Biden-GOP Infrastructure Talks Dead

The Biden admin is turning its negotiations to a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers as time runs out to strike a deal.

6/9/2021 5:08:00 AM

The Biden admin is turning its negotiations to a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers as time runs out to strike a deal.

The Biden administration is turning its negotiations to a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers as time runs out to strike a deal.

’s administration and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) came to an unceremonious end Tuesday.The administration is now turning its attention toward a broader bipartisan group of 20 senators, which includes Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah), as they continue to seek at least some GOP support for an infrastructure package.

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The administration also said it was working with Democratic leaders in Congress to ensure passage of an infrastructure package this summer, aiming to alleviate anger from progressives eager for the White House to give up hope on reaching a deal with the GOP.

Biden had a call with Capito Tuesday, after meeting with the lead Republican negotiator on infrastructure in the White House last week — a conversation that Capito said was the end of talks between the two parties.“I spoke with the president this afternoon, and he ended our infrastructure negotiations,” Capito said.

Republicans had offered a plan half the size of what the White House has proposed on infrastructure, one that included far less in new federal spending on infrastructure projects. It also did not address key priorities sought by Democrats on climate, housing and elder care.

White House officials said Biden had been willing to cut more than $1 trillion in spending from his original proposal, while Republicans had only offered $150 billion in new spending since the start of negotiations.Biden “informed Senator Capito today that the latest offer from her group did not, in his view, meet the essential needs of our country to restore our roads and bridges, prepare us for our clean energy future, and create jobs,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement.

In the end, Republicans refused to engage on major tax provisions — like an increased corporate tax rate — that the Biden administration initially wanted to see in the bill. Biden, meanwhile, made a major concession: offering to leave the current, historically low corporate tax rate intact in exchange for a minimum corporate tax rate.

Emilee Chinn via Getty ImagesCommunity members gather outside of Senator Shelley Moore Capito's office as West Virginians in Charleston call for an investment in care, climate, and families on June 3.The White House is now shifting gears to negotiations with a bipartisan group of senators who are working an alternative compromise on infrastructure. But that group, which is meeting on Tuesday, is said to be discussing an even smaller proposal that excludes the same kind of Democratic priorities Biden was pushing for in his talks with Capito. The group of 20 senators also worked, but ultimately failed to reach a compromise, on coronavirus relief late last year.

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The administration did emphasize it is preparing for Democrat-only infrastructure legislation, which has always been the most likely outcome. Biden spoke with both Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, saying they were coordinating to pass legislation in the House this month and move it to the Senate floor in July.

“The president is committed to moving his economic legislation through Congress this summer,” Psaki reiterated in a statement.Schumer told reporters on Tuesday that Democrats were proceeding with both tracks.“It may well be that part of the bill that will pass will be bipartisan and part of it might be reconciliation, but we’re not going to sacrifice the bigness and boldness in this bill. We will just pursue two paths and, at some point, they will join,” Schumer said.

Already, progressive lawmakers in Congress are getting impatient with the bipartisan talks. On Tuesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told reporters she believes the Senate should go ahead with a budget reconciliation package, which would allow Democrats to pass an infrastructure bill on party lines.

“So far, we’ve got nothing,” Warren said, of what has come out of bipartisan talks.Several Democrats also voiced concerns after being briefed on the bipartisan negotiations in a caucus lunch on Tuesday, warning that continued dealing with Republicans would needlessly narrow the size of an infrastructure package.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) also tweeted Monday that he’s “very anxious” climate legislation will be completely left out of the negotiations, saying he senses “trouble.” Read more: HuffPost »

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Biden and GOP deadlocked on infrastructure, talks resume MondayPresident Biden remains committed to trying to get a bipartisan deal on his infrastructure bill. The White House has rejected the latest GOP offer, with negotiations set to resume next week. That’s left some suggesting the President should step back from the negotiating table altogether. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) told NBC’s Joshua Johnson “We’re busy trying to create jobs and a large segment of that party is busy trying to create chaos.” EGOTISTS ARE DESTROYING OUR USA NATION AND YOUALL CUPCHEQUE? EGO B4 COUNTRY?SELF B4 NATION? USA NEEDS PATRIOTS NOT CUPCHEQUERS!! MATHEW19:21- CAST YOUR BIG EGOS ASIDE AND DO THE WILL OF GOOD- SAVE OUR USA NATION Their seditious conspiracy (continues. The GOP’s now in their open electoral rebellion mode. Their first insurrection failed. They’ll keep trying. Donald’s just the headliner. Follow the dark money. Expose the kingpins! wow

Biden seeks new coalition for infrastructure bill as talks with key GOP senators fall apartInfrastructure talks between the White House and Republican senators have stalled, so President Joe Biden is looking for a different path to bipartisanship. Why they make it look like he taking a piss IMPEACH Sen_JoeManchin NOW! Clearly he's an impediment to moving U.S. forward & HE DOESN'T representing Democrats. Sen_JoeManchin should be FORCED TO RESIGN! chuck_shumer & DEMS. MUST FIND Sen_JoeManchin INCAPABLE OF EFFECTIVE DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATION & POLICY! Womp womp. Yet another failure of creepy Joe

Biden ends infrastructure talks with Senate GOP, starts engaging bipartisan groupBipartisan infrastructure talks between President Biden and GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito are over, according to an administration official. The president will now focus on working with a bipartisan group of 20 senators. It's needs more employees? Is it because he's getting ready to screw taxpayers? Here's my bipartisan tip of the day: Lets just put Andrew Young on the ballot and elect him as both Mayor of NYC and as Governor of New York State. It just makes so much sense, and we get a 2 for 1: replace one monster and remove another. Admit it - you like this one. LMFAO - it was NEVER going to happen and this diddling around in hopes that the GOP would ever do the right thing is ludicrous. Now you've shown you wanted to be bi- partisan ... NOW JUST PASS THE DAMN THING

President Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks With Senate GOP GroupPresident Biden ended infrastructure talks with a Senate GOP group and now plans negotiations with a bipartisan set of lawmakers in an effort to salvage a deal Waste of time. The gop will never vote for it anyway We need a 'No Deduction Income Tax' where everyone pays their fair share of taxes. PERIOD!!!!! What a shame! As Americans we keep falling behind in so many different levels. Even something that would benefit all doesn’t seem to be worth fighting for. 🤦

Biden ends GOP infrastructure talks, starts new negotiationsWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden ended talks with a group of Republican senators on a big infrastructure package on Tuesday and started reaching out to senators from both parties in a new effort toward bipartisan compromise, setting a summer deadline for Congress to pass his top legislative priority. Dear Joe Biden and the Dems, There IS no 'bipartisan'. There will never be any 'bipartisan'. You have the power for once. Use it or lose it. Good ! Republicans wouldn’t have voted for it even with their changes! RepublicansSuck POTUS Translation, POTUS caves and McConnell laughs. Do what you were elected to do. Save the American people and build back better.

Biden's infrastructure talks with GOP collapse amid irreconcilable differencesBREAKING: President Biden's infrastructure talks with Republicans collapsed on Tuesday, the lead GOP negotiator says. Because McConnell told her to. What was the point of electing Democrats if they’re going to behave like they have no power? Kill the filibuster and pass meaningful legislation or kiss 2022 and 2024 goodbye. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear that one of these talks was successful. Are both groups so bad at coming to a workable consensus? After all they are supposed to work for us.