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Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden consolidates his support, but trails badly in enthusiasm, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found.

3/29/2020 7:02:00 AM

BREAKING: Joe Biden has emerged as Democrats’ top choice for the presidential nomination in a new ABC News/ Washington Post poll—but with a massive enthusiasm gap in a potential November matchup against Pres. Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden consolidates his support, but trails badly in enthusiasm, a new ABC News/ Washington Post poll found.

.Indeed, strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters – at just 24% – is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/Post polls. More than twice as many of Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about supporting him, 53%.

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See PDF for full results, charts and tables.Trump’s still-strong rating on the economy is another challenge for Biden. So is this: Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who prefer Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the nomination, 15% say they’d back Trump over Biden in the fall.

In the nomination contest, 51% of leaned Democrats now prefer Biden vs. 42% for Sanders. That’s a vast 34-point gain for Biden since mid-February, with other candidates having left the race and endorsed him. Sanders gained 10%age points.Yet even as he’s advanced in his party, Biden’s slipped against Trump in a November matchup. The two are locked into essentially a dead heat among registered voters, 49-47%, Biden-Trump, after a slight Biden lead, 52-45%, in February.

Biden does better vs. Trump among all adults (Democrats are less apt to be registered), 50-44%. That’s a slight lead, but it was more solidly significant in February, 52-44%.EnthusiasmPerhaps the Democrats’ biggest risk is under the surface, in Trump’s big advantage in backers who are “very” enthusiastic about supporting him. Strong enthusiasm for a candidate can help boost turnout on Election Day, a must-have particularly for Democrats, who rely more on motivating less-frequent voters to come to the polls.

While trailing Trump by 29 points in high-level enthusiasm, Biden makes up some of the difference with those who are “somewhat” enthusiastic. But he still trails Trump by 12 points in the combined measure, 74 vs. 86%.There’s déjà vu in these results: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found herself in largely the same position four years ago. She, too, had a slim lead among Democrats for the nomination and ran essentially evenly with Trump among registered voters. And she lagged in enthusiasm, with a low of 32% very enthusiastic in September 2016. Biden is 8 points under that mark now.

Bad as Biden’s enthusiasm score is, we’ve seen worse: As few as 17% of former Republican presidential nominee and Arizona Sen. John McCain’s supporters were very enthusiastic about his candidacy in 2008, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney saw 23% in 2012. The poor omen for Biden is that Clinton, McCain and Romney all lost.

IssuesAs noted, Trump is aided in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, by his ratings on the economy. Despite deep economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis, 57% of Americans approve of his handling of the economy, a new high in ABC/Post data. And Trump leads Biden in trust to handle the economy, 50-42%. (As

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reported Friday, 48% also approve of Trump’s handling of the job generally, another career high.)Trump and Biden are even in trust to handle the coronavirus outbreak, 45-43%. Biden comes back to lead by 13 points in trust to handle health care more generally, 52-39%.

GroupsThe clearing of the Democratic field hasn’t led to much change in the profiles of Biden and Sanders supporters, but there’s a magnitude shift for Biden. Seniors and black voters have been good for him in the past, but with significant shares interested in other candidates. They’ve coalesced: Eighty-three percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning seniors prefer Biden over Sanders, up 63 points from February; two-thirds of blacks say the same, a 34-point increase.

Eighty percent of Sanders backers say they’ll vote for Biden against Trump; as noted, 15% say they’d back Trump. (This is familiar: Twenty percent of Sanders supporters said they’d vote for Trump in spring 2016.) For context, 15% of Sanders supporters is 6% of all leaned Democrats, and Trump won 8% of Democrats in 2016. Still, Biden wants all the in-party support he can muster.

Further, among Sanders supporters who say they’d vote for Biden in November, a mere 9% are very enthusiastic about doing so. More, but still only 49%, are “somewhat” enthusiastic.Even among those who support Biden for the nomination, his very enthusiastic support against Trump is just 39% (with an additional 50% somewhat enthusiastic). That’s dwarfed by strong enthusiasm for Trump among his supporters, including a peak of 81% among strong conservatives and broad majorities of Republicans, seniors and rural residents.

