Biden: 'Nothing at all will get done' if filibuster abolished

The president said that ending the filibuster will give Republicans an excuse to do nothing.

7/22/2021 6:00:00 AM

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that scrapping the filibuster would “throw the entire Congress into chaos” and that “nothing at all will get done.”

The president said that ending the filibuster will give Republicans an excuse to do nothing.

07/21/2021 09:46 PM EDTLink CopiedPresident Joe Biden said Wednesday that scrapping the filibuster would “throw the entire Congress into chaos” and that “nothing at all will get done.”During a CNN town hall in Cincinnati, the president was repeatedly pressed on his stance on the legislative filibuster, which establishes a 60-vote threshold to move most bills through the Senate. Biden deflected when an audience member asked him if abolishing the filibuster is the logical next step to address the attack on voting rights — what Biden has called the “most significant threat to our democracy since the Civil War.”

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Biden said the “abuse of the filibuster is pretty overwhelming,” before talking about his decades in the Senate, when members had to “hold the floor.” The president stuck to his long-standing position and said he supports filibuster reform that would return to those rules, requiring those who oppose a bill to remain physically on the Senate floor in order to block it.

When pressed by CNN’s Don Lemon on why the filibuster is worth protecting, Biden said keeping the filibuster is not more important than protecting voting rights. He said that he believes his administration and Congress can pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act without axing the Senate rule — one Biden has agreed, as former President Barack Obama put it, is a “relic of the Jim Crow era.”

He said abolishing the rule would give Republicans in Congress an excuse to spend time debating the filibuster instead of passing his legislative agenda.“There’s no reason to protect it other than you're going to throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing will get done. Nothing at all will get done. And there’s a lot at stake. The most important one is the right to vote,” Biden said. “Wouldn’t my friends on the other side love to have a debate about the filibuster instead of passing the recovery act?”

In recent months, more of the Senate's 50 Democrats have expressed a willingness to abolish or modify the filibuster, as activists have continued to put pressure on the White House to budge.has put him at odds with civil rights leaders, labor and social justice advocates, as well as a growing number of Democrats.

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Biden can only say what his corporate bosses allows him to say. JoeBiden was obviously sleeping during Obama years … he is letting the RepublicAns trample democracy … but it’s ok, Republicans will ban the filibuster when it’s their turn. What the f is he doing? What the hell is his strategy here. Those are strong words if he's just bluffing.

Biden is exactly who and what we thought he was. He’s not up to the job and never will be. Congress has done nothing worthwhile in over 30 years As opposed to keeping it as it is so 'nothing at all will get done'. He did say nothing will fundamentally change. He's doing exactly what he said he would do.

I’m all in here but the filibuster…common dude. It’s gotta go Joe! He’s describing the Senate under current rules. POTUS you are wrong! This makes no logical sense.

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“Admit you’re a Republican without saying you’re a Republican” So nothing would change, cool what a nonsense answer. he's a corporatist conservative to his core Damn why did 'we' even pick this guy? As opposed to the nothing they're currently getting done? I've said it all along, we'd be far better off with Bernie as president.

Republicans Obstruct, isn't it good that they won't Obstruct anymore? This is gaslighting Nothing gets done now even with a democratic majority 😂 The US in 2021 isn't Rome in 60 BC. Why side with ComplicitGOP LeaderMcConnell whose sole mission is to destroy Democracy, aka to do Trump's Treasonous bidding? The filibuster provides no Congressional stability or benefit.

Gee I wonder what it would be like if Congress were constantly deadlocked He’s as ignorant on this as he is in marijuana.

