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Biden on comment to black radio host: 'I shouldn't have been such a wise guy'

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing criticism Friday for telling a black radio host 'you ain't black,' if you're deciding between him and Trump in the 2020 race.

5/23/2020 12:19:00 AM

BREAKING: 'I shouldn't have been such a wise guy,' Joe Biden says, after coming under fire for earlier quip that African American voters aren’t “black' if they support Pres. Trump over him in November.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing criticism Friday for telling a black radio host 'you ain't black,' if you're deciding between him and Trump in the 2020 race.

Biden’s remarks drew criticism from some activists who say he still has work to do to engage minority communities and win their votes this November.“The comments were offensive, insensitive, out of touch...It’s just not good for the presumed future leader of the Democratic Party in our nation to say anything like that,” Yvette Simpson, an ABC News contributor who leads the progressive group Democracy for America, said Friday of Biden’s comments on “The Breakfast Club.”

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“I think it sounds like [Biden] is taking this for granted. I think he believes that anybody who doesn't like Trump is automatically going to vote for him. And that he doesn't have to earn the vote of base voters, whether they be women or black and brown people or what have you. That's false,” Simpson added.

Others urged Biden to show that he “values” the voters that comprise the base of the Democratic Party, and will only win their votes if they feel his dialogue with them is genuine.“Joe Biden doesn't get to decide who is black, or what black voters want, or what women of color voters want. He can decide that the issues and concerns of black voters matter, and engage us in conversations that can ultimately turn the election,” Aimee Allison the founder and president of She the People, a political network that aims to elevate women of color in politics, wrote in a statement provided to ABC News.

In an interview Friday afternoon, Sanders said that Biden was not taking any votes for granted.“If the question people have is does Vice President Biden believe that he has to earn the votes of black voters, of Latino voters, of young people, of progressive of women, of working class voters, of blue collar voters in this country? Absolutely,” Sanders said on MSNBC.

Other experts say Biden’s comments fundamentally misunderstand the lack of representation that has historically driven black voters to disengage from the political process.“Ultimately, the choice between Biden and Trump is not a choice between: if you're black, whether you're going to support a Republican, or if you're black, you’re going to support a Democrat. Historically black voters tend to not engage at all, because neither of the choices really reflect their political desires or political goals and what they think is best for their community at the time. So in that's not so much offensive or even insulting, but just mis-recognizes the complexity and sophistication of black voters really at this point in time,” said Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, a professor of African and African American Studies at Duke University, told ABC News.

However, Neal said there is remains a difference between how some black Americans may react to Biden’s comments, and how many feel about the rhetoric and policymaking coming out of Donald Trump’s White House.“The disconnect, when we think about the same kind of rhetoric coming from the White House at the moment, is that Donald Trump, other than lip service to black historical figures and certain black folks that he has a relationship with, he hasn't enacted policies that suggest he has the best interest of black folks,” Neal said.

“So it’s not so easy for some of [Trump’s] more problematic statements to just roll off the backs of black folks in the way that Joe Biden is such a known entity and known for making the kind of comments that he made this morning,” Neal added.Throughout the interview with Charlamagne, Biden defended his

Saturday was the 2-year anniversary of George Floyd’s mother’s death, attorney says 2 Atlanta officers fired after video shows them tasing man and using excessive force on woman Tanker truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway: Reuters witness

involvement with the 1994crime bill, an issue that he has faced intense scrutiny on throughout his third run for the presidency.When asked why he was hesitant to acknowledge the negative impact the bill and other legislation had on communities of color, as Hillary Clinton did on the program in 2016, Biden pushed back.

“She was wrong. What happened was, it wasn't the crime bill. It was the drug legislation. It was the institution of mandatory minimums, which I oppose,” Biden shot back.Biden was also asked about his current views on marijuana, and his advocating for decriminalization instead of legalization until more scientific studies are conducted about the long-term impacts of the drug.

"No one should be going to jail for a drug crime. Period," Biden said.“I think we got decades and decades of studies from actual weed smokers though,” Charlamagne argued.“I know a lot of weed smokers,” Biden replied.Biden relied heavily on support from the African-American community throughout this year’s Democratic primary, especially among older black voters, who propelled him to a landslide victory in South Carolina that many credit with reviving his campaign.

“I won overwhelmingly. I told you when I got to South Carolina. I won every single county. I won a larger share of the black vote than anybody has, including Barack [Obama],” Biden said.Biden won black voters in the South Carolina primary in February by 44 points over the second place finisher in the contest, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, according to exit polls.

The former vice president will likely need to turn out black voters this fall at higher rates than were seen in 2016, when Hillary Clinton narrowly lost to Trump.Aby Quinnipiac University showed Biden with a 78-point lead with African-American voters over Trump.

