Biden Has Been Losing Black Voters. Will Bloomberg’s Bad Debate Change That?

Joe Biden has been losing black voters. Could Michael Bloomberg’s bad debate help stop his slide? @FiveThirtyEight breaks it down:

2/21/2020 8:14:00 AM

Joe Biden has been losing black voters. Could Michael Bloomberg’s bad debate help stop his slide? FiveThirtyEight breaks it down:

After poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe Biden’s campaign is pinning its hopes on South Carolina — in particular, the black vote there. The rise of S…

surrounding Biden’s campaign and help him remain competitive in the larger nomination race.If Biden’s falling support is mostly about his poor performances in the first couple states, a respectable showing in Nevada and a win in South Carolina could turn things around. And if Biden’s slide has as much or even more to do with Bloomberg’s overwhelming advertising firepower and his effort to win over black elites and voters, the former vice president might not be able to recover even if he has a solid performance in South Carolina later this month — unless, of course, the Wednesday night debate really cuts into Bloomberg’s standing. Regardless, Biden’s current trajectory among black voters is a serious problem for his campaign, so he absolutely needs something to change for the better.

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FootnotesWe took all national polls that published results among black respondents and averaged the data for three periods: the two weeks before Iowa voted on Feb. 3, between Iowa and New Hampshire, and since New Hampshire voted on Feb. 11. We had at least six national polls for each period.

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FiveThirtyEight Do all black people vote the same way? Do they have some kind of huddle before the ballot? FiveThirtyEight Wait WHITE here, I'll be right BLACK campaign FiveThirtyEight Actually you’ve all been ripping Biden about the same way that you ripped Hillary with her emails! I’m guessing you’re rooting for Bernie? Why don’t you try shredding Bernie? Bernie will never beat Trump!

FiveThirtyEight No FiveThirtyEight Actually, ewarren's messages about environmental justice and economic opportunity have been winning them over, but you don't want to cover the Invisible Woman, do you, ABC? Keep up the chest compressions --you may resuscitate Joe's campaign yet 🙄 WarrenForTheWin

FiveThirtyEight To be this way, one must assume that black votes from Biden would move precisely to Bloomberg. I don't think so, especially with Bloomberg's record FiveThirtyEight Start calling our reps and telling them they will not get our vote in their next relection IF THEY DONT VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WITH THE MOST DELEGATES! we have power.Convention maneuvering has already started.We need to ratchet up the pressure on these super delegates.Pass it on!

FiveThirtyEight Time to show em those hairy legs joe. Eugene_Scott FiveThirtyEight ewarren has been gaining black voters. Could Michael Bloomberg’s bad debate help push her slide? Fixed it. Like something else really did happen. Eugene_Scott FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver also says Bernie will beat Biden in Delaware. 😂 FOH 538.

FiveThirtyEight Joe has no one else to blame but himself for losing support but like a true Democrat he'll blame Trump, Russia, Barry, or Billary. Who or whatever that victim card every Democrat has is getting ready to be played. FiveThirtyEight He looks like he's going to grab a little girl and smell her hair

FiveThirtyEight He's just no black enough. FiveThirtyEight Don't see how. Bloomberg didn't have any POC support. FiveThirtyEight nope FiveThirtyEight Bad debate? Bloomberg won that debate by being a gentleman. FiveThirtyEight I’m just wondering whatever happened to the Biden who once ripped Paul Ryan to pieces on the VP debate stage. I honestly don’t know who this Biden is. He was making a lot of crazy faces on stage like he couldn’t comprehend what was being asked of him..

