Biden Hits Trump’s Response To George Floyd Death: ‘No Time For Incendiary Tweets’

The former Vice President also called for lasting police reform and for Americans not to stay silent.

5/29/2020 11:58:00 PM

Joe Biden addressed George Floyd’s death in a speech today, criticizing President Trump’s response and calling on Americans to speak out and work towards lasting justice by AndrewSolender

The former Vice President also called for lasting police reform and for Americans not to stay silent.

TOPLINEFormer Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden addressed George Floyd’s death in a speech on Friday, criticizing President Trump’s response and calling on Americans to speak out and work towards lasting justice.Former US Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden speaks about COVID-19, known

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... [+]as the Coronavirus, during a press event in Wilmington, Delaware on March 12, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)AFP via Getty ImagesKEY FACTSBiden kicked off the speech by saying he “just had an opportunity to speak with the Floyd family,” calling them a “close, decent, honorable family, loving one another.”

Biden described Floyd’s death as “so elemental, it did more than deny one more black man in America his human rights and his civil rights. It deprived him of his humanity, it deprived him of his life.”“We are a country with an open wound,” Biden declared, calling on Americans to speak out about racism and police violence and not “fail victims with what Martin Luther King called the ‘appalling silence of good people.’ ”

Biden also hit at President Trump’s response to protests on Friday, in which he tweeted “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” saying, “this is no time for incendiary tweets. This is no time to encourage violence. This is a national crisis. We need real leadership right now.”

Biden also said it’s “time for us to take a hard look at the uncomfortable truths,” calling for police reform that “holds bad cops accountable and repairs relationships between law enforcement and the community they’re sworn to protect.”“Nothing about this will be easy or comfortable, but if we simply allow this wound to scab over once more without treating the underlying injury, we’ll never truly heal,” Biden added.

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AndrewSolender Pretty sure we had some riots on Obama and your watch. You already failed like most of our leaders on this topic. AndrewSolender Biden is clueless AndrewSolender It won’t be Biden or Trump that brings us together. Politicians can’t do it and it’s silly to think so. They are only thinking of themselves and their “wins.” Only all of us together and God can do it. Humility and kindness works. Come on people. We can do it. Not politicians.

AndrewSolender The same man who supported mass incarceration of black Americans. LiberalsAreHypocrites AndrewSolender AndrewSolender ✊🏾 AndrewSolender He had 8 years to change anything if he would really care about it! How could he care about it now when the biggest challanege to him is not to rip a fart on a livestream.

AndrewSolender Biden is just trying to make a political show. He's probably thinking the whole situation is great because he doesnt have to explain his urkraine bribery or Hunter Biden getting paid millions from china. AndrewSolender oh, the segregationist- great AndrewSolender JoeBiden you were in politically involved in creating changes so what you have done during your time in Washington and 8 years of Vice President? Can you answer that?

AndrewSolender Is this one any different?...politicians really look stupid on media AndrewSolender Joe Biden talked about George Floyd’s death today...randomly blames trump...all while my tiny little nipples went to France! Got runny dumps and they won’t go away? All you gotta do is just... BlameTrump

AndrewSolender Happy someone addressed this injustice. Surely Trump could learn something from this, but alas, won’t happen in my lifetime. AndrewSolender Pandering to the people he just questioned their blackness! Lol AndrewSolender Everything Joe Biden says or does is for politics... While Trump on the other hand is simply authentic!...I will choose Trump over Biden anyday, anytime

AndrewSolender 😂 what did he do for 8 years as VP Wasn’t that long ago! What a joke he is.

Biden Hits Trump’s Response To George Floyd Death: ‘No Time For Incendiary Tweets’The former Vice President also called for lasting police reform and for Americans not to stay silent. Joe, did you call former KKK organizer and leader Robert Byrd your mentor ?

Joe Biden sees surge in health care industry fundraising as Trump slumps in polls over coronavirus responseJoe Biden has surged past President Donald Trump in raising cash from the health care industry. The developments comes as Trump falls in the polls during his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Biden is a shittier candidate than Hillary and the liberal media are going all out to try and prop him up. 👎 Of course. Biden is even more corrupt than Trump. Healthcare industry will victimize and bankrupt even more citizens under Biden's watch. Biden can’t see outside of his basement window

Biden calls Floyd death an 'act of brutality,' calls for Americans to confront racismJoe Biden says he has spoken with the family of George Floyd and calls for Americans to confront racism: “the very soul of America is at stake.” Lawrenc96256742 Didn’t he write the 1994 crime bill? Joe who? Thank you

Biden Calls George Floyd Killing 'An Act of Brutality'Former Vice President Joe Biden believes the killing of George Floyd should be a reckoning for the nation, saying 'With our complacency, our silence, we are complicit in perpetuating these cycles of violence.” That will never happen = death sentence CAN ONLY BE APPLIED when or while death occurs while Commiting ANOTHER VIOLENT felony in the process (robbery rape ECT) GeorgeFloydWasMurdered yes he WAS 3rd degree murder sets path for 1st degree manslaughter JonathanTurley PressSec Those old soft wrinkled ears don't have the structural integrity to keep his mask up. LOL. You should have a word with amyklobuchar

Joe Biden Says He's Spoken With George Floyd's Family, Calls For Police ReformThe former vice president censured President Trump for his 'incendiary tweets.' Nope. trump is the leader of the Lemon Party Thanks Biden for being able to speak in complete sentences!!!!

'A country with an open wound': Biden says he spoke with George Floyd's family, promises 'justice'Members of Congress from both parties united in calling for justice in the death of George Floyd after a violent night of protests turned the nation's attention toward Minneapolis. “It took everything he had to get the words out, to push enough air out of his lungs to produce the words, hoping that the officer would hear him and care enough to lift up his knee.” Read more at No no no. They HAD their chance to call for peace. It's over now. They had a chance to address the racial disparities. Police and government need to make the first move and make the first concessions. That was a wake up call for our nation! Gotta do right by the Black Americans. Period! GeogeFloyd