In 2016, Trump carried just 8% of the black vote according to exit polls after making astark and unorthodox pitchto them during one campaign event in the battleground state of Michigan. Read more: ABC News »

Biden is trying to be risque, intruiging? Besides the stereotype on Political Parties, Biden is as pale as Trump. 🤷🏻 What a stupid comment. 👎👎 Biden is not all there...his family should not allow him to run for Pres... it is sad to watch him struggle ... Come on Joe. Step up to the plate. WE MUST HAVE A NEW PEESIDENT WITH JUDGMENT, MORALS, SELF CONTROL, CAREFUL USE OF WORDS, INCLUSION OF 'ALL' OUR PEOPLE! Now we have an imbecile in the WH . WE need a leader FOR THE PEOPLE! WORDS MATTER. ACTIONS MATTER

Good work deserves good recommendation matthew_trades is indeed helper and God sent to me. I have earned $10,000 in just 7 days time with just a start up of $1,500. Thanks to matthew_trades for a great work. please dont talk anymore Did something wrong. Admitted it. Apologised for it. Sounds like the acts of a decent person. Now who else do we know that says things wrong all the time and never accepts responsibility?

Ok great. He didn’t sexually assault her. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a child molester making all those little girls uncomfortable sniffing and touching them in plain sight with their parents around. How is this behavior acceptable? Dude, it's over but tbh as someone that likes to view both sides of the coin here Dem and Rep, I think it's really sad the quality as a whole that the people have to choose from. Something is wrong in the system as a whole.

The problem is he isn't wise, and out of the myriad of candidates thrown against to wall to see what would stick what Democrats have left is JoeBiden How can such a person be a candidate. Biden was OK when he had his mouth shut, as soon as he opens it makes one after another. A great fun for all of us but I think that Democrat voters must be very anxious........ auspol

Joe Biden woke up Chinese Yeah, it’s tough living in their ivory tower isn’t it Joe? 'Wise'. That's the last thing Beijing Joe is. Now this guy is making fun of Italians ' Wise Guy', doesn't Beavis have anything better to do in life. What an A-hole! At least Biden apologized, unlike Trump the 5X Draft Dodger

Black love me at every party and car show or drag race and I vote trump because we are working again Your not wise blacks not stupid 'quip'. Jesus. So biased. ABC is the new fox Sounds like a Mafia I'm glad he said it. Because it's truth. The fake outrage was coming from fox news elite mostly. That should tell you all you need to know when they're doing it

Bring back Bernie pleeaaase! Is he losing his mind? Don’t mess with Blacks & Hispanics. This is a bullshit story...move on. Why are you explaining. F the white people they are not black and we understood what you meant The only way you cover it is to lead with his “apology”. And you should have quoted his whole mess. “You ain’t black”. You are shameful fake news.

Racists will say racist things... thanks for showing us that Joe Voters really should blame his campaign manager(s) or advisors because this never should have happened. I could have told him that these types of questions were coming & gave him some good honest responses. Gaffs like this, if continued will keep the pathological liar in the WH

This old guy is losing his mind! He can barley put sentences together recently! He has no chance of bearing Trump! TRUMP 2020! I will give Joe a pss he knows he messed up and admitted it. The god must have had a time when he had to try and recall something he said in an interview that didn’t come out right?

This is unbelievable. Someone said such a terrible thing about blacks and you guys treat it lightly like this ain't important? Really? If a Republican say something far less than this you will all take him to the gallows. Have you all become senseless and out of your minds? Biden is all 'be as black as you can be and vote for me'. Add 'the trump' is trying to figure out how to say he is negative for corona. So I guess that means he is being taught how to speak like a big boy? What nursing home do they hail from? So relevant to..

Trump and Biden both are the last thing I would want. I want someone who is for advances and not lacking on providing the things the people need. Trump could of been for a better health care he went all in on bullshit. Biden what the fuck is he even really saying? Oh boys, really Biden? Selecting a race now?

You shouldn’t have shown yo true colors jimcrowjoe There is nothing “wise” or funny about stating that if you don’t vote for Joe Biden then YouAintBlack. Biden is a lying, demented, creepy old racist. A wise guy? Saids Biden the racist dem Joe Biden is honest, his you aren't black line is the short way of saying: voting for Trump is voting against the long overdue Removal of, racist policies and practices, that Trump and his followers are intent on continuing❗️😡

I am black and that’s the truth Why Biden keeps apologizing for everything? Stop the shit trump shows when you apologize for anything it shows how weak you are. If blacks(African Americans)read his or her history they will see how much Biden did for blacks in this country. Wow, a man who has the inner strength and honesty to sincerely apologize & own it, in contrast to the gutless coward in the WH who like a petulant child just doubles-down on his insults or walks away. Glad he got rid of those bone spurs.

If he changed the term “wise guy” to “racist”, apology accepted. It’s okay Joe. I think your heart was in the right place. You just want the world to change for the better. Thank you for taking responsibility for your words. I will vote for you, this November. There is already one smart ass in the WH. Time to be Presidential again.