On the issues, men favor Trump over Biden to handle the economy by an 18-point margin, 56-38, while women split between the two. Nearly all Republicans, three-quarters of conservatives, and 72% of white men who don’t have college degrees – core Trump groups – also pick him on the economy, but here they’re joined by 20% of liberals and a third of racial and ethnic minorities.

It’s essentially flipped with health care, with Biden leading Trump by a slight 8 points among men and 16 points among women. Outside the Democratic core, most seniors, 12% of Republicans, 28% of conservatives and three in 10 non-college whites pick Biden on health care.

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Differences in trust to handle the coronavirus outbreak reflect customary partisan divides. Majorities of whites, conservatives and rural residents pick Trump on this issue; most racial and ethnic minorities, college graduates, urbanites and liberals go with Biden.

MethodologyThis ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone March 22-25, 2020, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,003 adults. Results have amargin of sampling errorof 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 30-24-37%, Democrats-Republicans-independents.

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That’s the ticket vote for someone who is running for POTUS that consistantly demonstrates he has cognitive issues! I'm with Joe HellNoWontVoteForJoe neverbiden CreepyJoeBiden HandsyUncleJoe TimesUpBiden IBelieveTaraReade MeToo DementiaJoe BidenLosesToTrump OnlyBernieBeatsTrump BernieSandersIsMyPresident

I don't trust ABC or any corporate msm. Journalism is dead. CAN YOU SAY,, STRIKE 3, YOUR OUTTA HERE !!!!!!!!!!!! The Democratic nomination process is just like a movie. It’s at its lowest point when people are sad and frustrated. Suddenly the nomination (movie) turns and things begin working out. The only question that remains is who is going to represent the Democrats against Trump?

What in the hell is wrong with America? Why would you support a lying incompetent narcissistic incumbent over someone who has shown leadership and concern for all of America? Are we crazy? That’s sad... Democrats, always picking the losing horse. They really need to get better talent, pretty irrelevant.

He didn’t even really want to run in the first place. neverbiden only BernieForPresident Joe has forgot what he was running for After three plus years of anti-Trump hysteria, Joe’s it? A corrupt hair sniffing creepy guy with early onset dementia, really? Well, there’s always 2024. Excuse me but the lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with Biden but the situation the US is in right now. WHO CAN BE ENTHUSIASTIC IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC; HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIDEN.

Biden will never get my vote. Can't understand why anyone would vote for a person, whose record of doing nothing means so much. Biden can't remember one single thing important he's ever done, worth bragging about. What is this about ABC? What dawg you got in this fight? Why are you promoting this at this particular time. The head guy leading this at ABC needs a closer look. Attacks a bit much.

ABC should cover what Trump is doing or what Trump is saying or what Trump is lying about today or yesterday. Trump in charge doing a horrible job and report better but reporting on Biden shows something not fair but troubling. Bernie 2020! We warned you! joe the pedo is at it again... 😆🤣 Again a poll meant to distract/ strike fear ...enthusiasm..I’d like to hear every question in this poll & show you the manipulation of it ...people are terrified right now on so many levels their enthusiasm would be off the charts if you asked them point blank who they vote for

I don't know anyone enthused about JoeBiden Prop him up & make him complete a sentence.. just one! Bet ya can’t do it Hahahahaha Kinda hard to make that assumption when, as you say he lacks voter enthusiasm, and there are still over 20 primaries to go. Sanders only trails Biden by 300 delegates. Biden has shown his lack of leadership skills and his deteriorating mental state last week. NeverBiden

Lol 0 rating Hahaha, remember, Hillary lost. To Trump. TO TRUMP! She was a better, by light years, candidate than Biden. Y'all just love to lose and I love eating popcorn watching it. Forgot this was even going on I love Joe Biden & am enthusiastic yet we must social distance Get a clue ABC hahahahahhahahahaha GOP says Thanks !

Biden 2020. Two old white dudes! Whip dee doo! Hahaha ok Yikes I don’t care who the dem is to run against trump. I want that dem to win big!!! I think Trump and Biden are both senile. of course there’s no enthusiasm. he’s weak, he’s being accused of rape, he’s out of touch, has no energy, can’t stop lying, is suffering from memory loss, gets angry at people who challenge him, panders, doesn’t believe in m4a, gnd, receives donations from billionaires...

