Biden Pulls Back On 'Cavalier' Remarks About Black Voters

Joe Biden says he 'shouldn't have been so cavalier' when he told a radio host that black voters “ain’t black” if they support President Trump.

5/23/2020 4:30:00 AM

Joe Biden says he 'shouldn't have been so cavalier' when he told a radio host that black voters “ain’t black” if they support President Trump.

In an at-times tense exchange on the radio show Breakfast Club, former Vice President Joe Biden said, 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.'

Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionSaul Loeb/AFP via Getty ImagesFormer Vice President Joe Biden, pictured on March 12, is facing backlash for comments that his campaign says were a joke about black support for him versus President Trump.

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Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty ImagesFormer Vice President Joe Biden is backtracking on remarks he made on a popular black radio program on Friday that were criticized as questioning the cultural authenticity of black supporters of President Trump."If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said during an interview with

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Be careful JoeBiden , we need you to beat, Trump! Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t fall prey to poor tactics or name calling. Rise up! Look how he does on a simple interview. What will he do talking to heads of state? Or racist Cavalier isn’t the word I’d pick. Stupid might be better choice He did what any grownup would do, thoughtfully acknowledge his mistake, apologize and move on.

He gets a pass! He told the truth he also shouldn't be pretending he wants to be president just to keep BernieSanders from the nomination he deserves Like I have been saying. We have the choice between the terrorist or just another crappy guy. We obviously have to choose the crappy guy once again. 😩 BernieSanders why did you have to leave

He should have said anyone that still supports Trump is not human. This is dementia talking and it will just get worse as his language/speech processing centers and global memory impairments accelerate and his raw impulses further subsume them. Basket case inevitability. It's now pure coincidence if anything he remembers or formulates is factual

And he is right to apologize. These losers “ain't black.” Cavalier: produced for the model years 1982 thru 2005 by Chevrolet, later reintroduced in 2016 for the Chinese Market. Edsel: Considered unattractive, overpriced, and over hyped. Ford lost a quarter billion. JoeBidenIsARacist Get a life man! Cmon man!

It’s why basement Biden will never be President This is deplorable what Biden said npr supreme Democrat apologists. 🤡🤡🤡 Great, he apologized. Let's move on. No one really cares. We're marching for another four years of Trump. It's embarrassing. Literally our options are embarrassing Liberals need to agree to stop calling each other “racists” for the next nine months.

Just pick a strongwomen. The alternative is a fat, orange racist dictator wanna be who won’t apologize, but will become more belligerent and abusive to anyone who doesn’t tout his alternate reality. ItsANoBrainer No reason for an apology. This was straight talk, perhaps cavalier and under the circumstances appropriate. The fake outrage needs to stop, the media need to stop. FFS the GOP is out rationalizing patricide for profit, Trump lies and spouts racism daily. Stop the double standard.

Cavalier, is that the term? At least he recognized his mistake. Rump too busy calling Kaepernick an SOB and White Supremists 'very good people.' It's a damn shame that the democratic base chose Joe when a myriad of other very suitable candidates were available. Although, he's still a million times better than the farce that's in the White House now.

He’s a racist liar. And just think about NPR is bias and supports this democrat behavior. NPR must get zero Federal Funds. Biden’s “off-the-cuff” remarks are his biggest danger in the upcoming election. He speaks before thinking. Needs help. 'nough said- he has demonstrated he has the character by simply showing he's human. God knows that's exactly what we need now.

the brotherhood and undercover brother pull their support for Biden, Biden purchased 20 cracker barrel restaurants serving only white chicken breast dinners Trump would have to look up the meaning of CAVALIER 😂😂😂 cavalier or senile? Come on, Joe. You can do better than pulling a page out of the trump playbook.

Loose lips sink ships!!!! Good for him!! At least he admits he made a mistake. Now waiting on trump to do the same for his many, many,many mistakes. Vote for Joe!! Remember when Biden bought a full page add ordering the Central Park five be killed? Me either. Remember when Biden said Nazis were “good people”? Me either.