It seems like more white are madder than us black people. Or are y'all fake mad? I will be taking my black ass to the poles and vote for biden Keep spinning it. Buzz feed A lot of white dudes patronize black people like this. When you do it...'you ain't funny.' I find nothing wrong with what he said if you are black or a minority and you voted from you are most definitely working with identity issues

Biden is Trumps greatest asset. Open mouth insert foot! RaceCardPimp Best apology, that's what a man should do This is what I’m hearing: Biden’s bad. Trump’s worse. Vote for bad! This is what I’m hearing: Biden’s bad. Trump’s worst. Vote for bad! Another typical non-apology, apology from one of the racist mental cases on the left. U Trump derangement syndrome sufferers in the hate Trump news media. We'll give it a one-day story at best. Then u will bury it and move on to something else. That u can bash this President on !

You weren't a ”wise guy” you were just confirming how ignorantly racist you really are and always have been. I'm just surprised you didn't use the n-word like you have done many times before. No unforced errors. We have a raging Trumpsterfire to extinguish. Like, I didn't even dislike the ear to ear windtunnel, but that was cringe asf.

Joe, just think before you talk. I have no clue how you’re going to do on the campaign trail. Wise guy, racist. Potato, potato Oh come on, you have to be a moron to believe democrats aren’t the racist party. That was a genuine comment-authentic Democrat . JoeBiden you weren’t being a “wise guy” -you said EXACTLY what you and other D’RATS think of the black vote. You officially stepped in it DementiaJoe

WOW! Just watched ABC interview with Sen. Tim Scott If the black community wants a hero look no further than Sen. Tim Scott. I love people that are not just all talk and no action. Tim is a man of action. SouthCarolina should be proud! realDonaldTrump JoeBiden Owned up to a mistake, already 10 times the man trump is

Love Joe. where does Charlemagne get the nerve to tell bid who he should pick as vp And the left wants this nimrod in power Dear ABC NEWS, this really was yesterday's News and it didn't move the needle not one bit. Why don't you report on the Coronavirus Deaths total reaching 100 thousand today and Donald J Trump being on the Golf Course

Joe Biden enjoys 93% of black people support while Trump has only 3%. It's a rare achievement that Biden must be proud of! President Trump decscribed as 'very fine people' his neo-Nazi supporters who ploughed their cars on other Americans! That's real scary! Most of the dems feel the same way, Joe's mind is going and he has no filter. Joe still thinks he's on the plantation

UMMMMM it wasn't very wise, Joe! lol Wise guy? More like a racist JoeBiden So Biden’s just another liberal racist dehumanizing black people by reducing them to political pawns to be exploited by the Democrat party... Nothing to see here! How many times will the news recycle this pointless click bait? Biden 0.000000000000 Trump 100.000000000 😉 Common when is going to be the debate? 🇺🇸

But, how about that NAACP endorsement? At least he's had that everytime he ran for office, right ? LMAO ! YOUAINTBLACK JoeBiden RacistFromDelawarePlantation Advice ...... Joe , stop talking ( or just take the 5th ) ! 😳 If there is one Biden is not, it is “wise”. Republicans - Racist Democrats - Just being funny/wise... This is American News and this is why racism will never ever stop. Justin Trudeau has gone in blackface many times and he's Prime Minister of Canada. The media needs to hold both sides accountable but sadly they don't

OK. He apologized and explained himself. Trump said “good bloodlines“ when speaking of Henry Ford, a rabid anti-Semite who even had a Nazi style newsletter and received a Nazi iron cross from Hitler in 1938. Biden screwed up, but the reaction is so way out of proportion. He was pointing out his record on equal rights compared to Trump. The GOP and Trump have actively promoted white nationalism.

Wise isn't how I would describe him How can anyone feel good about voting for Biden? That moment when you realize the Democratic party is not laughing with you, but the Republican party is laughing at you Biden didn't say 'aren't', he said 'ain't'. Why didn't you quote him? africaupdates THE TWO OF YOU IF FOCUSING ON THE COLOUR OF AFRICAN SKIN AS IF IN AFRIKA THERE'S NO PEOPLE OF YOUR SKIN ? THE SAD PART IS THE MORE YOU BEHAVE SUPERIOR ON OUR OWN THAT SIDE IT'LL SURELY SHIFT TO YOUR OWN THIS SIDE WATCH!!

there needs to be a third candidate. Trump and Biden dont have the black vote. Bernie needs to come back into the scene Slave trader Joe If Trump were to say what Biden said, the media would be screaming racist. However, Biden gets only excuses and explanations from the same media, and they don't even notice their own hypocrisy.

Dear Vice President Biden. I am a nonpartisan voter and an independent observer. You know better that words have power, can heal and can hurt. Please be careful and fix this. Remember, Hilary went down in polls just after talking about some American voters inappropriately. Shouldn’t have been a racist Joe.

