Biden Names Diverse Economic Team With Four Women In Top Roles To Help Build Recovery - Cnnpolitics

Biden Names Diverse Economic Team With Four Women In Top Roles To Help Build Recovery - Cnnpolitics

Biden names diverse economic team with four women in top roles to help build recovery

JUST IN: President-elect Joe Biden formally nominates Janet Yellen as Treasury chief and makes other key economic team picks, calling the group 'groundbreaking public servants.'

11/30/2020 6:50:00 PM

JUST IN: President-elect Joe Biden formally nominates Janet Yellen as Treasury chief and makes other key economic team picks, calling the group 'groundbreaking public servants.'

President-elect Joe Biden named key members of his economic team on Monday, with the long-expected announcement of Janet Yellen as treasury secretary along with three other women in top roles on a diverse team that will help him navigate the nation's punishing fiscal headwinds in hopes of building an economic recovery.

Biden named Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget, elevating Tanden, the CEO and president of the left-leaning Center for American Progress, into the top ranks of his administration. Tanden would be the first woman of color and first South Asian American to become director of the Office of Management and Budget if confirmed by the Senate. The announcement of Tanden sparked more outrage than any nominee has so far, with progressive Democrats and Republicans expressing opposition. A spokesman for Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, said Tanden"has an endless stream of disparaging comments about the Republican Senators, whose votes she'll need, stands zero chance of being confirmed."He named Cecilia Rouse, a Princeton economist, to lead the Council of Economic Advisers, which puts another Black woman in a high-profile role of Biden's top advisers. Rouse would be the first woman of color to chair the Council of Economic Advisers if confirmed by the Senate. She served on the council during the Obama administration.Among the barrier-breaking nominees Biden announced is Adewale"Wally" Adeyemo, president of the Obama Foundation in Chicago, for deputy Treasury Secretary, serving under Yellen. If confirmed, he would be the first Black deputy Treasury Secretary. Adeyemo served on the National Economic Council of the Obama administration and last fall was named as the first president of the Obama Foundation. Read More"As we get to work to control the virus, this is the team that will deliver immediate economic relief for the American people during this economic crisis and help us build our economy back better than ever," Biden said in a statement."This team is comprised of respected and tested groundbreaking public servants who will help the communities hardest hit by COVID-19 and address the structural inequities in our economy."Biden also named Jared Bernstein, a longtime economic adviser to Biden, as a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. Bernstein previously served as the executive director of the White House task force on the middle class and as an economic adviser to President Barack Obama. He was also the deputy chief economist at the Department of Labor under President Bill Clinton.The President-elect announced Heather Boushey, who has been one of Biden's chief economic policy advisers during the campaign, would serve as a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. Boushey is a longtime economic counselor to Biden and currently serves as president and CEO of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a nonprofit she cofounded in 2013. Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen takes her seat on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Sept. 28, 2016, before the House Financial Services Committee hearing. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)The new team is set to be formally introduced by Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris during an event Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware, according to the transition team. The Wall Street Journal first reported on Biden's expected top economic picks.RELATED: Here's who could serve in top roles in the Biden administrationThe economic team is among the most critical pieces of the new administration, whose successes or failures will play a large role in determining the course of the Biden presidency.Biden is also still set to name the leader of the National Economic Council, officials said, as well as United States Trade Representative, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other posts.Biden transition

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Trump should resign or be removed by 25th Amendment: Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

I don't know if i think she is a good choice, myself seems she has a bit of a temper like i do that isn't good in a public office position where everything you say and do is a potential lawsuit against the town, village, city, county, state, or country you work for ..... So funny Why isnt cnn reporting on the dominion server that was stolen in georgia after the judge order all evidence to ne secured and not wiped? Come on cnn do some real journalism for once in your stinking life.

Dekalb county police is involved in serious criminal activity WeHaveProof Hi fake news media 🙂 He's already breaking up, there'll be nutin left in four years. LOL How does the not-President-elect make formal nominations when even an actual President-elect can't make nominations because only the President can do that? I honestly don't know if you're trying to push a narrative or if you're just this stupid.

Looks like Democrats rigged the election and got cought! Trump 2020 :) ChrisCuomo There's only one explaination for all his lies and insane behavior is that Donald Trump is a narcissistic. A narcissistic will never admit he failed and lost because in his mind he never loses. 'America and the World🌍 L❤️ve's YOU!! JOE 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️🇺🇲💙🇮🇪❤️🇧🇷💙🇦🇺❤️🇨🇵🇬🇧💙🇳🇴❤️🇿🇦💙🇸🇲❤️🇩🇪💙🇪🇦So Do i💕

ChrisCuomo Biden is not Pres Elect and will not be Pres Elect until he has been voted in by the Electoral College. CNN you gave Biden that distinction on Nov 04, If I Were Pres Trump I would not attend the inauguration of Biden, due to fact Biden has not and did not win the Nov03, Elect. PMT is not the ground breaking you want will they take those days off

Ain't gonna happen. ChrisCuomo Mr. Cuomo...... this is gonna really hurt I’m afraid ChrisCuomo Watching re-brocast of Prime Time. I get why David Gregory is no longer on MTP. He, like so many journalists in the last 5 years will say “both sides do”. When it’s not necessary. Media personalities are too NY central. Can’t upset the Hampton neighbors.

