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Biden courts Sanders voters with student loan, healthcare policies

Biden courts Sanders voters with student loan, healthcare policies

4/10/2020 2:25:00 AM

Biden courts Sanders voters with student loan, healthcare policies

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday proposed expanding access to Medicare and forgiving some student debt in new overtures to supporters of onetime rival Bernie Sanders.

Biden’s new proposals on Thursday include expanding Medicare, government insurance for Americans over 65, to those 60 and older. He also promises to forgive student debt for lower-income Americans who attended public colleges and some other higher-educational institutions.

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“Senator Sanders and his supporters can take pride in their work in laying the groundwork for these ideas, and I’m proud to adopt them as part of my campaign at this critical moment in responding to the coronavirus crisis,” Biden said in a statement.The Democratic presidential candidates battled for nearly a year about the practicality of Sanders’ signature plans to forgive all federal student debt and his Medicare for All proposal to give government healthcare insurance to all Americans. Biden opposed both, offering his own slate of policies on both education and healthcare.

Now, Democrats are trying to tailor a message that can attract both the left flank of their own party and more conservative voters who backed Trump.As his lead in the Democratic primaries expanded, Biden pivoted to a message of unity and started to adopt some policies his rivals endorsed. Sanders on Wednesday called Biden “a very decent man, who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward.”

But Biden’s outreach efforts are not likely to include broad adoption of Sanders’ signature programs like Medicare for All, according to several people familiar with his plans.In the statement on Thursday, Biden said the new policies would help Americans hurt by the coronavirus outbreak to “find more secure footing in the long term once we have emerged from this crisis.”

Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt in New York; editing by Jonathan Oatis Read more: Reuters Top News »

Great. An oligarch carrying forward the communist manifesto for America. Good luck with that. Dems are so lost. This will double the costs on medicare Offer crumbs after unifying against the guy offering real sustainable change for everyone.... Salt their wound fool. I will never vote for this joker! Headline: Biden's handlers seek to placate voters they've spent upwards of 20 years successfully marginalizing out of the political process with vague concessions that he's on record promising billionaires he'd never fufill.

M4A, or no vote. End of story. He won't remember any of this by tomorrow. I wonder if this how the Russian people felt about having Yeltsin as their leader. BelieveWomen* *Terms and conditions may apply. He doesn’t even know what State he’s in Medicare for All is a title. It isn't literally Medicare. It is better. Lowering the age by 5 years won't win anyone over.

If bailouts for Boeing and American Airlines, profligate companies, then someone who studied English, Engineering, or even Political Science, one of my degrees, should get some relief. We must encourage responsible risk taking which begins with a university degree! JoeBiden These policies are garbage. I won’t vote.

Lol nope. And medicare for all? Biden's apparent cognitively impaired 'moments' are almost pitiful. I'm not even kidding...I'm saying this as a nurse.....his family needs to take him out of the race and take care of him. Yeah right these are weak and don’t make him worth voting for. I won’t vote between two sexual predators WriteinBernie

Weak Sauce *With horrible policies Sanders, is he remains out of the race, should make demands to Biden for his endorsement. These demands would include: Living Wage, M4A, student debt, and getting out of the wars. garbage headline, call it what it is. A slap in the face, he’s courting those conservative Dems & Republicans w/ this nonsense.

Lmao they’re an insult. Good luck on your own in November, Mr Electable. Hahahaha. By being to the right of Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump on these policies ? If Biden and Sanders keep going at it like this, Trump is gonna stay in power and you're gonna wish one of these guys just gave way so the other could have a solid chance of winning.

Biden tells Sanders voters to go to hell with piddly BS he has no intention of delivering on. If Biden wants to unite the party he'll let Sanders pick his VP. I will keep fighting for CancelStudentDebt MedicareForAll LivingWage BernieOnTheBallot Those 61 year old millennials are thrilled. I actually just got a reuter removed from my rectum

LOL so a middle finger then? This is a half ass spit in the face. He’s offering g half measures. He’s not adopting or learning anything from Bernie. Joe can kiss my ass. His overture needs a lot of work. It’s an insult Anyone who thinks Biden cares about these things now versus all the years he opposed anything good really does have rocks in their head.