Why hasn’t abc been covering The allegations against Joe Biden? You covered allegations on a Supreme Court justice but not presidential nominee? UniteWithBernie or lose to trump. the dnc and billionaire donors are choosing trump over bernie but they can be stopped. VoteForBernie how many times are you going to post this today?

Half the country hasn't voted yet! Bernie2020 NotMeUs When they started pushing for the gov of NY to take his place you can tell ymthey don't like the candidate at all. The children grab my legs... Much wonder how this previous VP of a weak POTUS44 admin can change USA? Remember, during Obama-Biden admin, DPRK non stop firing their toys , china builds man made Is. in SC sea, china rampantly blackmailing USA firm , China steal IPR etc. in short USA was very weak then!

Run those 8 sexual assault/rape allegations instead of covering them up for him. Do your jobs. The DNC is ReElectingDonaldTrump My only question is Why🧐 Propaganda instead of Journalism? Cover the story. MeToo IBelieveTara It took a scientific poll before the MSM noticed the dinky little crowds Joe Biden draws to his campaign events versus the hugely popular Trump Rallies?

Wow. We can’t be enthusiastic for a rapist. Nope. No way. No how. This is what happens when people just pick the person they have been told is “most electable”, even when that person isn’t their favorite candidate. We’ve seen that with John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton. What do they all have in common? They lost.

Probably because of the recent Malarkey! I’m with this... Hey ABC. I went to your website to look for news on Joe Biden's recent sexual assault allegations. Couldn't find a peep about it... please assist? Or are you running the Epstein play again? Yay Biden’s running! said 3 people in a nursing home in Phoenix

When do the democrats whip out Hillary and Michelle? 👀 No shit. The guy is so over the hill it is scary. Damn Joe,,, u have really pissed off somebody at ABC,,,,,this Russian Poll is the only news they have posted all weekend! Shocker Joe got some cranial issues going on. any questions about JoeBiden sexual assault accusations , will SenSanders ask Biden to be transparent ? MeTooUnlessItsBiden

These people are morons who have no moral obligations to the American people, and the world. Trump is the enemy, not Biden. WAKE UP AMERICA. Nonsense 'true Democrats always put the country's well being& future ahead of personal favorites & if somebody is so stupid & selfish that willing to destroy America & damage the future of American's children for his or her personal preferences 'then nobody needs them.

which leaves 85% for Biden Democrats are DOOMED...! Dems lost the blue wall last time running a centrist who was seen as the architect of TPP. Joe was the cheerleader for TPP, and that isn't forgotten. Plenty of Obama voters went for Trump in '16 bc of the betrayal. Joe Biden's candidacy is elder abuse Why for goodness sake?

Shows that the 15% would rather elect a clown as president than someone who could really be a leader. Shows that alot of Sander supporters are just as mentally unstable as Sanders himself. Bernie is not a Democrat though he may caucus with Democrats. I wouldn’t suspect all of his supporters to immediately vote Democrat.

Then they’re stupid. That's just insanity. I voted for Bernie and Biden isnt my first choice, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that I'd vote for that moronic, lethal, maniac, dishonest, prejudice, man baby Trump. I honestly would rather die. We won't live through 4 more years of him anyway. 😱 Just stop it with these inaccuracies.

Those Bernie supporters who vote for trump in 2020 in 2021: 'I can't believe trump's president for another 4 years!' Also Bernie supporters who vote for trump in 2020 in 2021: 'We need to turn out and vote blue no matter what in 2022!' 🤨🧐 May their pubic hair be infested with the fleas of 1000 camels.

WHO IS ? Tara Reade ? May you should be asking that question! TIME'S UP! over 60 percent approve of the presidents handling of the virus, Biden only knows how to do pay to play with foreign countries, He had nothing to do with the economy when he was VP And why Not, Trump may not be what America wants him to be but he's more resourceful than Biden 4 sure, People who like change for their voting privilege know that Democratics only talk change, compare the lost time and old faces with No Change Democrats okay

Only 15%? And I’m pretty sure the people who answered your poll were Trumpster, which means about half of his own supporters don’t trust him. Trump 2020 LMAO We've got to get rid of Trump. He's mentally deranged Ok People mindlessly follow whoever is at the podium. Wooooow. Bipolar Bernie supporters. Max left to max right

How....how....how 🧐 They can't be that dumb.. VoteBlueNoMatterWho Fake news! And if I might ask, what exactly is wrong with you people trusting Trump? IBelieveTaraReade BernieOrBust2020 Assuming they survive this pandemic! Well, then they must not believe in anything Sanders has been promoting. Trump is certainly not going to entertain any of Sanders’ important issues. Trump is much further away from Sanders than Biden.

