Biden issues fresh warning to Russia over Ukraine plans

Biden issues fresh warning to Russia over Ukraine plans

1/21/2022 2:29:00 AM

Biden issues fresh warning to Russia over Ukraine plans

Russia denies it is planning an invasion and, in turn, accused the West of plotting “provocations” in Ukraine, citing the delivery of weapons to the country by British military transpor…

It was the latest White House effort to clear up comments Biden made a day earlier when he suggested that a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukrainian territory could result in a more measured response by the United States and allies.His comments came as U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken prepared to meet Friday in Geneva with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a high-stakes bid to ease tensions that appears likely to fail.

On Wednesday, Biden said he thinks Moscow will invade and warned Putin that Russia would pay a “dear price” in lives lost and a possible cutoff from the global banking system if it does.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was among those expressing concern.

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Biden: Supreme Court is ‘taking America back 150 years’ by overturning Roe v. Wade

In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, President Biden called it a “sad day for the country,” saying that the ruling is “taking America back 150 years.” Read more >>

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Biden sees Russia moving on Ukraine, sows doubt on Western response‘It is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine,’ President Joe Biden said and added that his team have prepared a broad set of sanctions and other economic penalties to impose on Russia in the event of an invasion First press conference in 80 days So no boots on ground. But a little bitty invasion is ok.

Biden: 'Russia will be held accountable if it invades Ukraine'President Joe Biden said it will be a 'disaster for Russia' if they invade the Ukraine. Biden also stressed that U.S. allies are ready to 'impose severe cost and significant harm' on Russia if they move forward. Power speaker pdf for peace I truly doubt they really believe him. Bidens obvious dementia is going to encourage Putin to invade Ukraine.

Biden Concedes Covid-19 Frustrations, Sees Path for Stalled Bill, Warns Russia on UkraineIn a wide-ranging news conference, President Biden said he likely would have to break up some of his agenda to get it passed, threatened Russia over Ukraine and acknowledged many Americans’ dissatisfaction with the administration’s response to Covid-19. thought had stimulus's coming last month? I still haven't received one. Because Repubes won't take care of their constituents!!! They keep them in poverty to keep control!!!

Harris vows Russia will pay ‘severe costs’ for Ukraine attack after Biden blunderVice President Kamala Harris insisted that the US was prepared to levy “serious and severe costs” against Russia should Vladimir Putin order an invasion of Ukraine. Doing all the hot air talking you need to go to Texas and help put a stop to all them Mexicans coming in over here go do that. I’m sure Putin is terrified. No kidding she is threatening Russia....

Biden Says He Thinks Putin Will Order Invasion of Ukraine, Vows ‘Disaster for Russia'“My guess is [Putin] will move in, he has to do something,” Biden said when asked about the more than 100,000 Russian troops positioned along Ukraine’s border. I said we could crush it down to China Poor minds doubt things but rich minds take a step... I'm so happy I took a bold step with Mr Victor. A very successful Crypto Trader! Now I'm in massive profits! You can connect with him victor_griffin_. Trust me. You will never regret it Yes, I always thought so, all the pullbacks are just to scare away these scattered users, long term storage is the right way to join the cryptocurrency market, at least it's a stable way to join Follow victor_griffin_ for the best crypto signals and tips

Blinken: Russia has plans in place to increase force on Ukraine borders 'even more'Russia has plans to further increase its military forces on Ukrainian borders, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday in remarks to personnel at the US Embassy in Kyiv. And so what with USA training Azos militia/nazi in Ukraine? Ничто так не обманывает нас, как наше мнение'. Дай человеку власть, и ты узнаешь, кто он'