I don't see wrong in what he said. Suit yourselves JFC. We have a birther, a man who was sued by the Nixon administration for racists housing practices, and an accuser of five innocent black kids for being murderers as POTUS. There is ZERO equivalency. Now, do trumpie golfing when 100,000 Americans are dead from his failures.

the real news today is that pres. Trump is golfing while more than 100,000 Americans are dying. If you support a man whose base and friends are predominantly white nationalists who oppress black people, you ain't black. Trumpisracist No Do Trump. He said “ain’t” don’t sugar coat racist creepy joe Fuckin' wiseguy.

That's not an apology. Biden actually said “ you AIN’T black” not “ aren’t black” But, of course ABC couldn’t even Beth that right. Fake news as usual ! This is one of many times he has showed he is a racist it's all good, Joe u coulda said worse not like you were lying jus' sayin' The thing is he apologized because of the backlast, not because he thinks he was wrong. On his mind his mistake was voicing it out loud.

How long does J.B. have to be in a career before he’s actually good at it? Racist Only way we can forgive him is if he uses his blaccent for the rest of his life. Legalize marijuana, stop the cops from killing blacks, prison reform keep young black men from life sentences, rebuild schools , roads, give blacks Grants and loans because banks racial profile, reform housing

Trump allows racism.he thinks it's cool!Trump hasn't spoken out on any racial injustice .Under Trump the white supremacist has a license to kill blacks..are the blacks ready for round 2 of killing ni**a season? we need a black VP To make sure they stop killing us So — racist comments when you’re a Democrat get written off by “I was just being a wise guy”. Hmmmmmm, check your Democrat privilege.MAGA2020

ATTENTION BLACK COMMUNITY: If you dont think Stephen Miller wants to turn back the clock and own black and brown people all across this country THEN YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Do not Emote your Vote! Ha! realDonaldTrump JoeBiden DrBiden ronklain maddow wolfblitzer NicolleDWallace I read that Trump is planning to do an Ad blitz on what Joe Biden said Friday. I hope Trump realizes that there is so much video tape on him and African Americans and African American countries.

Vote blue no matter who. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 because the democrats are supposed to be the Holy party without a racist bone in their body and getting 99% black vote isn't racist but 55% white vote for republicans is a whitelash. Thats how the world works.... lets face it Biden could drop the N word on stage and still get 90%

but they are not you don't support a racist and call yourself black may be slave yes definitely slave He is easily forgiven BidenIsARacist He spelled flaming racist wrong This goose is cooked. JoeBidenIsARacist I’m with JoeBiden So it is now ok to tell a racist joke if you later apologize? Can’t wait to tell my kids.

If this is how Biden speaks carelessly, he'll be another disaster, just from a different party in the WH. Moving on If biden wins the election, the only thing that will change is how different news outlets cover the president Joe 'foot in mouth' Biden keeps on entertaining. So was it Joe Biden or David Duke who actually said this? Can you tell the difference?

What about this I took a Joe Biden quote and put it on a picture of David Duke and I wondered if people can tell the difference Biden was just being a wise ass, and admitted as much. EVERYONE knows that he meant nothing by this.....even the host didn't bat an eye.... At least he has the guts to do it, especially without knowing what was being thrown at him. And Biden DID say that he would meet with him.

Are you KIDDING ME? WISEGUY...? YOU'D BE WISE TO DROP OUT! Joe Biden: A Segregationist Bromance This is getting more air time than Trumps insanity when it comes to race. And that’s it for the MSM; nothing to see here...”but did you see how Trump ties his shoes? It’s an outrage” “I should have never praised Henry Ford’s bloodlines, given his abject record of antiSemism and the admiration between Hitler and him”, said Trump... oh wait.

Drop Biden and Endorse Yang or enjoy 4 more years of Trump Racist quip. Racist comment what has Obama got to say, I wonder I love how trump praising an anti semite took 1 hour of coverage while youll cover biden for 2 days for a gaffe Nothing to apologize for.... truthhurts Add up everything stupid that Joe Biden has ever said, and that would equal a half day in the life of Donald Trump

Yeah personally, I'm not happy about what he said. I am however glad he didn't blame someone else. Small victory, but given the current climate in politics. I'll take it. Wise guy.. or racist. I think what JoeBiden meant to say was, ‘I shouldn’t have been such a racist.’ youaintblack He apologized-move on-Trump has never done this

No sir, it was very wise. They aren't black enough. Joe, ya ain’t no brother! Control yourself. Biden doesn't always manage what he says, but he is smart and confident enough to know when to apologize for what he says. Also known as manipulator in the relationship apologizing for speaking down to you in public, but he won't do it again. Promises are promises, baby.

Come on. It is obvious that is not in the best interest of the African community to vote for Trump or to support Republicans. No, you shouldn’t have been such a wise guy...your behavior was deplorable! Wise guy 😂 'aw shucks, I'm so silly' I don't understand why Biden is even running or why people take him seriously. He has dementia & he's a pedophile. The End.

