Biden: 'It's time corporate America paid their fair share of taxes'

Joe Biden: 'It’s time corporate America pay their fair share of taxes ... and the days of Amazon paying nothing in federal income tax will be over.'

7/10/2020 1:03:00 AM

Joe Biden: 'It’s time corporate America pay their fair share of taxes ... and the days of Amazon paying nothing in federal income tax will be over.'

2020 candidate Joe Biden unveiled his economic recovery plan for working families and said, 'It's time corporate America paid their fair share of taxes.'

03:02Share this -copied2020 candidate Joe Biden unveiled his economic recovery plan for working families and said, "It's time corporate America paid their fair share of taxes." Read more: MSNBC »

Multinational corporations are sucking the blood of our country Can we tax the ultra-rich too? Can’t wait for Biden to take the helm so I can burn my fck trump poster hanging on my wall. Help African kid to survive, click the link and subscribe About time Amazon pays their fair share. I don't order from them for that very reason.

MSM needs to stop pushing communist ideals along with the dems. Shame on MSNBC! polidan_sharon And, rightly so. No company in America pays taxes. I really don't understand how you think it's a great idea to increase corporate taxes when the outcome is always higher prices passed on to the consumer. But I guess it makes for a good campaign promise to the uninformed that would vote for him.

Gee, wonder where I heard that before. 🤔 Yup, then they’ll run right back to Mexico, China etc etc. Smart thinkn SleepyJoe RISE TAXES. YOU'RE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Tough guy singles out Amazon. Is he going to make every other big corporation pay taxes too? He really is a moron! Lol... Mr. Biden, when you get elected please find it in the treasury somewhere to make some of the jobs you create be for infrastructure and things to improve our roads ,bridges and schools. Please.

Just so long as my taxes don't keep increasing. I fear JoeBiden & TheDemocrats may twist knife the CARES Act stabbed n my kids back when they inherit $ we tried to save for their future retirement (& prob no SS) & kill us w/cap gains on 401k $ we scrimped & saved for retirement Wouldn’t that be great?

BIDEN, is a fool if he thinks that we want or need higher taxes !!! Exactly is a fair share? It's semantic's. The tax laws determine one's fair share. These Politicians know this. They legislated the tax code. Business's file taxes based upon it. Democrats think the American people are STUPID. Unfortunately, some are. KAG2020TRUMPVICTORY

4 mo years! Joe have you and your son reported The money you both got from the Ukraine and China? By stating the obvious the powers-that-be will never let you get elected they won't change the tax code and Wall Street will never allow us to not have somebody owe us or own us How much do you think the Bidens owe? :)

Is joe still going to cure cancer? We've heard Dem candidates say this forever. Listen, Americans don't care so much abt what 'they' make, we want to increase our own wealth. It's not huge on our agenda to take $ away frm ppl who are wealthy. No one in this nation should be poor. If they are, it's intentional.

It must have raken 3 hours to get that sentence out. Joe Biden couldn’t have said that. If he hid, it would sound more like- ‘uuh, Amazon, uh, you know, it’s uh, cmon, you know what I’m sayin, taxes are higher...?’ Fair to the left rarely is. It’s an excuse to steal. OutspokenE A white bread response to the severe problem of widening income and wealth disparity. He's following the failed Clinton strategy of slowing down to 5 mph under the speed limit to ensure victory. The only thing I hate more than the current Democratic party is Trump and the GOP.

About time! joebiden never said that. FAT FUCKING CHANCE BIG B. What happened after the mortgage scandal? You remember. The Chief Prosecutor Alexander Halder let everyone scate. Wait a minute, they busted MARTHA STEWART!!!! Corporate America employs millions, who pay the taxes. Both sides talk a big game but seldom back up their talk.

Believe it when I see it. He doesn't really mean any of this does he? It's time everyone admit that Joe's cognitive abilities are gone. What did JoeBiden do for the 8 years in the White House and all those tesrs in Congress? WedgeAloha Quick! Nobody ask him what he considers their fair share? According to his website, his tax rate on the top tier is only 2% more than Trump's rate. It's a scam! We need pre-Reagan tax rates! 70% on the top tier. 46% on corporations. Then we'll have money to fund our programs.

I belive the guy who started his campaign at the house of the Comcast ceo! Lookout big corporations there's a new sheriff in town(well not new hes been there for like 50 years, but he promises this time things will be different) Tax the Rich to feed the Poor! Instead of an “income” tax, corporate taxation should be a sales tax. Much smaller percentage but harder to hide.

🤡🤡🤡 Which is why he is proposing [cannot find/missing] tax rate. Remember how Obama & Biden went out of their way to keep Bush’s tax cuts even though they were set to expire? I don’t take this seriously—if we are basing it on everything he’s done for last 50 years. Why do we still have to listen to this guy

branka_jovic Bezos makes $9 million/hr. I can’t even grasp that concept. How can such a thing be moral? The astronomical wealth disparity Republicans have promoted for the last 40 years is an abomination. Nincompoop doesn't know anything; 2 Corinthians 9:10-15 verses; read that you Creep before commenting

this guy smokes turds No wonder big business doesn't want Biden... Every time I think he puts the last nail in coffin, he finds room for another one! Joe after November you’ll be officially retired! thekatieallison Every time I think about how I pay more income tax than Amazon, I get furious. We should all be mad as hell. Trump sold average Americans out and gave everything to mega- corporations.