FiveThirtyEight The guy was done when Obama told Joe he wouldnt endorse him. FiveThirtyEight Вся проблема 'элиты' США на выборах, это то что они не чернокожих или белых или латиносов теряют, а то что они все топят в полное говно всю Америку. Еще не много такой демократии и США станут второй Украиной.Т.е. возвращение бумеранга расчеловечевания вернется и треск услышит мир

FiveThirtyEight No. Instead watch this touching fan made video in support of Sanders FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight Corn pop FiveThirtyEight Neither really care, picking the lesser of two evils doesn’t make it right. FiveThirtyEight Go Biden. FiveThirtyEight ..VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO.. V O T A A Z U L

FiveThirtyEight All Democrats are losing Black Voters, as they have done literally nothing for them for decades. FiveThirtyEight We can Only Hope! FiveThirtyEight Ok the whole plan of Mr MikeBloomberg going on this race is to take this mofo DJT out even if he is not a front runner and nominated anyone faces against Trumpo and wins in nov he will open 9k bottle of all the drinks u have never seen, after all he has $$

FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight He needs to reach out to Corn Pop... FiveThirtyEight Jeeeeezzzzuuusss they’re not poker chips. Like one dem is losing them to another. So racist. FiveThirtyEight No FiveThirtyEight dear voters ignore all election takes coming from msm. pay attention to the reporting coming from legit journalists, and ignore this tmz bs

FiveThirtyEight Uh huh FiveThirtyEight FiveThirtyEight They might be flipping to ewarren or BernieSanders FiveThirtyEight Corn Pop won FiveThirtyEight Yikes, when you are relying on someone else going down to get more black votes you are in trouble! FiveThirtyEight I'm so sick of the crap FiveThirtyEight How sad when your only hope is that others are even worse then you are... 🤣

FiveThirtyEight Yep, and they will vote for, and realize Trump is actually on their side. And these phony, pandering, stumbling, clowns just use African Americans as pawns. FiveThirtyEight NOPE! MikeBloomberg2020 FiveThirtyEight So Sleepy Joe is their safety school? FiveThirtyEight Ha ha the way it looked to me they all stink.

FiveThirtyEight Nah

Bernie Sanders solidifies front-runner position as Joe Biden loses African American support: PollThe new poll found the Vermont senator was the only Democratic primary candidate to beat Donald Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head. 'America will never be a Socialist Country' .realDonaldTrump Now that Bernie leads among Blacks, Hispanics and Whites, let’s the lies that the corporate media can come up with to smear Sanders supporters. Polls don’t mean shit

Nevada town hall live: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPoliticsJoin CNN for the second of a two-night Democratic presidential town hall event, live from Las Vegas. TONIGHT: 8 p.m. ET: Former Vice President Joe Biden 9 p.m. ET: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Follow live: SIGA O FELIPEPRIOR NO IG I’d rather walk on hot coals than watch xobsteinn !!

Poll: Biden leads Sanders, Steyer in South CarolinaIn the poll, Joe Biden is at 24% support. He’s followed by Bernie Sanders’ 19% and Tom Steyer’s 15% — the only other candidates in double-digits The Democratic candidates preach unity instead they show how greatly divided and disrespectful they really are . Trump 2020 Nothing to see here. He can't win the nomination with SC alone. What poll? Sanders is obviously the front runner, even as the DNC is up to their BS again. Spreading some garbage here.

Biden slams Sanders and 'cowards' in Congress over gun violenceFormer Vice President Joe Biden is focusing his campaign on gun violence ahead of Saturday's Nevada caucuses, criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders by name and accusing 'cowards' in Congress of being scared into inaction by the National Rifle Association. Good. The World knows you are slow. Fake News getting ripped by TRUMP --- why are you FAKE cnn ? Are you paid for ?

Sanders and Bloomberg rise, Biden falls, with sharp shifts in views of electabilityThe latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll asked respondents about Trump's job approval, which candidate out of the 2020 field is preferred and more. It was the pony soldier comment 😂 Uklina scandal did work better. Duh.

Joe Biden: Mike Bloomberg's values are 'basically Republican''He's a good guy, but the basic values he had are still basically Republican.' — Joe Biden says that the DemDebate showed whether or not Mike Bloomberg is really a Democrat. he's literally not a good guy tho. that's the point. Mike was a lifelong Democrat until 2001, when he switched to the Republican Party before running for Mayor. Switched to an independent in 2007, and registered again as a Democrat in October 2018. In 2004, he endorsed the re-election of George W. Bush and spoke at the 2004 RNC.