Here your Democratic City’s Except we all know he believes what he said. Another day another gaff, he'll be apologizing again tommorow and the next day and the next day until November. Joe, that’s one of the rules- you’re white, so, you can’t tell a black person they’re not black enough. Ex: you using the N word vs a black person using the N word. Personally, it should never be used- BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT. Lesson learned- move on

Got to be careful how you word things. SHAME ON YOU It’s “ain’t black” True Colors - Dont Lie... DisRespectful in the Highest Form. The problem is that Joe Biden keeps making huge mistakes over & over again. The man is not mentally sound. It's actually sad to watch. Total train wreck! So an old white guy with a dubious civil rights record takes it upon himself to determine who’s “truly black” based on whether they support him or not - and then apologizes for being a “wise guy”. 🤔

He has since apologized. I frankly accept his apology! I will VOTE BIDEN 2020 I totally missed Trump apologizing for saying that Henry Ford, whose antisemitism so inspired freaking HITLER that he praised Ford BY NAME in Mein Kampf, has “good bloodlines”. Race card is all Biden has. He shamed away black peoples right to exercise their own independent decision on Election Day. Instead of asking for their vote, he, as a white man, canceled blackness and their American freedoms all in one remark. With this remark he implied black people are indebted to him. 🤭

Ya think Joe u belittle ur self every time u get in front of news ur as racist as they come all ur looking for is votes He may have said the comment as a joke, but, many people agree with him. Just wait.. you haven't heard it all... He's still breathing and talking... He will say some more off the cuff stuff... What else would you expect from an old set in his ways white man? Can't wait for a debate!!! Hopefully comedy central will host it!!! 😎😎😎

You want to make the comment by Biden into news when he has proven by actions that he is of integrity and does not believe In Racism. Trump has proven both verbally and by actions that he has no integrity and is a racist, yet he gets a free pass because ‘you know how he is’. At least he can admit when he made a mistake. In four years I have never heard Trump say he was wrong!

You could see on his face after, he thought he was making a joke. The Gaffe Giraffe rides again. LET'S TALK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS TRUMP HAS SAID. “It’s called comedy folks!” Fear is the first step to failure, I never believed bitcoin investment was real until I was introduced to crytolinda and now I'm currently earning $9000 on a weekly basis

Now Biden is just a lying dog faced pony soldier. I worry more about the lunatic in the WH now! Just saying. Remember the loved ones lost . Alzheimer Joe is a closet racist! Liberal fscists only care about blacks at election time! Trump has done more for the black community in 3 years than liberals have done in 200! And lying liberal media has continued to cover up for Biden!

A quip ? Full damage control for ABC. Sad. Biden is a racist, a colonialist and a trash. This is the height of racism, this is unforgivable, this is indefensible and I'm afraid anyone, I mean anyone that attempts to water this down or exonerate this fool is also a fool and a racist. This would be the undoing of Biden.

Too many excuses. Zero humor. The thought I imagine is if you are black you are bound to get the shaft from a racist President! Few can disagree with that! He doesn’t want blacks or Hispanics to vote and will suppress the vote of people of color to win because it’s the only thing he cares about! A wicked man!


We forgive you. I’d rather you be an occasional “wise guy” with a sense of humor than a liar, a bigot and a bully Mr. Vice-President JoeBiden. You are what you are. You ain't in reality either Bro!! Why you even stress over that, Trump is way worse and his ignorant supporters praise him like it’s nothing... no one is perfect and you have way more class than that TRASH JoeBiden just keep doing your thing and make sure you trashthetrump2020

😳😳😳 The really bad thing is that a great nation like USA only has the decision between these dirty old men's..... Such a shame... According to the ultimate racist jemelehill , Biden was accurate with that statement, so that means RealCandaceO, RealBenCarson, and TheRightMelissa aren’t really black then I guess. That’s just three of the free thinking Americans I follow

Hes not wrong as a latina id never vote for racist trump his whole agenda is against poc Remain in the dungeon. Don’t say a word. 🤫 Ya think What an asshole remark New Biden filter on snapchat! What are we asking for another Trump? Think the Dems could have come up we something better knowing what they new from the beginnings of 45.

Hoping Biden gets a chance to put his record against President Trump's record. President Trump wins, where has Biden been? JoeBiden you really gonna fuck this up, aren't you? Joe don’t fall in the trap!! When all is said and done. You’ll never be able too please everyone. You can’t pay for what Trump didn’t do. Some of these jokers won’t vote 🗳 anyway.

YouAintBlack MeTooUnlessItsBiden Well he did tell the joke about Indians and convenient stores. You are not wise. Creepy Uncle Joe is a racist . It's time to step down, you have been lying to America for far too long !!! We see through you . If joe puts a white woman or some idiot that’s not qualified trump will win without the black vote Biden is dead

Its over! And that talk show host is an idiot Both have dementia 😳😳😳 let’s start new Poor old guy needs to retire and disappear. Trump’s got 2020 in the bag big time, so why embarrass this old crook anymore? It's an election year, blacks are important again, to Democrats. How’d he use this complete ignorance as a way to compliment himself? Wise guy? No one got that impression.... that ain’t it!

