Biden outraises Trump for second month in a row with record $141 million haul

Biden outraises President Trump for second month in a row with a record $141M.

7/2/2020 4:15:00 PM

Biden outraises President Trump for second month in a row with a record $141M.

The former VP took part in at least 16 fundraisers over the last month, including with Obama.

/July 2, 2020, 12:04 PM UTCByRebecca Shabad, Mike Memoli and Marianna SotomayorWASHINGTON — For a second consecutive month, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party outraised President Donald Trump and the GOP, with the former vice president’s campaign announcing Wednesday that it took in $141 million over the last month and more than $282 million in the second quarter.

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The announcement came after Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign said Wednesday that it, along with the Republican National Committee, raised $131 million in June, for a total of $266 million in the second quarter. The joint fundraising committee had $295 million cash on hand at the end of the month.

The Biden campaign said that their June fundraising haul"demonstrates a surge in grassroots energy to elect Joe Biden" and marked"the campaign’s best fundraising month ever."July 1, 202003:06"The Trump campaign’s monumental June fundraising haul proves that people are voting with their wallets and that enthusiasm behind President Trump’s re-election is only growing," Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement.

Meanwhile, in a message sent to Biden’s supporters Wednesday, his campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said that 68 percent of their donors in June were new to the campaign, and the campaign added 2.6 million people to its email list. The average donation to the Biden campaign in June was $34.

Biden participated in at least 16 fundraisers over the last month including with former President Barack Obama and several potential vice presidential candidates. The Biden campaign had said that a pair of fundraisers featuring Biden and Obama brought in more than $11 million.

In May, Biden’s campaign said that it, in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, raised more than $80 million. Trump’s campaign and the RNC raised $74 million that month.Rebecca ShabadRebecca Shabad is a congressional reporter for NBC News, based in Washington.

Mike MemoliMike Memoli is an NBC News correspondent. Read more: NBC News »

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Haven't we been through this before. Wasn't Hillary raising more than Trump? I still think 🤔 President Trump will have more votes when the election takes place. Good so he can treat his dementia SO WHAT, MONEY DOES NOT BUY YOU ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY NOT THE PRESIDENCY. That only mean that there are a lot of heathens and reprobates with a lot of money to waste. They could use that money to take care of the systematic racism that you claim you care about.

This is definitely a great start I must admit, however it's a long way to November. I think that the former VP should take off the the gloves and go for the sure kill, and remind the American people how Trump fired the people who's job it was to look for possible pandemics. So did Hillary. Lol And that from his basement

Howmuch of that was from BLM...follow the money. It’s goes to Dems not to black people in need OMG!!! 😂. NOT Thanks to BLM donations. Lol they actually go to white politicians. What a scam He is a Socialist moron I wouldn't be proud of that. The anti American billionaires and liberal idiots in a rush to go down with the Ship!!

Correction you meant BLM has outraised the President Trump campaign !! They need the money to pay BLM and mobs service. Let's don't forget about the media they get a big chunk too to stir the hate and the division. Thank you George Soros and BLACKLIVESMATTER. All that money that was donated to 'Black Lives Matter' made it thru the ACTBLUE funnel finally.

Directly from BLM, illegal Thanks to ActBlue and whoever is guilted into thinking that BLM donations actually go to the Black community. Still going to lose When you have Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, the Crooked Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Rupert Murdock backing your socialist party, I guess you did. Keep spending too, because the SilentMajoroty will make sure you all cry again.

China's investors. All those funneled BLM and Minnesota defense fund donations. Nice way to skirt campaign finance laws WHO HAS THE MOST CASH ON HAND? TRUMP 2020. Haha sure he did That’s great news for you and NBC Think of all the overpriced ads you can sell!! Blm fund ! Nice What's he going to do with all that money when he looses?

BLM responsible fo $30 Million. Include our media working for him Still won’t help; he won’t remember where the money is. Hmmm, where is all the outrage over big money in politics NBC? Oh, I forgot he is your guy. Nevermind. Yes!! I wonder why? And he still gonna lose..... and he still can't form a sentence that makes sense

That's because Trump has been focused on taking care of the American people and the economy. YouAintBlackBiden more to come Joe! Black cash money funneling matters. He's winning the dollar vote. Good signal. Well,...Biden is getting all those BlackLivesMatter donations. That does not matter, Trump is still going to beat him in the election. Biden can barely even remember obama's first name and he is a racist, no there is no way he will make it!

BLM is scamming a lot of people out of money and giving it to Biden. cf72 I will vote for Joe Biden! We should disbanded the group who sponsored slavery Sponsored Segregation Sponsored KKK Sponsored anti women voting campaign Sponsored anti black voting campaign Sponsors oppression by suppression It's time to disband and defund the democratic party!

Great job stole all that money from BLM group funding. Way to go Joe.. Because he stole all the BLM money. Noticed how Biden has been outraising Trump since BLM started collecting large donations again? Hmm.... Didn't Hillary also outraise Trump back in 2016 ? Long way from barely reading 9 million 6 months ago.