LMFAO he's courting Sanders voters majority of whom are under 45 years old voters with expansion of Medicare for people 60 and older What a fucking joke I am going to be so fucking smug when these stupid Democrats lose the general Biden's new proposals include expanding Medicare, government insurance for Americans over 65, to those 60 and older. He also promises to forgive student debt for lower-income Americans who attended public colleges and some other educational institutions. ? crap

He’s “courting” 30 year olds with the promise of having Medicare at 60. Lmao It's an insult, not an offer. This isn’t concessions JoeBiden. This isn’t even half-assed concessions. This is insulting. Fffffuck youuuuuu!!!!! (Eat my balls) Biden is a proven liar. There is no way he will adopt ANY of the NotMeUs movement’s policies, he has stated it multiple times. He’s full of hot air and platitudes. NeverBiden BernieOnTheBallot

Age 60...cool....and the chances that the planet is inhabitable by the time I reach 60 arrreeeee......HAHA OH THATS RIGHT BIDEN GOT AN F FOR HIS ECOLOGICAL STRATEGY!! Not sure what the bigger joke is, the headline of this article, or that Biden thought this would win any of us over. He hasn't courted anyone. This headline is misleading.

No he doesn’t This is what calls it self an international news agency How is he going to pay for it? 'Look Jack, i'm gonna take a dump on your face but i'll put in the public option to close your mouth if you want.' Just public colleges? That’s stupid. I can't wait to be eligible for non-shitty healthcare 38 years from now. That's the shit that gets people my age out to vote.

Means tested policies are rubbish. Made me laugh. Which ones are those? He's making it worse and proving everyone elses point. Sometimes, not getting anything is better than getting bread crumbs. Like, I'd rather think you don't care than get confirmation of how little you actually do care. lol Clinton in 2016 moved to bring the age of Medicare down to 55. Biden in 2020 DURING THE COVIDー19 PANDEMIC wants to bring it to 60.

'Courting' Sanders voters, which skew young, by lowering Medicare age 60 after HRC promised 55. He wants to lower the Medicare age by five years. That's a fucking joke. Pathetic. He has miles to go before he is courting progressives. Not really Hillary went farther than you with people getting Medicare at age 50 this is worse than that.

5% of 100 really isn't much. ooh is he gonna sniff my hair and grab my whole face in his whithered hands too? correction: biden offers cake Lowering Medicare from 65 to 60 and giving conditional and partial student loan forgiveness does NOT court me. 'Now, Democrats are trying to tailor a message that can attract both the left flank of their own party & more conservative voters who backed Trump.' Because obv there are so many conservatives who backed Trump in 2016 that won't back him in 2020.

If that’s his best effort we’re all in big trouble. Good luck Lmfao Bread crumbs are just insults. sr_shukla96 Forgive student loans after 60. Are these his public positions or his private positions? A neo liberal half measure will never be enough to get my vote. I'd sooner vote for Trump. Ufffff bro just get lost. It might be the easiest thing that will ever do and the best part is that you won't even remember. You will lie, steal and cheat to get some votes. Both you and Trump are not worth voting for.

He's attempting, and failing. Obama wanted to lower the eligibility age to 55, Biden didn't even offer to do that lol. I’ll be sure to thank him when I turn 60 in 18 years. 😂 Biden blows These are a joke, right? A swing and a miss These microscopic policy concessions are both laughable and insulting 😂 Whoever is advising JoeBiden is not dealing with reality...this is not going to end well

1. This is to boost Biden’s electability and to ruin M4A. 2. Bullshit headline to allow people to convince Bernie supporters and berate us for not supporting Biden. Give Bernie VP and we’ll talk. We don’t share in the profits and they don’t share in the losses. Lets ratio it boys! No, his lackluster proposals were courting Sanders voters from Biden’s own base. He knows his entire platform will need a massive makeover in order to win our vote

The entire thing is insulting, didn't hilary offer changing the medicare age to 50? But biden offers 60?!?!?! WTF This is offensive Trump2020Landslide Biden is the worst candidate imaginable Lol eat my ass pandering, so tired of it. JoeBiden While Eligibility At Age 60 is A Worth While Improvement Age 55 Would Be Even Better And Have Significant Long Term Cost Implications! BlackLivesMatter Indivisible TheDemocrats

Anything for a vote. I will NEVER vote for Joe Biden. This ain't it chief No thanks, Creepy Joe. Trump it is. What an embarrassing and misleading headline. Should be Biden insults a Bernie supporters by doing less than the imagined bare minimum. Don't forget immediately legalization of all cannabis!! We got a deal!!

Correction Stop gaslighting the nation and do your job. This half of a half measure accomplishes nothing, it is already laughable that they included lowering the Medicare age to 60. What part of non-negotiable Medicare for All don't you corporate vampires get? It's even less than what HRC ran on. You're trying harder than Clinton was. That's a low fucking bar, but you've cleared that much. That said, there are issues with Biden that just can't be mitigated. He wasn't the one for the job, and he was pushed into it anyway.

