Biden Nominates First Female Fcc Chair - Cnnpolitics

Biden Nominates First Female Fcc Chair - Cnnpolitics

Biden nominates first female FCC chair

President Biden nominates Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the FCC, which would make her the first woman to serve in the role if she's confirmed

10/26/2021 9:51:00 PM

President Biden nominates Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the FCC, which would make her the first woman to serve in the role if she's confirmed

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he's nominating Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the Federal Communications Commission, which would make her the first woman to serve in the role if she's confirmed by the Senate.

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In this story, NASA invites you—a member of the Artemis Generation—to feel connected to each Artemis mission and discover all of the exciting possibilities of going to space.

Joining some of the worst women in the world because it’s the role not the gender that matters. Avril Haines, first woman director of national intelligence designed & oversaw Obama's drone campaign & covered up for torture. Samantha Power- USAID regime change; Nuland did Ukraine. First women, big fucken deal

Does she check off any other diversity/minority boxes? oh good, the FCC needs serious fixing!! But you guys keep on saying there’s no such thing as a woman when a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man. You can’t have it all three directions!! If she’s a woman, then a man can’t be a woman, right? Why is this administration so fixated on “firsts” when “most qualified” should take precedence with what is happening today?

AUAF Alumni are At High Risk EvacuateAUAFAlumni TeresaBornn Does she have a prostate?

Biden Nominates Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Chair, Net Neutrality Advocate Gigi Sohn as CommissionerIf confirmed by the Senate, Rosenworcel and Sohn would give the FCC a Democratic majority, allowing for Democratic priorities to take center stage.

White House to Tap Acting FCC Chief Jessica Rosenworcel for Permanent RoleThe White House is expected to nominate Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC chair, according to people familiar with the matter, installing an advocate of tighter telecommunications regulation Oh god

The Bye Line: President Biden should use the Oval Office to call for filibuster reformIn this week’s Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart implores President Biden to make the case for filibuster reform with an Oval Office address. “It’s not just about saving the Biden agenda or Biden presidency,” he says. “It’s about saving American democracy.” Saving American democracy= Totalitarian government control by the left.

Joe Biden Names Jessica Rosenworcel As Permanent FCC Chair, Nominates Gigi Sohn To Open Slot On CommissionPresident Joe Biden plans to name Jessica Rosenworcel as permanent chair of the FCC, while he will nominate Gigi Sohn to fill a vacancy on the commission. Lobbyists and lawmakers have been buzzing …

Some US callers must now use 10-digit dialing as FCC sets up 988 crisis hotlineCallers in parts of 35 states and one US territory now have to dial 10 digits to make a local phone call, as the US prepares to implement 988 as the three-digit number to quickly reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I haven't had a landline for a little over 20 years. Can't remember the last time I dialed a number without the area code? LOCAL calls. Some small communities do not require area codes to make calls if it’s the same for the entire area. Larger more urban areas may have multiple codes intermingled. Crisis requires being able to act quickly.

First on CNN: Biden White House rejects more executive privilege claims by TrumpPresident Joe Biden has once again refused to assert executive privilege over more documents that former President Donald Trump has sought to keep out of the hands of the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. He sure has alot of balls to call someone an illegitimate President for the better part of a year and then ask for favors from that same President. Twice. Zombie news!