea? 🙄🙄🙄 hypocrite—That kind of condemnation rings hollow.

🇺🇲🇷🇺utin and Biden are equal pieces of the board, they play to survive within the same system, “electoral fraud” is the passport for both to continue with the feat of deceiving the minorities of the people, “they will never be respected by the people.” The journalistic militancy of the Brazilian extreme left, “Rede Globo”, chases workers who seek to survive with dignity. Globo is going bankrupt and working for the country to be destroyed as well.

US-Russia become allies to defeat China...... history repeated just new bad guy Thorny… Biden can’t even remember what he had for lunch much less have a thorny conversation! If mr Biden remembers these issues ! Anyone here who has cashapp or bitcoin wallet, can start working from home and make extra money online on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Inbox me for more details

Haven't' been this excited sine the Johnny Knoxville vs Butter Bean card.....🤡

Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I'm always ready,' Biden saysThe White House has called on experts to help Pres. Biden prep for his meeting with Putin—including Fiona Hill, a top Russia expert and former Trump administration official. Read more: OH GOD...Here they go again calling in those frickin SO-CALLED”EXPERTS..!! 🎯 I want to buy insurance for Biden, can the beneficiary is me?

Clash of a heavyweight vs. a lightweight !!

Vladimir Putin warns Ukraine that joining NATO is unacceptableRussian President Vladimir Putin said that it would be unacceptable if Ukraine joined NATO. The longtime leader warned that NATO missiles would be able to reach key Russian targets in just seven minutes if Ukraine joined the organization LOL bluffing? hkb73

As Biden-Putin meet looms, Geneva to host U.S., Russian summit for third timeWith the current relationship between the superpowers at its lowest, this meeting will be a crucial step in moving forward. THE DIFFERENCE.. It’s not at its lowest. That’s stupid. Who cares. Russia isn’t worth the attention we give them.

Putin dismisses criticism of hacking and internal crackdowns ahead of Biden summitExclusive: President Putin says he can't guarantee that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny will come out of jail alive and dismisses allegations that Russian hackers were behind recent cyberattacks. - KeirSimmons KeirSimmons I see absolutely no purpose in giving this monster a platform, unless you want to give his reputation a boost to give trump’s love for him some legitimacy KeirSimmons So nice of you to give PUTIN a platform, as if YOU are negotiating,for a prisoner swap, BEFORE he meets with OUR countrys president.. Putin knows what crack, to feed the media, that’s for sure KeirSimmons Sure

Biden, unlike predecessors, has maintained Putin skepticismPresident Joe Biden frequently talks about what he sees as central in executing effective foreign policy: building personal relationships. The American president, who is set to meet with Putin face to face on Wednesday in Geneva, is mindful of Putin’s ability to survive even as his country has diminished as a world economic power. Biden has repeated an anecdote about his last meeting with Putin, 10 years ago when he was vice president and Putin was serving as prime minister. A Sounds the same as in dealing with GQP authoritarian Kleptocrats!

Live updates: Biden, Putin meet in GenevaUS President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will have their first face-to-face meeting today. The White House said that it seeks to 'restore predictability and stability to the U.S.-Russia relationship.' Follow live updates here: Does biden knows that Will be nice to have a President again who doesn't fangirl over Vladimir Putin like a child whose daddy never loved him. Good! We are glad to have Russia know that it's authoritarian autocratic ways aren't appreciated and their meddling in our affairs, esp our elections isn't going to be okay. Trump is gone and USA is back.