Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be 'super-agers'

Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be 'super-agers'

9/25/2020 3:03:00 PM

Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be 'super-agers'

President Trump and Joe Biden are so healthy they could be long-living 'super-agers,' a new study suggests. But it also fears the two campaigns will continue to 'weaponize' the age issue.

The presidential candidates and their supporters will likely keep belittling the other guy as a doddering old fool, but a group of geriatric experts say in a new paper that both President Trump and challenger Joe Biden appear to have the physical and cognitive tools to make it through four years in the White House.

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In fact, the two candidates’ relative good health and other advantages — parental longevity, access to top-notch healthcare and abstinence from smoking and drinking — suggest both men are likely to become long-living “super-agers,” who thrive well into their 80s, or beyond, according to a draft report written by three medical doctors and four researchers with expertise in public health, survival analysis and statistics.

Three of the authors of the paper — Stuart Jay Olshansky, a public health professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago; Dr. Bradley Willcox, director of research in the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Hawaii’s medical school; and UCLA Professor Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, an authority on the demographics of aging —

wrote previously about how presidents tend to outlive average Americans.While the candidates are unusually healthy for their age, Biden is projected to live longer because of his routine fitness regimen, compared with Trump’s relatively sedentary lifestyle and obesity,

the paper.which will be publishedin October in the Journal on Active Aging. The journal bills itself as “an indispensable tool for professionals who are dedicated to older adults living as fully as possible regardless of age.”AdvertisementUsing actuarial analysis and publicly available data on the health of the two men, the authors project Biden has a 95% chance of surviving a four-year term, while Trump has a 90% chance of completing a second term.

“It is our conclusion that chronological age is not a relevant factor for either candidate running for President of the United States,” the authors wrote. “Both candidates face a lower than average risk of experiencing significant health or cognitive functioning challenges during the next four years.”

The paper’s projections were based on medical reports issued by the two politicians, public details about their personal habits and statistical models that predict longevity.There is no public record of either Trump, 74, or Biden, 77, completing a comprehensive cognitive exam. Because no such exam has been reported, the researchers concluded that their personal physicians have no concern about their mental capabilities. (Trump has boasted

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or MoCA, but it is only a screening test. There is not a single test for dementia, the authors note.)Advertisement“We don’t know, for certain, if anything was held back or not, so we have to operate under the assumption that their physicians are releasing accurate information,” said Olshansky, the study’s lead author.

Dr. Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said Biden and Trump had performed at an “exceptionally high level” cognitively, for men of their age, during their public appearances in the last year.

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How is this helpful? It’s because of all the young kids rubbin’ Uncle Joe’s hairy legs. Sure. That’s who we want running the country. Uummmm NOPE! Biden is losing his marbles. It’s time for your rag to finally start admitting that little fact! US gov has become downright geriatric! The average age of members of both the Congress and the Senate has to be 60+. And that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. What’s up with that?!

Trump is a clown and a rogue. Fake news. What study was this? Los Angeles times is true propaganda. I feel like I'm living in North Korea. This analysis is worthless. Why did you publish this article? You can’t claim it was a slow news day. Do better, . Bidens brain is not healthier.... Thanks for the reminder of why I stopped paying for a subscription....LA Times has become a journalistic super-ager.

So I guess nobody truly listens to Trump. He slurs and forgets words almost every speech, now. He's projecting at this point. Oh man I needed a good laugh this morning. I feel sorry for Joe, he shouldn’t be forced to deteriorate so publicly. Today in obvious news Biden is out cycling and Trump waddles (unconvincingly) down a ramp.

Slightly healthier? By who and what standard? Your newspaper opinion. You mean these 70+ year old dinosaurs are prepared to be leaders of the free world? Yeah okay.....get real. I’m waiting to everyone to wake and up realize this is like your grandparents making decisions for the country...... Sure. is really reaching here.

Are you fucking kidding Joe Biden is running for President and he didn’t even leave the house yesterday. LA Times is a liberal rag. Donald is on Adderall. Has been for years. Thats what keeps him going. No wonder everyone tunes out the libtard media. Trump may be overweight but he has the energy of a 16yr old. Basement Joe is, well, an old man w dementia

Slightly? That's like saying someone is slightly pregnant. Biden is out riding bikes and Trump can only scurry away if someone boos him. Slightly? Put them both on treadmill stress test and Joe will make 10 Mets if not close. Trump won’t make 5 Mets. It should be President Harris. Then it's down to VP and there's no question who is healthier there. Physically or mentally.

Delete this garbage right now This is garbage. Individuals are not statistics. I’ve seen 90 year olds with the health of a 70 year old. I’ve seen 60 year olds with the health of an 80 year old. Get out of here with your nonsense, clickbait articles. Is this OPINION i hope?!?! Oh my god on my god Lmao the media is so pathetic 😂

Physically maybe, but Bidens mental capabilities are gone! Forgive me but what an irresponsible article to print at a time like this in our nation's history Biden has dementia Hysterical, trump is 'healthy'? The slurred words, unsteady gait, dementia, obesity, no exercise and a diet of fast food and Adderall... 🙄TrumpVirus

‘Is’ being the operative word Oh Sure! If you pull any of my legs they’ll play “Jesus Take The Wheel!”🤪 Except Biden is in early stage Alzheimer Slightly? Did you do a mental health evaluation What is it with the press these days? Were they always this bad? Biden's brain doesn't work. I find this dubious at best

And ONE importantly has dementia! Seriously Lie to your readership base so easily I see I read this headline and felt my IQ drop Slightly healthier w two brain sgrys? this is so transparent and bias.Trump is animal that works 20 hr days.They can’t even get B past lunch 'Slightly healthier' 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Fuckin clown show LA Times

Science and stuff... slightly? One can go up and down a ramp, one can read off a promoter, one doesn’t wear pampers, one doesn’t have drug sniffles. Not based on his speeches 😂 tR's is not healthy. Neither his physical nor mental health could be in any way, shape, or form be considered good. Don’t you ever tire of printing fake news?

TheBabylonBee it looks like the is trying to move in and compete with you. Making up words doesn't help Lol. Ur talking abt that senile old dementia bastard 😂' FakeNews Something IS wrong, 'The Biden Campaign called a 'lid' on the trail by 9:20 a.m. Thur., meaning Biden will not make any in-person/media appearances for the rest of the day. This marks the 9th day this month the campaign has halted access to their candidate before noon.' 40Days

LA TIMES how do you know Biden is slightly healthier the trump ? Simple test. Ask a physician: waist size for men 60+? 35 you have problems. Bowling pin physique for men = chronic disease. Picture Trump vs Biden vs President Obama. Obvious Yeah sure ...step away from the crack pipe!! Wealth insures excellent medical care.

So this study according to this article, is based on public data and actuarial analysis. They can’t possibly know though, who is slightly healthier without giving them physical examinations. sure, Biden can ride a bike like a 7 year old and leaves his basement every few days. A couple of aneurisms and brain surgeries in no way slowed him down or sped up dementia.

Like they age really fast? Like dogs or something? Good. 😭😭😭 Only Bazzaro world people would believe that Slightly? Trvmp is morbidly obese. Is this the funny pages of the LA Times? Biden on the bike, trump waddling and red faced on the golf course You can tell there's major scraping of the bottom of the barrel when one candidate is considered 'slightly' healthier than the other

Haha how fake. Biden is senile and obviously not up to the task. 😂🤣 Fake News .. Biden=🐀. Trump=👍 I hope I’m as healthy as Biden when and if I reach his age. One has severe dementia the other does not.

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