Biden predicts Russia 'will move in' to Ukraine, but says 'minor incursion' may prompt discussion over consequences

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Biden Predicts Russia 'Will Move İn' To Ukraine, But Says 'Minor İncursion' May Prompt Discussion Over Consequences - Cnnpolitics

1/20/2022 2:31:00 AM

President Biden predicted Russian President Vladimir Putin will “move in” to Ukraine, but hedged on the US response. The remarks immediately elicited shock from Ukrainian officials.

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Biden Says He Thinks Putin Will Order Invasion of Ukraine, Vows ‘Disaster for Russia'“My guess is [Putin] will move in, he has to do something,” Biden said when asked about the more than 100,000 Russian troops positioned along Ukraine’s border. I said we could crush it down to China Poor minds doubt things but rich minds take a step... I'm so happy I took a bold step with Mr Victor. A very successful Crypto Trader! Now I'm in massive profits! You can connect with him victor_griffin_. Trust me. You will never regret it Yes, I always thought so, all the pullbacks are just to scare away these scattered users, long term storage is the right way to join the cryptocurrency market, at least it's a stable way to join Follow victor_griffin_ for the best crypto signals and tips

Analysis: Putin and Biden are caught in a high-stakes gamble over UkraineThe drumbeat towards another war in Ukraine is amplifying itself, taking on a life of its own, in a huge, high-risk maneuver by either the Biden administration or Moscow, or both | Analysis by International Security Editor Nick Paton Walsh Stupid Wars! No War Please!!! .. You are aware that Russia already occupies the eastern third of Ukraine right? There won’t be any fighting.

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