He could have said they sold out their race for a tax cut or that they were racist. Otherwise, what's Trump's appeal? The democratic party take black voters for granted. The republican party wants to use them... Imagine if any other dem said that. Now the DNC is giving Biden passes like the RNC does for Trump. Both parties are running rude ignorant bullies. The only differences are the policy differences between the puppeteers that pull their strings. Age limits in the presidence

no duh Biden's a rich, white man telling a black man he isn't black. Who does Biden think he is? Biden says he's considering several black woman for VP; Biden acts like black people can be bought and they care more for race than qualifications. Biden is being horribly insulting! It is sad when Biden does this shit. But... Trump! I'll take the lesser of two evils!

I’ll take a guy who screws up and apologizes over the orange baby man Any reader on here could have made a similar comment. It takes insight and character to admit and apologize. It was not racist he just shouldn’t say it being white or presidential. A man who admits when he makes a mistake IS presidential opposed to a man-child who lies to cover up a lie then says he’s being sarcastic and now instead of insulting people/journalists he just walks away-NOT presidential!

Cavalier? How long was the brainstorming session to decide on that word? Lol. Don't know why Biden is so finicky about this. It's a fact. Won't be losing any Black votes over it! What's so embarrassing is a liberal White man can see thru darky Whites. No, he meant to say he 'shouldn't have been so racist.'

So is this how your going to cover Biden? I believe this is your first time talking about him. This is what npr did to Clinton just went with the GOP talking points. Let’s hear about Biden, his plans, the educated people that support & work with him. If not what then? Come on man What if he says something so 'cavalier' with China or a hostile country? Thia man can not become our president.

How refreshing. A leader who can apologize for a mistake. You surely are not an American if you vote for trump. Just spoke his true feelings. It’s how the Dems think and feel. They are the racist and condescending ones. So it’s now ok in America to tell a racist joke if you later apologize? Great let me go and tell my kids.

In an interesting twists Republicans are constantly referring to the plantation mentality of Black voters. I’m pretty sure that’s just as insulting. Lack of black turnout produced Trump. So stop crying and go vote. Still dont understand why Democrats didnt spend more time grooming a candidate but rather recycling this washed up old fart.

Gee. Which moron to vote for... He meant what he said. I don’t care who you vote for. do not for one second believe he didn’t. The apology is what you want to hear. it is not because of regret. who believes his apology is honest and sincere ? The dems couldn't do better than this? The Biden Bill hurt the black community badly.

I'm concerned Biden has dementia. What can the party do if they feel he's not mentally ok? Racist Joe. JoeBiden Saying your VP is going to strictly be a female is blatantly sexist and biased. You lost the male vote. Go Joe Like Trump’s claim that his statements about drinking bleach were “sarcastic,” Biden’s apology really isn’t a true apology, as his plethora of prior “slip-ups” can testify. Both men have campaigns behind their backs prodding them what to say.

It’s true, but he shouldn’t have said it. When your news source doesn't report on what happened, but instead reports on the response from the politician, your news source is a partisan hack. This is a VERY difficult spin! LOL It's good to apologize, now stop saying dumb shit. Joe Biden knows how to accept a misstep. He knows how to admit he was wrong. He knows how to apologize. Trump knows how to do NONE of those things.

And that’s what a leader does, owns up to it! tRump would double down & make it worse. Ohhh Come on man! Get press secretary CornPop on the proper vernacular when trying to pander. Your tweet heading is far enough off what Biden said to constitute a misquote. Please review his actual words as quoted correctly in the article.

Uncle Joe has always been the subject matter expert on African Americans! Joe^s gated mansion in Delaware is in a segregated whites only area! We are doomed with the two choices left. Ugh Stop amplifying. Just stop. it's too much at stake right now to continue going on about inappropriate language, I don't care for it from anyone.