A wise guy like me l wouldn’t even vote Biden cause l love my country with him we will lose our freedom like Venezuela. forgive_luv There are so many Bots! Trolls on this feed I finally gave up blocking them! RussiaInterferences if JoeBiden had said, if you vote for trump you’re likely white, that would not have been an insult to blacks or telling anyone what they think. Granted, he said what he said, but, if you vote for trump you [likely] ain’t black.

This is the same thing that the stinking Democrats have been peddling for years. Ted Kennedy was always trying to come off as a advocate for Blacks when, in fact, he was trying to keep Blacks down by handing them crumbs. The Democrats take the Blacks for granted. Or a racist This was just stupid. For Biden to say he shouldn’t have been a wise guy, he did do right. He can and will correct himself. He’s learning just like everyone else is. He’s doing a great job!

He got too comfy. Figured he could rap all the lyrics, and found out he can’t say all the words in public. No one has ever accused Joe of being “wise”. It’s literally a joke holy shit y’all soft Stop making excuses for this demented man. He meant what he said. End of story. Racist remarks are unforgivable. He should step down immediately and get some help!!


His attempt at being hip and hard. It was insulting to me. He knows nothing about us. Its all for a block vote. SMH. And you liberals want this guy for president... good luck with that Too late damage done just because everybody is trying to clean up his mess he's told to say this! CBS NBCNews OANN CNN msnbc FoxNews realDonaldTrump FoxBusiness foxnewsalert LouDobbs TuckerCarlson

Come on Joe. You’re better than this. 😕 I wish he would have said “jabroni” Ya think? Biden and the dems, snatching defeat from the hands of victory once again :( And Biden’s Dems choice .... doesn’t think & “loose lips sink ships”.. Blacks & minorities best remember Trump had more jobs for them than any President for decades, just like US unemployment lowest 50 years.! After all BS no one could’ve done any better with COVID bullshit..!

Where have you gone Harry? Hey don’t care!!!! Trump told us to drink Lysol!!! Joe can say whatever he likes What he really meant to say is we do nothing for the African Americans, and then come election time we promise you the world, but we don’t mean it, we just want your vote. the radio host provoked him.i'll take biden's civil rights record over trump's any day

What’s that song from the 80’s. I SEE YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINING THROUGH!! And yet the liberals will forgive and forget as usual!! He is presidential. Joe kkk Biden thinks the demRATS still own slaves That isnt being a wise guy. How dare you attempt to spin this racist garbage as anything else . If you still support racist Joe after this you ARE part of the problem.

ABC News how pathetic! Big story headline was his apology not his statement then go back to Trumps statements. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC Racist! Smarten you’re people..he doesn’t even know where he is but he was being a wise guy! Give me a break! Wow self reflection. Trump is incapable of that. GoJoe Don’t know a single black person offended by this. JoeBidenIsNotARacist pimpin’

Racist and dehumanizing. I like his original answer. Wise guy? Joe Biden has some major cognitive issues. Third or fourth story in.. and have to turn it back on Trump.. where did responsible journalism go? Anyone? youaintblack No no no no no no no no........ Charlemagne the God! got that work! Hes gonna start screaming mental illness in a little while hzhzhhzzhhzjzjzjzzjjzjsjssjjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjjsjs.

You said what you said Joe BidenIsARacist Oh, quit clutching your pearls Red Republicans, you expect a higher level of morality from people you would never vote for than your own leader. November is going to be awfully embarrassing for you and Trump. Wow, imagine having a president that admits when they are wrong or ignorant about something. Wow.

AltemusFrances Now he's offending Italians... There is no stopping this guy! Wow. 🤡 It’s hilarious to watch these trump supporters jump all over anything a democratic candidate says but seems to turn a blind eye to anything derogatory, name calling or plain out stupid the toddler in chief spews out of his triple chins

dementiaJoe wow Jill Biden should stop this charade! But greedy won JoeBiden has got a temper! How could he handle really stressful situations? Total train wreck! He meant racist POS. I love Joe. He is very passionate and very real. I will take him over Trump any day. He apologizes. The orange fool never does.

He good didn’t Trump say “blacks should vote for him because they don’t have nothing else to lose” Well it's alot better than... 'Grab 'em by the p¿ssy.' - Dotard 51:50 . . He needs to stop apologizing - compare his traffic tickets to trump's massive ongoing felonies - I've had it with this feigned outrage over these infractions put it in perspective people!