ChrisCuomo Would you PLEASE stop calling Mitch McConnell, McCarthy, et al republicans. That party is dead & gone. Nowadays they’re called Trumplicans. Keep up! Groundbreaking to destroy all the good Trump has done. Democheats like making every Country money but the United States. All their personal bank accounts get bigger too.

ChrisCuomo Fredo lied about his quarantine and it is equally likely that his diagnosis was false. ChrisCuomo Frido not on the Christmas list. You creeps are so funny. Get ready to c o p e. It’s coming oh is it ever. Nobody formally gives af! He can’t “formally” nominate anyone until January 20. Gfc. Enough palms reading the reality is going on in the Arizona State Legislature public hearing for all who care for democracy

ChrisCuomo ChrisCuomo “New problems ? “ I thought Trump was the problem ? Across the board. Watching you hypocrites twist in the wind will be entertaining. Trying to get serious will be a chore for you ChrisCuomo Imaginary president-elect forming his fantasy team of cabinet makers. When is the state of the onion address?

Hey looser’s who’s paying you to report fake news? FYI Biden is not president elect! He’s going to be arrested soon along with OBAMA, HILARY and many,many democrats! Your money forest is about to burn down! farmersprotest StandWithFarmersChallenege Joe started with less controversial picks. Besides Yellen, these r both less impressive and should yield a non confirm or two. Not the winning economic team you’d be hoping for. SAD

I will see you tomorrow Record highs in Stock market Not my president He’s not prez elect & doesn’t have the authority to nominate anyone. But keep your delusion going. You’ve never been known for the truth. She’s a joke. The country is doomed. We won't see this ugly face from Jan 20. She'll probably divorce him and marry Janet Yellen.

ChrisCuomo f u Cuomo u hipócrita garbage , ChrisCuomo What will you and Lemon whine about then? ChrisCuomo Frodo's segments are always filled with baseless statements ChrisCuomo ChrisCuomo ChrisCuomo God bless TRUMP win the election ❤️❤️❤️❤️2024❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🗽🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🇺🇸🗽😍 ChrisCuomo eat shit ChrisCuomo - adding a team of '3 additional experts' to biden's covid team doesn't give people housing or healthcare.

ChrisCuomo Fake Ass News ChrisCuomo And you have a strengthened GOP house and still a GOP Senate.. Americans have elected a castrated Biden gvt. Remember Obamas 2nd term? 7 out of 10 americans are utterly stupid, doesn't care at all and give a damn shit about the USA. 🇺🇸 Is gone, clear to see ChrisCuomo I love this guy. 🤝

ChrisCuomo Just reviewed sample questions from the citizenship test for the USA. I promise you a full 85% of red meat Trump supporters would fail the fucking thing. ChrisCuomo How do we collectively reset your credibility as a legitimate truth-telling organization? Because that dial needs to be turned to '0'

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ChrisCuomo A new Supreme leader! TY Chairman Biden ChrisCuomo The only problem the media talks about is covid. So what exactly are all the other problems currently going on? ChrisCuomo my 6-year-old son came to me an hour ago and said, “We did it, we voted that trump out of office, now I don’t have to worry about nuclear missiles being launched and can go back to elmo city safely!!” We hugged and cried, it was magical. I’m shaking. The whole room is clapping.

ChrisCuomo ChrisCuomo “President Trump’s political operation has raised more than $150 million since Election Day, using a blizzard of misleading appeals about the election to shatter fundraising records set during the campaign, according to people with knowledge of the contributions.” Biden stealing the election from Trump is far more plausible than Trump stealing the election from Hillary; yet after his 2016 win, the DC media ran with the Russia 'collusion' hoax & didn't give a damn about evidence. Now w circumstances reversed, suddenly they care about proof!

LAWYERS RUN THE WORLD...AND RUINED IT, ALL POLITICAL PARTIES ARE RUN BY THE FAMILIES OF THE SAME LAWMAKERS FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME AS WE REALLY KNOW IT. NOT THE FAIRYTALES THAT SAY THE LORD SAID.... At last an extremely qualified woman in a top job JoeBiden BarackObama FoxNews A quote from President Obama re: Joe Biden - “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f—- things up”. This comes from his boss and guy who worked right along side of him for eight years. Looks like another four years of sh&t ahead for us all.

So he can sniff them all. Boys don’t smell as good Prepare for your taxes to go up and your 401k to go down. And thats just for starters. Socialism is going to be crammed down our throats. You think trump was a dick, you ain't seen nothing yet. Donald Trump Said I’m not fighting for me, I’m fighting for the 74,000,000 million people (not including the many Trump ballots that were “tossed”), a record for a sitting President, who voted for me!