Oops! Where were you when he first said it? Shame on you! When he told a radio host!!!! Uh that’s charlamagne tha god. Put some respek on his name. Only 1/3 of a top national morning show. WTF It’s a classic Biden gaffe, not a sign of cognitive decline. You wanna see cognitive decline? See Trump, Donald.

Cha calls people crackers all the time votegiantmeteor just end it already. Please I like both of them and he apologized, okay he gets the donkey of the day, like many before him, I'm still with Joe He went to visit Andy and Barney and Opie in Mayberry And who was jogging by but Ahmaud Arbery It's not the first time with joe biden. JoeBidenIsARacist Enough is enough. blacklivesdontmatter to democrats, BlackVotesMatter. BLEXIT bc BlackVoteAintFree

Pulls back? What happened to plainspeak? He apologized. Plain and simple. And I like people who do that when they've made a mistake. If this were about Trump they would have been 'racist' remarks. NPR= HYPOCRISY One flip remark? Ha Ha If black people want to vote for a man who is surprised that a black man is articulate and clean Another one of Bidens 'gaffes' remember? ' A Dubious Compliment via TIME

neverbiden demexit He was right. You need to be better than the other guy. Our current administration is such an embarrassment. Please help! Not perfect but better, he is. Terrible thing to say. Not in Trump's league of terrible, but I don't expect a president to behave like this. He wasn’t cavalier Watch the whole thing after he made his asinine comment, he was pissed off

His true racism came out. Democrats always make empty promises for votes, think they own the minority votes, and continue to betray communities. It's time for the DNC to pick someone else. DemExit Why everyone pretending to be so woke lol The Democratic Party has options & can choose a better DemNom candidate...the fact that they are *choosing* to prop up Joe Biden instead of making a different choice tells you everything you need to know. YouAintBlack DropOutJoe

I dislike emperor trump just as much as everyone else, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna pick someone who is as crass, rude and disrespectful as joe Biden. If my choice is between an open white supremist and one that’s in the closet...I’ll just stay home. I will give blacks all kinds of free stuff.... If you don't vote for me, you ain't black Obviously he thinks blacks can't take care of themselves... This is about as racist as it gets.

Cuz the democrats fucked up AGAIN thirdparty shitsandwich or burntterdbagel Listen to this black man’s take on Biden’s incredibly racist comment. trump has said much worse and treated just about everyone worse in countless actions and words He’s not a bad guy, he’s just old and a shitty politician. How are these two guys the most qualified candidates Impossible.

In his defense, maybe he was remembering Trump and his father, Fred, demandimg that their property managers refuse to rent to African Americans. Or how Trump demanded the death penalty for the Central Park Five. Or how he is pro 'stop and frisk'. Because that seems racist to me. If Trump said that.. man!!! Imagine the hell he would get..

stop now NPR-- find some emails from Hillary-- Lol is it 2016 again npr I’m guessing Dems are held to a higher moral standing. Have people even seen the interview? My goodness. You got the Orange bigot praising Henry Fords bloodline yesterday and no one bats an eye. Merica 2020 Biden's right, you know. Blacks love Joe's Iraq War 'cause Joe knows how blacks love being cannon-fodder for 'massah', witch doctors in lieu of medicare, war medals.Joe says'they like shiny objects'. 'You-not be black if ya don't love Joe, the watermelon of the Democratic party!

Biden, cavalier? If he stuck to speeches written by Bernie, Pelosi, or AOC, he might fare better. Q&A is not his strong point. The essence of White privileged is telling 42 million Foundational Black Americans to get over racist comments from a suspected White Suprematist Joe Biden. JoeBiden cthagod guess they're only 3/5 black?

the days of apologizing for the remarks you make are over! own your words but pick them wisely! So now Biden is “Unsaying” stupid shit? Hate to see Trump win, but Biden should have learned to shut his mouth a long time ago. Loose lips sink ships. I appreciate anyone who can admit mistakes. Leader. Biden needs to refrain from becoming too cocky in making such interviews.