ABC's 'white washing' Biden's racism!! ABC promotes systemic racism, lying for the Dem's. If blacks vote for Biden in November they deserve to get what they have always gotten from career Dem's racist laws, run down neighborhoods , no future! Good Luck !! BLEXIT Open your eyes and read 'Black Truth White Fear, Don't Drink The Water, A White Robe for Black Faith' these 3 books were written by Moses smith Amazon eBook

Your sorry you fondled women you didn’t know it was wrong , now your sorry for telling blacks if they don’t vote for you they shouldn’t call themselves black . Either man up like everyone else and admit this is who you are or just don’t talk . This constant I’m sorry I didn’t You spelled racist wrong joe

Joe Biden is racist. Lets watch the left defend it. Lol “I’m prepared to say that I have a record over 40 years, and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden” He is right though. He’s helping defeat himself every time he speaks. JoeBidenIsARacist Oh look... a politican taking responsibility for his actions and words. If this were Trump, media took it out of context, it was a joke, or my favorite, 'I never said that'.

Screw that racist, I’m voting trump now kiss my black ass YouAintBlack why is he apologizing for what he really felt? Every white man makes his platform about “the African American” when it’s convenient for them...until we are not, then we’re the niggers again! Voting for trump isn't a very Black thing to do.

Biden wishes he was a 'Wise guy.' Ha no one is buying this half a** apology Words are Cheap, have Biden/the Democrats with the Black Caucus write down on your Black Contracts what DEMs will Owe the Black-Communities if they Win (have Lawyers preSent)! Rewrite the Civil Rights Bill/the Bill of Rights for all Black Communities or No-Vote! Talk is Cheap!

Pathetic! Biden is truly a low life! TheDemocrats No, like lots of people, they think rich & wealthy people will spread the wealth; but, that is never how it ever works out - every time. Trump's a racist snake in the grass. We forgive ya Joe. Now let’s talk about trump praising nazi “bloodlines” yesterday in Michigan.

I’m just so tired of the color coding. SandyDarity He's been saying stuff like this for 50 years and has the policy record to back his career of 'gaffes' when talking about Black people. Believe people when they show you who they are. He's an ass I don’t give a fuck what NOOOOOOOOBODY SAYS.... I loved that shit!!! YouAintBlack

This will go over really well JoeBiden 😂😂😂 CreepyJoe JoeBidenIsARacist ArmyForTrump Trump2020Landslide That wasn't wise. It was dumb and one of those comments that start with , If I say this is it racist? Joe Biden needs Kamala Harris more than he even realizes. He’s right. Why would u vote against your own interest by voting 🗳 for a racist? He just can’t say it. Wrong messenger. I think 💭 joe gets to comfortable around Black people

This is why Joe gets my vote. I'm hoping he'll pick SenKamalaHarris for VP. JoeBiden Biden has a history of racial views and openly displays racist behavior. = Not racists Trump has no history of racism. In fact he has won awards for supporting the black community. Runs for president as a conservative = racist Ralph Northam wears klan costume = not racist

Blacks are being played by the left. They always have and always will be. How many Trump supporters say the ** word?! You know im right It's time you debate Pres.Trump numbskull!! 'I shouldn't have been such a wise guy,' Joe Biden says JimCrowJoeBiden Can't just laugh this off as a joke Joe. The only joke here is you.

Tronald Dump said WORSE...people didn’t care so much...why care now? Oops joe Biden did it again he put his foot into his mouth SandyDarity BYE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was only saying what was true. SandyDarity Malcolm X on How liberals trick black Americans JoeBidenIsARacist SandyDarity SandyDarity SloJoe on a sloth type downhill spiral

yes he was being wise I’m with Joe!!! Where is Don Lemon to criticize? Joke. Try to sweep under the rug. This guy gets hammered at the debates. Which dems probably will say can’t happen cuz of Wuhan virus I’m black and was not offended by what JoeBiden said. I’ll NEVER vote for Donnie. GoJoe GoJoe2020

Gee Joe, we love you...but stop with the off the cuff wise cracks! Just read the script! It's been almost four years since an Oval Office occupant could admit to mistakes, take responsibility; and apologize. It would be a huge positive to replace the present occupant (who's deep seated insecurities won't let him do that) with someone, like Joe Biden, who can & does.

Too late. Racist Getting right on it and not letting it fester. Smart. This is who you pushed to the top DNC. Fucking learn from your mistakes at some point please. No JoeBiden you shouldn't have been, I expected better. You though are not a racist like realDonaldTrump so I will still be voting JoeBidenForPresident2020. Clean it up, you are a better person than that.

Y'all really going to try and clean this up AGAIN ? 🤣🤣 You guys certainly tried to ignore this one below too Love ya Joe! Always the gaffer though. Dear Joe please stop being a trump. You are better than that. Knock it off. Don’t be a jerk. He takes Black voters, women voters, any voters, other voters all for granted.