How about some much needed Universal Healthcare Joe? But don't ask Biden why he and Obama let Amazon get away with it for their 8 years. His plans are disastrous for the American economy and the American people. It’s time Hunter Biden pays Joey has been in government for 50yrs and now all of sudden wants to be tough? Lmao. Go away Joe

Trump could have done that. Instead he tried to make it more difficult for them to ship their stuff, by attempting to kill the Post Office, with no benefit for the nation. Hey Sleepy Joe, don't punish taxpayers & businesses. When will you & all democrats learn businesses don't pay taxes? People pay taxes. Increased taxes are passed on to the consumer causing higher prices. Is that so hard to understand? Taxing business may sound good, but it's dumb

Morning_Joe I’m looking all over for the amazing JoeBiden ad that you played and came up short. It was a reminder he’s a great father and great human. He put his sons first. Where can I find that video? Looking all over! Balony. Bezos owns you. This right here is why I will be voting for Biden. A paper bag would make a better president than the obese orange ogre, and someone needs to hold Bezos and Zuckerberg to the fire and squeeze them. I’m a business owner, I get it, lower your tax bill as much as possible, but what

He s buddy with Besos!!! He s blowing wind in your a$$ lollll Lol corporate America is going to cancel Joe Biden if he keeps going with this. Where am I Sooo you didn’t do anything about this while in congress or VP? We need a VAT (and UBI as the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes over). Is he advocating for that?

Believe it when I see it from a corporate puppet Evil. Taking funds from BLM The top 1% already pay over HALF the taxes. This idea that they don't pay their fair share is a lie that has persisted for generations. really he has no clue. If the government knew how to spend money people would give the government extra money.

Perfect camera angle, quoting one of the few lines he did get out, ignoring the gaffes... You've spent a lot of time refining your bias journalism. Yep, raise taxes so companies lay off people and create a government dependent society. That makes a lot of sense. Keep everybody poor and keep racism alive and well, the true Democrat agenda

He is followimg Sanders AOC the extreme left towards Socialism A disaster 😪 Excellent Trumps record - pre Covid19 2.2 to 4.2 GDP 7.3m new jobs plus mfg 10m off welfare 50 year unemployment low Record blks/brwn employed 72% new jobs women Tax cuts Rebuilt economy Record stock market 193 appt. Judges Oil independence Rebuilt military NATO now paying Trump 2020

Biden wants to tax our business so they will leave America again so no jobs. He will ruin our economy. Biden is clueless. Good. People honestly believe this? LOL. Oh come on, is anyone really buying this? 🤦‍♂️ Yeah Biden is really gonna go after Bezos, who contributes tidal waves of cash to the democratic party and whose media outlet Wapo is among the most TDS-suffering of them all. SUREEEEEEEE Just like he and Barack closed Gitmo and shovel ready was shovel ready HAHA

If one raises the taxes of big companies to such an amount who hire many people they will go elsewhere Biden you should know of your 8 years ,? Why don’t we start with a easy fix. Cut congressional salaries and benefits like their pensions. How long has Biden been getting his pension and how much is it?

This is all political bull shit! He moving to the left and we are going to pay the price. Get ready to pay reparations! Higher taxes to support all the lefts programs. It’s easy to blame everything on Trump. What about the Governors and Mayors. Biden’s wants mandatory masks KJU2013 Damn right Joe. Why the hell are hard working Americans paying these guys share

So how did Amazon do it when he was VP? I'm just curious. You wrote the tax bill, Joe. Or did you forget that, too? Corporations do not pay taxes, they pass those costs on to the consumer in the form of prices. Is Joe also going to introduce price controls? I think not. logic Close the loophole for big business who claim their business headquarters is in some other country allowing them to not pay billions in US taxes.

I love one thing. That joe Biden is talking about his plan for the next four years and Donald idiot trump is talking about himself Democrats raised tax, cooperation moved to China. Been there and done that. Who in their right stat state of mind would vote for someone who would raise their taxes? Please enlighten me.

Idiots, corporate taxes get passed on to consumers. Tax the wealthy, not companies Even you Joe Biden you crook I don't think he understands. No corporations pay taxes. They pass the cost onto the consumer. When will the sheep take back America from the wolves 🐺? Why didn’t Biden do something about Amazon when he was a senator and then vote?

We, the average Joes, are tired of paying for the rich and left wanting for ourselves and our families as we pay our taxes and watch whilst they do not. Well, I guess he just made an enemy of Corporate America with that declaration. And dear ole Joe doesn’t know what day of the week it is. The man has dementia. This is sickening

So far Amazon have been the best online trading center From your keyboard to Bezos' bank accounts It's time to add churches to the list. I don’t trust anything this creature says Does Biden have Alzheimer’s? Religion is now telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies? They wanted to keep church separate from state but they haven’t done that which means that they should be paying taxes until they can keep there mouths shut.