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What does the think is happening now, exactly? 'nothing at all will get done' if the filibuster is ended? Well Joe, nothing is getting done NOW. Why are Democrats always so concerned about making Republicans mad? Joe wants to have a group hug with people who won’t even show up for the company picnic. As if something is being done now with GOP obstruction. 🤦‍♀️

Jesus Nothing is getting done now! Get it done Joe! Who is running the show? Joe Biden or Joe Manchin? He is wrong Old thinking democrat. Biden won on progressive democrats votes. Not this old failing democrats plans. Wish he was asked to explain that nonsensical answer

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as opposed to now? Nothing gets done now. So that is a lie Joe. Hard to get less done in Congress than what they’re getting done now. We are not far from that now. 🙃 So tell me what’s getting done now - Nothing the Democrats are proposing. Trump is seeing to that. He might of lost the election but he is winning the WAR. Dems are letting him.

How does this even make sense? How is that different from noww Meanwhile he's passed one bill in 6 months Don’t be shocked

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不正ドミニオン選挙テロで選ばれただけのテロリストを大統領とは言いたくないな。 And what exactly is getting done now? As opposed to the great progress that's being made now 🙄... Disgrace, entirely POTUS is the wrong person for the job at this moment in history Umm, so much would get done. This is our first disagreement Joe. That’s the exact opposite of what will happen

… what the fuck? How is this even close to a description of reality? The President & other “moderate/centrist” Democrat’s embrace of the filibuster & Progressive’s fight against it, is reflective of the cultural chasm within the party. The leadership implores young/Lat/Blk/Indigenous people to vote, yet only lip service protecting it (no HR1)!

As opposed to now, when Congress famously does not get shit done?

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Is that because POTUS thinks Democrats will be the minority ALWAYS? Smart play then. The filibuster is literally used to freeze congress That's what we have now WHAT'S GETTING DONE RIGHT NOW JOE So where is the change? They are not doing nothing now and the past 6 decades... He’s joking, right? I see Joe is content being a speed bump on the way towards fascism.

So pretty much whats happening now As opposed to all those things with the filibuster where lots of stuff gets done, we get it Oh…so, exactly how things are now?

Biden nominates Victoria Kennedy for Austria ambassadorshipPresident Joe Biden is nominating Victoria Kennedy, an attorney and the widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, to serve as his ambassador to Austria. Kennedy, a gun control advocate, came to know the president during the years when Biden served with her husband in the Senate.

Well I’m in. Nothing is getting done already and has been for a long time u sundowning fool The whole point of the filiabuster is to get nothing done. He is surrendering. change the filibuster back to what it was. killing it is an open door to the gop to do anything they want when they take power again and you'll have yourselves to blame.

How so POTUS? Plenty of western democracies function just fine with majority rule, and don’t require procedures that incentivise obstruction by the minority. Joe 'Did I Not Do That' Biden Say goodnight to dems in 2022, folks. Hello fascism. So I guess we voted for him to do nothing It's time to stop pretending that the filibuster encourages bipartisanship when it clearly doesn't. The Republican party defends the filibuster on the grounds that it prevents shutting down debate while they use the filibuster to shut down debate on infrastructure.

'getting rid of the main procedural obstacle to getting anything done will result in not getting anything done' He really thinks we're stupid. EVERYTHING will get done without it. For better or worse. The GOP literally has spent a decade or more using the filibuster to stop things from getting done. And Democrats are just letting them.

Joe Biden really spent his life building a political career that culminated in him becoming president, and he's just going squander his whole presidency. Dems are going to get destroyed in the Midterms if he continues to lay down like this. As opposed to right now, where nothing is getting done. Given that the midterms are gains for the opposition after a presidential election Biden is correct. A GQP win in the House and Senate will doom the administration. Bottom Line: GOTV at all costs in 2022, keep the House and gain a couple Senate seats (little marco for one).

ext to nothing is getting done now👁👁💩 So, no change then? Yes, because bipartisanship has been working so well these days. It’s 2021– not 1991. Is it opposite day at the white house or?

You wrong Joe. Dont think for a minute McConnell would not scrap the filibuster if it was to his advantage. Dont be a fool Joe. Biden’s got to come up with a better rationale than this for not canning the filibuster. What possible way is there to pass anything useful on voting rights as long as the filibuster stands? He’s offering just lip service and it doesn’t even make sense.