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Biden picks geneticist as science adviser, puts in Cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden announced Friday that he has chosen a pioneer in mapping the human genome — the so-called “book of life” — to be his chief science adviser and is elevating the top...

1/16/2021 5:21:00 AM

President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a pioneering geneticist to be his science adviser and is elevating the job to a Cabinet position. Eric Lander, of Harvard and MIT, was one of the leaders in mapping the human genome.

President-elect Joe Biden announced Friday that he has chosen a pioneer in mapping the human genome — the so-called “book of life” — to be his chief science adviser and is elevating the top...

President-elect Joe Biden announced Friday that he has chosen a pioneer in mapping the human genome — the so-called “book of life” — to be his chief science adviser and is elevating the top science job to a Cabinet position.Biden nominated Eric Lander, founding director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, who was the lead author of the first paper announcing the details of the human genome, as director of Office of Science and Technology Policy and adviser on science. He is the first life scientist to have that job. His predecessor is a meteorologist.

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Saying “science will always be at the forefront of my administration,” Biden said he is boosting the science advisor post to Cabinet level, a first in White House history.ADVERTISEMENTThe president-elect also said he is retaining National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, who worked with Lander on the human genome project, and named two prominent female scientists to co-chair the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Frances Arnold, a California Institute of Technology chemical engineer who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry, and MIT vice president for research and geophysics professor Maria Zuber will co-chair the outside science advisory council. Lander held that position during Obama administration.

Collins, in an email statement, called Lander “brilliant, visionary, exceptionally creative and highly effective in aspiring others.”“I predict he will have a profound transformational effect on American science,” Collins said.The job as director of science and technology policy requires Senate confirmation.

Science organizations were also quick to praise Lander and the promotion of the science post.“Elevating (the science adviser) role to member in the President’s Cabinet clearly signals the administration’s intent to involve scientific expertise in every policy discussion,” said Sudip Parikh, chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society.

Biden chose Princeton’s Alondra Nelson, a social scientist who studies science, technology and social inequality, as deputy science policy chief.Lander, also a mathematician, is a professor of biology at both Harvard and MIT and his work has been cited nearly half a million times in scientific literature, one of most among scientists. He has won numerous science prizes, including a MacArthur “genius” fellowship and a Breakthrough Prize, and is one of Pope Francis’ scientific advisors.

Lander has said in talks that an opportunity to explain science is his “Achilles’ heel”: “I love teaching and more than that, I firmly believe that no matter what I do in my own scientific career, the most important impact that I could ever have on the world is going to be through my students.”

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Good. Someone with sense in the White House that will have an equal say with all the “I feel like” heads of state. I expect her/him/they to have a litany of charts and graphs to throw out like dispels and cancels. Make a MTG deck out of all their statistics. JonLemire Wow, not a former Fox News employee but someone with actual credentials?

See that’s the point more people with stature and prominence will work for Democrats. Republicans get a few but if they don’t tow the line they’re gone Democrats they’re given the reigns to be the best. Republicans it’s all about what’s in it for me. Too many people in a room and nothing gets done. JonLemire MASA MakeAmericaSmartAgain

The only 'book of life' is the Biblical one. They (or you) should stop using that phrase. Is your name in the book of life? So, kinda wondering why someone who can specifically screw with ‘genetics’ would be a necessary advisor? “pioneering” JonLemire I love this so much. Now I believe what people are saying about chris_grey2 is true, Mr Chris you are indeed a man of your words, you have changed life’s including mine. Thanks chris_grey2 for your kindness I now have alot to pay off my debt I'll not stop trading with your company platform

The thing about science is that many don’t understand it themselves and need to take others word for it, which can be dangerous when paired with politicians, who have been known to manipulate. Don’t know much about this guy so I have nothing bad to say about him personally tho Hi Omg, science is back y’all!!

Omg, we may close a 4 year deficit from backwards thinking. Yeah- that doesn’t sound scary at all JonLemire Are we sure that’s legal ? Shouldn’t he choose a family member or in-law or someone totally inept ? /s And this is why many will not take the vaccine. We refuse to allow genetic modification to our bodies.

JanMueller So grateful to have real, knowledge and experience based competent leadership again JoeBiden PresElectBiden Very cool 😎 “One does not simply elevate a position to the cabinet” Wow. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Typical democrat making positions that don’t exist.... Nice. Science trumps fiction.

Biden picks a geneticist for science advisor. Elevates position to a cabinet post. The last guy hired a meteorologist, because I assume, all the phrenologists were too busy. the best people Cool! I think the CEO of Exxon would’ve been a better choice. It’s good to have scientists in charge of science related fields again.

I bet he’ll actually listen to him, too Music to my ears! A return to expertise. A significant departure from the buffoonery, corruption, and incompetence of the last four years. The greatest scientific work of the 20th Century. Next: map the brain. Great news. Great decision. As a nerd, this is pretty darn cool.

So not a Pastor or a Televangelist but an actual scientist ? Wow what a time to be alive! Uh oh they’re going to start cloning!!!! A science guy in a science role in the president's cabinet? Don't we put doctors in charge of housing and stuff like that now? This 'correct butt in the correct chair' thing is seriously confusing.