If ANYONE supports this unstable person for POTUS, you are a fool—not matter what your race is. I dunno. Maybe the DNC shouldn't have gone all-in on him so soon. There were so many better candidates. There were like 20 better candidates. It's like they want to lose on purpose. He didn’t do an actual apology and the comment was disgusting

So when do we start having the discussion about how the Democratic Party is purposefully trying to lose this election? It was a joke, watch the tape Real question. What’s the threshold now for what determines a president’s stature? I feel like POTUS now has said some of the most outrageous things and still remains quite popular.

Open mouth insert foot Joe! I just hope he can hold up without a major gaffe till the election “A radio host”? Wow cthagod you read that? Democrats are cavalier. Republicans are racist. It's in the NPR style book. Internet DOES NOT FORGET, neither do the Black and Brown communities in America! JoeBidenIsARacist TaraReadeIsAVictim JoeBiden1994CrimeBill YouAintBlack NBCLatino NBCBLK CBSNews MSNBC baltimoresun Suntimes sltrib MiamiHerald chicagotribune nytimes washingtonpost

Did you notice trump praised Henry Ford, an actual Nazi? Hmm... maybe Biden has some emails too. JoeBidenIsARacist He’s right tho and it’s true It was a stupid comment. He acknowledge it. OK let's move on People are no longer goodhearted if they vote for Trump. That showed how out of touch Biden is. I question why in the hell any black person would support trump all the time, but you don't question their blackness. Duh!

Trump is the place holder for the political revolution, we taking the red pill if it's not Bernie!! oh,,,“I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it,' Apparently, Joe Biden went before a crowd and talked about the superior bloodline of Henry Ford. Terrible alanawise_ Here we go. Another article. Trump is the most god awful person in the world, but year Biden ok. The media is shameful. Hillary 2.0

He shouldn't have been cavalier, but he was right. Never heard he said that 😳 that’s super racist. Real deep down mean and demeaning racist bigotry. You can’t walk back what could be a dictionary’s example sentence of prejudice. 40 years of white Democrat privilege. Joes used to saying whatever he wants and nobody cares.

i’m voting for biden because i want RBG to be able to retire, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves: biden as president will mean listening to one apology after another from him b/c he’s a gaffe machine with skeletons in the closet. We had WAY MORE white slaves. Why is it only black slaves are discussed. White slaves were treated much much worse. Black slaves sang songs about being glad that they were not the lowly white slaves because there was nothing lower but NO ONE talks about that.

Know what? Joe Biden could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and I’d still vote for him over Trump. And that includes a vote by proxy for a third party candidate. White folks been waiting for this 👀👀👀👀👀 Stick to the script🤦‍♀️ No he shouldn't have been so racist when he said it JoeBiden , If your pricey political consultants are pushing you to be more 'cavalier' expecting to suede Trump defecting independents in the mid west you, A. Can not say dumb shit like this, smh. B. Just focus on A for now.

No Joe you should not be so self congratulatory, and people should not be so’s what got us in this mess to start with... Ya think... He just forgot he wasn’t supposed to say those things out loud. What Biden said came from his heart. Not scripted. Believe the condescension. Ya think? He’s Self aware... that’s all we ask!

Cavalier? Is this the new code for ignorant racist? Good luck Dems with this buffoon. Don’t care. But it is true. I see getting the facts right isn't high on your list. It was if they even questioned weather they should support Joe. I am so tired of Biden’s screwups , he knows what is at stake and cannot get his act together. Biden learned nothing from Obama

💪Real men own their mistakes. JoeBiden 👉Hope you’re paying attention realDonaldTrump JoeBiden Ain't BLACK but they are N right Joe - Nitwit or something else? Can we exchange our Democratic nominee for someone who isn’t an old pervert with Alzheimer’s disease? How refreshing it will be to have a president who acknowledges he's wrong and apologizes for it.

Lol Can we please not play into the right-wing outrage machine, NPR? I accept his apology. The Dem Party has taken the black vote for granted for decades; poor outcomes in black communities demonstrate that. So, he actually addressed in a timely manner and expressed regret? Truly this man is a monster who wants to eat our children.