Promises promises He is not courting shit lol, nobody on the left is buying that half baked crap coming from a seasoned liar. stop making shit up or live in delusions we don't care. Half ass mediocre policies. Biden truly doesn’t want the Bernie voters support that he needs to win. “I meant Social Security ... Medicare and Medicaid ... veterans’ benefits; I meant every single, solitary thing in the government. And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time and I tried it a fourth time.' Democrats

Lol How’s he gonna pay for that? Sure, that'll do... Can the 17 million people who just lost their jobs over the last 3 weeks, and the health insurance plans that they “love” that they had through their jobs, still keep their plans? Maybe Joe Biden can give people an update on that. Keep people posted, mainstream media.

Can we have a non-orange president, please? 🚫🍊 You’re not going to get single payer it’s an albatross. Nor will you get student loan wipeouts when almost 60% of all loans are less than $20k Delete this. Embarrassing, even Hillary had better policy than him Joe Biden's plan appears to exclude: 🚫Graduates of for-profit colleges, who are among the most indebted; 🚫The 1/3 of college students who attend private schools (other than HBCUs); 🚫Graduates of trade schools; 🚫Graduate student debt; 🚫Those making over 125k.

Not enough JoeBiden Do NOT do it, Joe. If we wanted that bullshit we would have voted for Bernie. F*ck his beggars. Biden can eat my ass. What healthcare policy. He proposes medicare start at 60? What is that? The decline in health starts at 25 after kids get kicked from their parents health insurance if they were even lucky enough to have loving parents to begin with

court SenSanders for the VPOTUS ! Half asses is right 🤦🏾‍♂️ Oh cool, health insurance at 60? It's not like, you know, millions of Americans need health insurance NOW or anything. Or that lives depend on it at this very moment. No that's cool, we'll all wait until 60 before getting cancer. Fuck you.

Biden was double fisting corporate cock yesterday celebrating with Hillary, Neera, Whoopi, Alyssa Milano, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joy Reid, James Carville, Jason Johnson, DNC, msnbc, CNN... His student loan forgiveness plan only applies for very low income brackets and it also won’t cover you if you went to a private college no matter what your income level is. It’s a joke. Don’t even pretend these policies are even remotely similar to Bernie’s. Push him more.

Corrected headline: Biden courts Sanders voters with literal crumbs and will retract it later on anyway. Dishonest headline. These offers are insulting garbage. Salesman talk 😶 Woo! Let me start scheduling my appointments for 2045! I don’t need decent healthcare right now that is silly! We want universal policies and healthcare for all.

ThanksIHateIt Narrator : it didnt work Medicare moved to 60 instead of 65 and student for a very small specific amount of people is not courting. It's pandering with a side of insult. Medicare for all or nothing at all. Student debt erased for all or nothing. That's it. The problem w/ Biden making these promises to us is that he'll never face repercussions for not following through. He has nothing to gain by doing so. Sanders, however, advocated for *even more* robust policies for his entire career, so he could actually be trusted. No thanks.

Reuters has for decades been an instrument of the intelligence community Side note: Hillary's plan allowed for 55yos. So Biden is going for less than Clinton, who already repelled Sanders' supporters. Half assed bread crumbs. Pass. Better trump the uncontrollable schizophrenic Wet fart noise Lol NOPE. Try harder

This is an insult to everything Bernie stands for *Swipes left* LOL - have you read his policy proposals They suuuuuuuuuuck. a rapist with some meager policy concessions (at best) is still a rapist & i'm not voting for one Medicare for 60 year olds and up is a slap in the face to all workers. And this is only after Sanders supporters pushed him to the left. Just shows what a right wing neolib he really is NeverBiden

Then he'll 'forget' if he wins. There’s still an election? Definitely not even close to enough 💩💩💩 How can we trust he will back these policies once he’s office? This is no courting this is an insult and a punch to the face. Nah not good enough He leaves out a third of all those with student loans. Millions are left out!

No This is insulting. Lols. It’s a complete insult. Gtfoh w this garbage. Ahahahahahaaaaah NO LOL No. Lol! He was putting Bernie down all the way and suddenly he loves his ideas! Bullshit! Ancient old fool. Because lowering the age to 60 & forgiving student loan to only those who qualify (Still being vague about it) CLEARLY will get win them over. You're not trying hard enough, especially when your record is clear you won't fight for it. Even Hillary wanted the age to be 55.