George Soros, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, not from average Americans!! There’s gonna be some pissed off democrats when President Trump wins in November !!😂😂 Obviously seeing as all BLM fund raising goes directly to him. How's is this even news Let’s go joe!!! Go Black Lives Matter!!!!! The movement that hates America is supporting Biden! Ok!

Morning_Joe And was able to do so from his basement with no press conferences. What is plan B, when he drops out? Everyone knows. Go Joe. Come on Putin fucking get it together. Baby don needs dollars. BRAVO to JoeBiden ! We Need you as our President!! BunkerBoy is GONEInNOVEMBER How much BLM money was forwarded to Biden?

You mean BlackLivesMatter don’t you Straight from ActBlue, straight from all those donations to BLM. Morning_Joe LoL who else are they going to give their too? Is Pocahontas or Bernie still running 😂🤣😂🤣 ❤😍 Pedophile pizzagatelsreal Now is a good time to address the B.S. on the June jobs increase 4.8m. . These are not new jobs mostly recalled furloughed workers during the pandemic. And, it doesn't include the rise of covid-19 cases in many states.

This is light at the end of the tunnel....!! Joe for president Joe Biden doesn't even know how much a Hershey Bar costs these days. He just wants his bread pudding and a frequent diaper change. We expected this aa Black Lives Matter Organization said they were committed to getting Biden and other democrats elected to change America.

Yes through BLM Morning_Joe This is one of the worst things about American democracy. The betterment of your nation should not be linked to how much cash a candidate can raise. I trust he will beat Trump easily, but all this talk of money and the shows candidates put on is distasteful. All that BLM money getting poured into his campaign

Our media are very useful tools of China Biden Obama the Bush family the Clintons have all been very useful idiots for China Just think if all this campaign $ went into black communities. Instead of BLM donations are funneled thru act-blue & into Biden’s coffers. Biden, the guy who called black children “roaches” last Sept. in SC.

We know where that money comes from. He still way behind in $$$ and it won’t be enough. You mean act blue (aka BLM) Money down the drain, cause Trump is going to win big in November, as easy as that, deal with it!🙄 Democrats are still cooperating with Republicans & confirming trumps Federal judges while complaining about the Republicans conspiracies & outright lawbreaking. Even Democrats are incompetent & crooked & unable to do what's needed in order to run this country properly.

Deplorables be like: Out raises a Watch your kids folks. Haha BLM making blacks slaves to the democrats once again. This time they are running back to slavery. Thanks to BLM. Thanks to Black Lives Matter donations funding 'Act Blue!' Wake up people! It’s BLM donations! Well documented and verified. Aka money laundering. Do your job and report the facts. Dems=Deep State, Anti-American! Stop Propaganda! Wake Up!

Because people think they are donating to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Lololol Wow this is huge!! American's are ready for unity 👏👏 JoeBiden He will need it to pay all the protestors You know we're not buying this, right? I mean, although true, we all know that BLM funneled that money in. Trump must be worried... Oh hang on...

I love how we're celebrating gross amounts of money in politics. He's gonna need it Good old act blue putting those BLM donations to good use. I bet Trump is having really weird looking kittens From his basement! They are hiding him because he's senile and says stupid things... Hmmm so does Trump Hope he outraises him at the polls in November, also.

I call total B.S.. As a Democrat, this is still gross. There should not be money like this in Politics. So did Hillary. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yay for forever wars How much of it came from the BLM website? Democrats TERRIFIED of a traditional trump/Biden debate Mummified realDonaldTrump POTUS Money can't help Joe Biden be smarter. America Election2020

Trump will still beat him and his Leftist radical globalist pals. Does he know?

High-Profile Virtual Fundraisers Propel Biden to a $141 Million JunePresumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign team raised $141 million last month, outpacing President Trump’s re-election effort for the second month in a row, this time by $10 million. Scandalous. Oh, and he’s already made his tax returns public. More overlooked ?

Biden tops Trump with $141 million fundraising haul in JunePresident Trump's reelection campaign announced that the campaign and the Republican National Committee had taken in $131 million in June, bringing the amount raised in the second quarter of the year to $266 million What’s biden got including the blm money ? What a waste of money What a loser.

High-Profile Virtual Fundraisers Propelled Biden to a $141 Million JunePresumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign team raised $141 million last month, outpacing President Trump’s re-election effort for the second month in a row, this time by $10 million. We see all that. Entertaining and educational way to track 2020 election results live with friends and Family via Kickstarter Whatever you need Joe. This is your time.

Biden outraises Trump for second month in a row with record $141 million haulThe former VP took part in at least 16 fundraisers over the last month, including with Obama. Can't wait.. As said last DEC on my ...9999 acc..banana and! Everyone Moaned? Lol He wins. I know. Only problem I had is how he won! Dono where you are bit I am here Now! What the hell don't you see?

Biden and allies collect more cash than Trump for a second straight monthDemocrat Joe Biden edged out Republican Donald Trump in fundraising for a second straight month in June, data from the rival U.S. presidential campaigns showed on Wednesday. TrevorNews JarrettRenshaw Fundraising from who? Wealthy donors? TrevorNews JarrettRenshaw TrevorNews JarrettRenshaw Right. He had a 'rally' yesterday. At a high school. 30 people showed up.