At least he's owning it. tRump would have created a whole story around how his words were taken out of context, etc. Gaffe number _ Remember, y'all ain't using the word ain't unless you're a white politician being interviewed by a black man, man! You gotta be as talented as white kids to do that!🤣 Biden2020

Boy, y’all’s backs must be killing ya! He should’ve added that trump’s father literally marched in a KKK rally. Google it Here wasn't cavalier, this is what he thinks. Nice to have a leader that can admit a joke was not appropriate and own up to it. Of course, I'm not African American, so it's not my place to be offended nor grant pardon. Just saying I'm glad to see the effort. gojoe vote VoteBlue2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Obviously he’s unfit to be President because of one flip remark. Oh well better vote for Trump😂 It appears that it doesn’t matter who the president of the USA is, we seem to always find a way to solve global problems. That being said, this has got to be by far the WORST pair of candidates for the leader of the free world in the 28 years I’ve been voting.

Can’t backpedal fast enough... Damage control. (Bernie should have won.) NO, the reality is that he should not have been nominated, selectively by DNC, to rob Bernie Sanders' rights to the presidency. Thanks for the decency & humility to apologize if wrong PresidentBiden. There’s an idiotinthewhitehouse that could learn from you sir (IF he had a brain). TrumpDeathToll100K JoeBidenForPresident2020 BidenBeatsTrump davidgrovernyc TrumpHasNoPlan GOPCorruptionOverCountry

😂😂😂 uh ya think 👎🏽 NeverBiden after today! Shame on him! I am staying home on Election Day. Meanwhile the Orange Clown actually in office says worst stuff 100 times a day with no repercussions When are so called black people going to learn that there is no such thing as a good devil

Joe Biden urged to back $2,000 monthly stimulus checks in petition signed by 250,000The petition calls on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to endorse monthly payments of $2,000 amid the pandemic. An how is this gonna get paid for No! No more Canada did it instantly after lockdown. 2000.00 per month

University of Delaware turns back FOIA requests on Biden recordsFollowing records requests from Fox News about documents related to Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden, the University of Delaware refused to provide any documents from its collection of Biden's senatorial papers, citing a provision in state law that purportedly exempts the school from requests not related to 'public funds.' Biden’s people were there long before he announced his candidacy to remove everything that could possibly incriminate Biden in any wrong doing. Nothing to find here That's right....nothing to see here...move along. They couldn't get PODUS on impeachment, election fraud, sexual harassment or tax evation. So, they (Fauci, Obama, Clinton, Comey and...are trying to destroy the economy, one of his best.... Go to court now

Biden tells African Americans 'you ain't black' if they back Trump reelectionJoe Biden tells The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God and African American voters in an interview Friday that 'you ain’t black' if they back President Trump's reelection. indeed, Biden is a gaffe machine and I will absolutely vote for him. BidenRice2020🗽

Biden apologizes for saying African Americans 'ain't black' if they back Trump reelectionUPDATE: Joe Biden apologizes for his remarks during an interview with The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God on Friday: “I shouldn't have been so cavalier in responding.' Too late Joe. Joe Biden has apologized more today that Trump has in 4 years.

Biden on comment to black radio host: 'I shouldn't have been such a wise guy'BREAKING: 'I shouldn't have been such a wise guy,' Joe Biden says, after coming under fire for earlier quip that African American voters aren’t “black' if they support Pres. Trump over him in November. Democrats are backing a racist Biden has always been a racist. The white democrats just don’t care. The black democrats are getting woke! Trump supporters being mad that he said this makes me laugh considering they support the same person who wouldn't rent to black people.

Joe Biden tells popular radio host 'you ain't black' if considering voting for TrumpFormer Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump in the upcoming general election. Damn man it was joking, how smart do you have to be to know what a joke is oh let me guess, you support Trump, sorry for asking Ouch!! Biden wants everyone on his plantation!! that's a very racist thing to say