A little latte, you showed your true colors. And you truly are a racist, because it is not just one incident. You called all poor people black also? You need to just step aside. You are embarrassing yourself and your family now! Sad the party is forcing you Hmm a president willing to say they were wrong.

news BREAKING BAD NEWS 4-JOE Joe is a wise guy, that’s who he is. What has he done for minorities in his forty plus years as a politician? proflevin Don't care. No emails involved. Move on. CNN has not posted a single story on it. If you ever needed an example of how biased they are, there it is. I dare a single liberal to even try and defend them ignoring it.

Well...that’s just......pitiful! Just B Ur self. The black vote isnt very impt at this stage of the game & their s R vanishing fast. Oh please, I actually understand where Joe was coming from with this remark. Trump is an outright racist. You know this is serious when👇 You dems really picked a winner! Trump and Good Bloodlines⁉️

SURPRISED LIBERAL MEDIA IS EVEN SHOWING THIS I saw the clip and found humor in it. Some folks were offended and Joe apologized. Let’s move on, there are greater matters at stake like 92,000+ Americans have died & the ’s are increasing As an American Jew I will say unequivocally that anyone Jewish who doesn't vote for Biden lacks Jewish values. trump is the antithesis of everything I learned in Hebrew School and and at services.

At least he can admit he was wrong He slipped up admitting Democrats feel they own black people. If you vote for BidenTheTerrible then ppl voting for Biden ARE NOT free men or women! wiseguy here's the deal, this guy is just dumb. in reality, he is just another relic white male from the south, who thinks he can tell men of color what to do and think. PlantationJoe

Good God JoeBiden Do better than than this “Black Radio Host?” Thats Charlemagne The God! ABC News better put some respect on his name ☺️🤔 Biden is a segregationist, he’s not even hiding it anymore. 'I believe Tara Reade.' 'You shouldn't vote me.' 'I have some more questions.' 'You ain't black.' All good Joe, got my cot 😎👍

Biden be the type'a guy to be like 'Oh, i got black friends'. And Trump said this of Jewish voters: 'In my opinion, you vote for a Democrat, you're being very disloyal to Jewish people, and you're being very disloyal to Israel … and only weak people would say anything other than that.” where is his apology?!

I can’t believe is reporting this. All hell must be breaking loose. Can’t wait for the retards that are realDonaldTrump supporters jump on him for being berated by a DJ when someone contradicts Trump with facts they attack that person with no intelligence or mercy. Remember when Joe's party went to war in an effort to keep their slaves? This is your reminder.

He said AINT 🤣 msm don’t want the Democrats to lose their Corn Pops He is vulgar These people will always show us their real intentions. 🇺🇸👍🏽Trump2020👍🇺🇸 Biden created the three strikes rule, expanded civil asset forfeiture, increased sentencing for crack, increased prison funding & created systems of mass incarceration. He isn't just racist, he's systemically racist. YouAintBlack JoeBidenIsARacist

Narrator: Joe--like all Democrats, takes the black vote for granted, while in reality doing very little for them. “Aint black”. I see what you tried to do! Trump supporters being mad that he said this makes me laugh considering they support the same person who wouldn't rent to black people. Biden has always been a racist. The white democrats just don’t care. The black democrats are getting woke!

Democrats are backing a racist

Here’s Who Joe Biden Is Considering For Vice PresidentBiden has pledged to pick a woman, and the short list includes Senators, Governors and House members. AndrewSolender Biden is still in the race? AndrewSolender Dont give a fuck. According to the consitution and junk, just like the popular vote his choice is only a suggestion AndrewSolender On god trump is gonna win. Bernie got absolutely screwed and any democrat who wants to change anything has no motivation to vote.

These are the women Joe Biden has been interviewing as potential vice presidentsThe presumptive Democratic nominee has begun interviews with several women to be his running mate. Will he smell them? No Trans-women? Bigot.

Biden leaked Ukraine calls were released as part of a Russian 'special operation,' ex-president claimsFormer President Petro Poroshenko rejected the recordings as 'fabrication' and a Kremlin attempt to undermine bipartisan U.S. support for Ukraine. Oh, that sounds kosher 🤦🏻‍♀️

How Biden Could Be The Most Liberal President In Modern U.S. HistoryIf Joe Biden wins the presidency and Democrats are still clamoring for more government spending to help the pandemic recovery, he is likely to be a fairly liberal president—no matter how moderate he sounded in the primaries. More, via FiveThirtyEight: FiveThirtyEight hahaha! hes got zero chance. FiveThirtyEight 🤣😂🤣😂 Biden win. FiveThirtyEight Not even you MSM can stop what’s coming.

Joe Biden tells popular radio host 'you ain't black' if considering voting for TrumpFormer Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump in the upcoming general election. Damn man it was joking, how smart do you have to be to know what a joke is oh let me guess, you support Trump, sorry for asking Ouch!! Biden wants everyone on his plantation!! that's a very racist thing to say

Biden apologizes for telling radio host 'you ain't black' if you are considering voting for TrumpFormer Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump in the upcoming general election. He got caught. Do I buy it? No. 😒 Haaaa