Lloyd Austin, Transgender Americans, Defense Official, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Military Members, Serving İn The Military, Executive Order

Lloyd Austin, Transgender Americans

Biden expected to repeal Trump's transgender military ban

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at his confirmation hearing last week that he supported repealing the ban.

1/25/2021 6:15:00 AM

The Biden administration is expected to repeal the ban on transgender Americans from serving in the military , multiple people informed of the decision told CBS News. The announcement is expected as soon as Monday

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at his confirmation hearing last week that he supported repealing the ban.

ReutersChina sees fall in new COVID-19 cases amid strict local lockdownsChina reported 80 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, mostly in the northeast where some residents complained they were short of food amid an ongoing local lockdowns, down from Friday's 107. Saturday's toll included 65 domestic cases, with more than half in the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin. China, which this weekend marked the anniversary of the world's first coronavirus lockdown in the central city of Wuhan, is facing its worst wave of local cases since March last year.

Coronavirus infection levels continue to drop in the UK Trump State Department appointee Federico Klein arrested over Capitol riot ABC News @ABC

16h agoUAE cabinet approves establishment of embassy in Tel Aviv in further sting to PalestiniansThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the establishment of its embassy in Tel Aviv as the US national security advisor announced that America hopes to build “on the success of Israel’s normalisation agreements” under the Biden administration. The UAE cabinet decision to approve establishing the embassy comes after they signed the Abraham Accords in September, becoming the first Gulf state to establish a full diplomatic relationship with Israel. No further details about the embassy were given in UAE media. While Israel’s government recognises Jerusalem as its capital, the international community does not, with Palestinians claiming East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Most countries base their embassies in Tel Aviv. Before the deal, Israel only had peace deals with only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan - where it has fortified embassies. Most Arab countries had previously refrained from recognising Israel, believing that recognition should only be granted if serious concessions are made in the Palestinian peace process. Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco later agreed to follow in the UAE’s footsteps and normalise ties with Israel under US-brokered deals.

11h agoThe WeekTrump's pressure on DOJ to sue states over election in Supreme Court reportedly 'got really intense'Former President Donald Trump, citing unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, pushed the Justice Department to ask the Supreme Court to invalidate President Biden's electoral victory, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal. "He wanted us, the United States, to sue one or more states directly in the Supreme Court," a former administration official told the Journal. "The pressure got really intense."Ultimately, several Justice Department officials, including former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and former Attorney General William Barr, reportedly refused to file a case with the high court because there was no legal basis to challenge the election outcome and the federal government "had no legal interest" in whether Trump or Biden won the presidency. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone also reportedly opposed the idea.The strategy appears to have preceded Trump considering ousting Rosen and replacing him with Jeffrey Clark, an ally within the Justice Department, as reported by The New York Times. The Times later revealed it was Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) who made Trump aware of Clark's apparent willingness to back his conspiracy theories. Clark has denied being involved with a plan to get rid of Rosen. Read more at The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.More stories from theweek.com 5 scathingly funny cartoons about Biden's COVID-19 push Republicans back Biden's coronavirus response at a surprisingly high rate, poll suggests Biden foolishly low-balls America's COVID response headtopics.com

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Get ready for your new national anthem. Do you really want to come out as Trans in the US Navy 300 miles off the nearest coast? So..We guess that HARRIS is NOT the first Female VP? Oh yeah that’s gonna be a really helpful.🇺🇸🤨 Well that puts a turd in the punch bowl doesn't it