CancelAllDebt Medicare4All Why now ? This is an example of Biden shitting on Bernie supporters y’all not familiar with Bernie’s platform huh? . Complete horseshit BidenIsARapist Sold! Boy, I would have taken 64. Score one for the socialists! Not nearly enough Expanding access isnt medicare for all who tf writes this shit

Biden ain't doing shit. His concessions are a JOKE. Unless we see M4A Living wage Free school Green new deal No one will take him seriously. .....assuming anyone believes him after the huge lies and whopper stories he makes up. 🙄🙄🙄 Yes we will be spending 6 trillion on this pandemic. If anyone believes this whacko about spending another trillion or two is delusional to say the least

Lol this is his idea of courting? No thank you freeAssange you mutant warmongers Biden called Assange a high tech terrorist. Trump said 'there should be the death penalty or something' then, years later, 'I love Wikileaks', before presiding over a rapidly failing country that is prosecuting Assange for revealing their crimes

Until corporate dems get enough to kill it. I don't know what's sadder: The fact that anyone thinks this is anything other than an insult, or the fact that nobody honestly thinks Biden will try for either of these half-assed policies? If he seriously believes in these policies, why didn’t he propose them months (years!) ago? He can’t just steal and water down policies. He needs to explain himself; why was wrong on issues before and how did he changed his mind. Right now, there’s no reason to believe him.

Which are a half-assed bullshit versions of Sanders stuff that he will fold on IF he wins. Which he likely will not. Lies, lies, lies!!! DemExit HowieHawkins2020 Those policies are insulting, not even a half measure. lol They’re half assed garbage and I reject them. 🤗 Yeah, dude said he'd veto Medicare For All if it ever made it to his desk. Like I can fucking trust him after that.

lol Garbage Wow healthcare for 60+ and over HELL YA YOUNG PEOPLE LOVE THIS This attempt by the out of touch dnc and biden campaign is not going win over anybody. Lowering medicare to 60 is not going to push bernie voters to biden and he has release no details of the student loan forgiveness and the fact he won't go through with it if he somehow wins.

Lol no tf he isn't Lol Is there a reason to believe Joe Biden about anything? So progressive. No Single Payer, no go--Joe. BlueReagan had better get fluent in French by the time we start marching. this country and its political system is so morally bankrupt jesus christ even boris johnson is to the left of joe biden this is a goddamn joke

M4All would be a giant step in the right direction Joe. He just plain doesn't get it He's only shooting himself in the foot. Reduce the age to receive Medicare to age 60 is a joke. Means testing student debt relief is an insult. Graduate student debt doesn't even qualify. Yet, were giving TRILLIONS to huge corporations right now. Fuck Joe Biden. He ain't courting shit

The bottom line, Joe said nothing would fundamentally change, meaning he doesnt think anything is wrong or he doesnt care that it is. Woo away, I know you're full of shit JoeBiden

Can Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Unite the Democratic Party?News Analysis: 'A decisive question remains unchanged and unresolved today,' writes Mark Leibovich. 'Would the hesitation, or worse, of Mr. Sanders’s voters to embrace Mr. Biden be enough to keep them from turning out for him in the fall?' You can bet they won’t turn out! If they do they’re going to vote for Trump. What would you do if you kept getting screwed? 'Mr. Sanders' is no longer in the race, no thanks to the New York Times for that. It's now on JoeBiden, it's his job to convince people that he's worth turning up for, that's why he threw his hat in the ring. You backed the wrong horse, you better hope he can run. Sad day for Americans when the candidate who fought the hardest for the people couldn’t get the support of those people. Medicare4All

Bernie Sanders Ends Presidential Run as Joe Biden Clinches 2020 Democratic Nomination“The fight for justice is what our campaign has been about,” Sanders told supporters. “It’s what our movement remains about” Oh dear. So the only question is will Pence still be VP? Thankful for all Bernie has done to change the Democratic Party.

How can Joe Biden unify a Democratic Party that's distracted by coronavirus?With Bernie Sanders out, Joe Biden must energize a divided Democratic Party that is distracted by the coronavirus and a ravaged economy.

Bernie Sanders gives up as Democrats rally around Joe BidenBy the time the coronavirus pandemic put the Democratic primary on ice, Joe Biden was already its presumed winner Loser Oh yeah? Still rest assured that Bernie's legacy will continue to thrive! 'Rally' is a touch strong.

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Joe Biden: Sanders 'didn't just run a political campaign, he created a movement'2020 candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke out in support of his 'good friend' Bernie Sanders who suspended his presidential campaign. Biden said, Sanders “didn't just run a political campaign, he created a movement.” To JoeBiden, Sincerely, BernieBros Joe Biden's reaction, 'Where am I?'