CARSHIELD - WHAT A SCAM!!They'll only cover your car at a certain age. The age when nothing goes wrong with it. DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY!!Cars don't break down like they used to. Computers see to that. AND THE CELEBRITIES that pitch this scam KNOW ITS CRAP BUT THEY LOVE THE MONEY!!! Give the progressives a chance!

Servant putting needs of others above your own. Don't know enough about any of the picks to make a yea or nay call right now. I just know I was equally wary when Trump made his selections back in the day. BidenCheated CNN your top 3 worst news agency in America! How do people read watch or listen to anything you report! Fake news! Enemy of the state!

We are waiting here in Finland, who will be nominated from Silicon Valley to the ambassador of Finland. Janet is 74 Too old!!! She is competent and would be extremely good at her job So there was a very good chance the Republicans will not approve of her He’s fallen and he can’t get up Only Thing Everyone in the Country Can Agree on Even Worldwide, The Hate For Trump Was Real and PPL Would Have Done Anything To Get Rid Of Him, Including Bad Media Reports, Impeachment, Covid, Rig Elections, Break Economy, or Inflame Racial Tensions. It's Not a Coincidence!

It's going to be short lived. Translate; same old bureaucracy We need Good public servant's and not the greed spree 2020 was! Congratulations Mr President Real news - Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election This is a LIVE Court hearing on America's VOTER FRAUD! ✉️ 💰 Thanks for sharing Btw, I’m a Visual Artist; and here’s my 1st Calendar-Planners for 2021. And Btw; we all need Calendars. Check it out; Stay Safe & be CREATIVE. 😉😊😁

RIP USA.... You have made one MASSIVE mistake in hounding out Trump, Biden is just a PUPPET. It's wrong that Joe plays the politician on the other side. Republican Senator Thom Tillis is Joe Biden. He is only sliding his chin to right. Joe is only squinting his eyes. Is he a Republican? Or a Democrat? Please be clear.

I request everyone Please check Indian News Could you know what the Government of India is doing to with Indian farmers?farmerprotest farmersprotest standwithfarmerscallange Just recycling, same ole same ole. You misspelled “Former Vice President” fucking idiots 🙄 So to be clear, we've now gone from sex, race etc. etc. can not be considered in employment to sex, race etc. etc. are the leading qualifications for any and all positions. Although his picks may be eminently qualified they will always be stained by this characterization.

I don't think he can 'formally' nominate anyone until he takes the oath of office. This is dangerous ground, no relatives, people who are qualified to govern, we're doomed 🤣🤣 dems only talk about vaccines but never find treatment to reduce covid19 deaths, dems spread covid19 with parades/rioters but still they blame salons! WHO said no need to cancel holiday travels during early stage of pandemic=

Obama lite cabinet, where is the originality, answer no where!! Joe out here making power moves while Trump continues to golf. SHAMEFUL STOLEN ELECTION!!!😝 The man is a disaster waiting to happen . . . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 FRAUDEN Facts matter. Donald J. Trump is our President. Thank you. 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸.

FAKE NEWS there is no president elect Here is why CNN continues to lie BREAKING: On now, Election fraud evidence presented in Public Hearing on Election integrity Arizona on now on OAN, One America News Station. All corporate owned, just like himself. Munchion is trying to hide the last chunk of stimulus for his self and banks.

This joker can’t even walk let alone lead a country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸 Ground breaking public servants=return of the SWAMP PEOPLE Is he even elect. Lol Looking forward to this Obama people again?. This guy is a puppet Not so fast MasterCheatBiden And another person who served in Obama administration! Why not bring new people? Why not try fresh younger experienced person? Also Janet is Jewish, where is the diversity if most of the senior position are going to people of same faith!

JUST IN: Voter anomalies still have not been answered. Please review and answer these irregularities Well, that's surprising? He does live sniffing women. Going to be a very interesting 2021. 'Formally nominates'? Quit trying to confuse those thst slept through middle school civics. Only the President can formally nominate,and then that action goes to the Senate.

Your story's are so cringe does anyone actully read this rubbish He is not president-elect. He might become, but he is not. Shocker...can you imagine having the audacity of having people work for you that didn't have to donate/bribe in order to get that job AND none of them are related to President Biden!!!

Is that why the market took a nose dive. Groundbreaking six feet under probably. lockbidenup IMPEACH Biden It's so nice to see qualified people in government positions again. Shocker...can you imagine having the audacity of having people work for you that didn't have to donate/bribe in order to get that job AND none of them are related to President Biden!!!

If he really becomes the president. So far, he is not the president.'s all a futile exercise. Not much coverage on him starting to fall down and breaking bones. and more importantly, his foot? is this another coverup because of the bad look. SMH I wonder when Harris is going to resign from the senate seat?

Good luck to the new president and to America. Is he going to appoint any actual liberals, or is the Democratic party basically the new Republican party as the Republican party goes far right? If this is the case, where is this nation's liberal party? Nice to have people in government who aren't liars, thugs, thieves, - good work President Biden !!

LMAO ... we're f'in doomed. 🙄 Please, more elderly senile people!