Yes! Joe will make the corporations pay their fair share! It only took Joe 40 years in Washington to figure out this needed to happen!!! All we have to do is wait another 40 years for his next bright idea!! What about churches? They’ve been given a free ride for long enough? They want to claim they don’t have to pay in but they are the 1st ones for the tax payer hand out? That Hass to be a law if a church Don’t pay federal taxes then it can’t get federal funding or bailouts.

Geee joe how do we pay taxes with no jobs . Maybe you could pay our fair share , Already did that and it caused company’s to move to China Mexico and India Great way to reck our economy Just remember before Reagan raided the U .S. Treasury for the rich the highest personal tax rate was 70% AND the corporate rate was 35%. He then lowered the maximum tax rate on earned income to 50% and the Republicans have chopped away at it since. Typical

Joe, if they don't have profits then they don't pay federal taxes, Amazon is smarter than any team you put together. And him too Yay Sure it will. Lol Stupid,breakup Amazon is the way to go. Raising corporate tax and strength of tax payment regulations is a a great concept in theory, unlikely that demented Biden would be able to practically execute it. Once Amazon’s lobbying money comes in he’ll be forgetting about this policy like he forgot the name of God 🤣🤣

Exactly Joe, let them pay their fair share, it's about time! Biden2020 When companies make millions of dollars in profits they need to pay their fair share and not be given a free ride. Hiding their profits in off shore accounts is tax evasion. They already make billions, surely they can pay USA TAXES, ,its never enough for the greedy

Do you think the taxes will come from 👇🏻 or will the taxes be passed along to consumers by raising prices? Good. Their drivers use our roads and airports. Their employees use our social resources such as DMV and Voting polls. The burden is too hard on the eroding middle class. They also desperately need a union, if just for health care and wages.

So joe you just lost you can bet amazon will see to it Reminder: amazon is a trillion dollar [$1,000,000,000,000] organization. The co sells you food clothes furniture meds Sm equipment and parts home goods and books. Don’t forget music and movies too. Amazon can pay additional taxes. takeitoutoftheprofits

Vote every republican out of office in November Biden spent his 45 year career in office backing trade deals that crushed American jobs & sent US manufacturing overseas. He said China wad not a threat. But now he gets it? Biden will just be a temporary Election Day prop for the extreme left of his party.

He’s lying to get elected that Public Statement was approved by Jeff Bezos or Joe Biden wouldn’t have said it. If he wins he will do no such thing. Amazon is heading towards Chinese payout money. No Democrat will ever go after that company with any type of legislation. Amazon has nothing to gain by not paying taxes.

Biden Counters Trump's 'America First' With 'Build Back Better' Economic PlanBiden's economic plan offers a competing version of economic nationalism that Trump has trumpeted, including an injection of $700 billion into the economy through American products and research. ... Great. I look forward to having a President - who is not violently allergic to the truth. I thought you and Obama said there was no magic wand!? Good. We need to invest heavily in green technologies to both fight climate change and lead the future of green technology which will help both our economy and our environment in the long term.

Biden preparing for 'multiple scenarios' on COVID-19 vaccine: OfficialHello Biden the White house is all yours after Nov the 4th.. Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless Covfefe Trump needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by Shed red Go blue RussiaGate What’s his strategy for dealing with his dementia? I don't think JoeBiden could handle multiple realities. Have you not seen how lost he gets in thought over simple subjects?

Joe Biden promises to boost U.S. production of coronavirus-fighting suppliesJoe Biden promises to shift production of medical equipment and other coronavirus-fighting products 'back to U.S. soil,' creating jobs and boosting supply. And which supplies are in short supply? He going to out-source to China 2) And Gov Brown? '. . the Obama administration was forced to “clean up the mess Biden made' Biden Claims US Would Be Better Prepared for Outbreaks If He’s Elected. Here’s Why He’s Wrong Besides - dementia

Biden coasts to victory in New Jersey, Delaware primaries, NBC News projectsThe pair of wins Tuesday night allows Joe Biden, who is already the presumptive Democratic nominee, to build on the delegate haul he’s already amassed heading into next month’s scaled-down Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Sleepy joe has no chance in November. 😂 Make America America again such display of raw political power and charisma

Trump, Biden campaign ads show up on white nationalist YouTube contentCampaign ads for both President Trump and Biden are appearing on white nationalist videos on YouTube, underscoring the site's failure to crack down on extremist content, according to a report released Tuesday. Trumps recent video sounds so stupid All that matters, folks is the results from Nov 3. It seems like an endless nightmare of incompetence , bigotry , bullying , dividing and golfing.

“A cautious, incremental centrist can get really big, radical things done”—perhaps Joe Biden willToday on “The Intelligence”: why Biden’s centrism is a route to radical change, France’s surprising government reshuffle and rap music’s surge in the Arab World Many Bad Things Wow. Integrity becomes more and more rare. jonfasman It wouldn't take much to be more ambitious than Obama as he basically spent the presidency producing his best music, books etc lists.