This makes no sense and seems fake. I would guess anyone who said that was being sarcastic or snarky Same dumbasses from 2016. If Bernie tells to support whoever the Democratic nominee is and if its VP JoeBiden and 15% of BernieSanders campaigners will eventually choose Trump instead, that means that they are just choosing Bernie because they're sure that Trump will win vs him. MATHWorks

Don’t believe I. Who’s doing the polls. It’s more polling trump supporters. 15% Bernie supporters say they’ll vote for Trump if Biden is candidate. About the same percent as voted for DT against Hillary. A vote from a place of privilege. My purist ideas are more important than the planet or all the vulnerable people of the earth.

The President will win Re-election. His leadership has been strong. Thanks Told you idiots I wonder based on what those 48% trusted Biden to handle economy? ABC very upset... Trump has moved Mountains is such little time. He is simply an amazing person and loves every citizen in America. This is one HUGE job. I don't think any man on this planet could fill his shoes.

Your polls also predicted a Hillary landslide. DishonorablePOTUS Which is why your Slime The President At All Costs operation is about to go into overdrive. Right? If true, we deserve this nightmare. What will it take to accept that he is inept, sadistic, incompetent and mentally, emotionall unstable. Get him out!

Where were these geniuses polled? The dumbing down of America. Think of a person, any person. Now think of a job, any job. Whatever person you though of is better at whatever job you thought than Donald Trump. Omg so we need JoeBiden more than ever before It will get worse, but American's know this wasn't caused by Trump. You can argue all you want about who did what and when, but the country has NEVER been prepared for a pandemic. This isn't a Trump issue, but has been a Congress issue for decades.

And who are these fools that think Creepy Joe is going to beat The Red Hat Death Cult in November 2020? The elites that want Biden at the top of the ticket and control the party are fine if Trumpy wins. These are the same people that benefit right now under trump. I have literally no use for polls that are taken with less than 5000 respondents, because under that it’s pointless.

Oh stop! 🙄 To hard to rally behind a person who should be living in an assisted-memory care nursing home! But I suppose that’s the best you Dumbocrats can muster or he’s a fall guy & you’re setting stage for good looks no agenda Newsom. No one asked me 😂 I suspect this poll just reflects public confusion. Joe's been sidelined by events. He won't stay sidelined. Trump's approval rating is effectively fixed at +45% / -55%. Nobody is changing their opinion on him. Variations in polls are just noise.

Biden supporters are cowards. BidenCowards let’s get it trending. EstablishmentDems are yelling at people to toe their elitist line again. Trying to squash Tara Reade's sexual assault allegation which makes no sense after they voted against Brett Kavanaugh and pummeled Al Franken. Do much, much, much better Dems!

This is exactly why we are going to have Donald Trump 4 more years in the WH. The Bernie Sanders supporters who are going to do the same as 4 years ago. They betrayed Hillary, they will betray Joe. Sanders and his people will handle the election to Trump. NeverBernie. Like Washington post poll is factual? Don't think so. Trump will give him more brain rattle and Biden will look like the clown that he is.

Who are you talking to? The few voters that answer a landline? Hilarious, all they have are losers this is going to be funny Democrats “top choice” is Joe Biden? Stop doing fake pollls. The supposed call supporters . We’re always going to vote trump no matter. Fraud polls Enthusiasm? There’s no reasoning to compare normal people to the Trump wackadoos. But go ahead, create your boring, nonsense stories. This is why I stopped following before and am stopping again. bye

So the choice is going to be between a Moron and untrustworthy person,,Can we have a Third Option please, Everybody just needs to wait and see when the debates come Uncle Joe Biden's going OWN Donald the mouth Trump greatdebates cantwait REMOVE TRUMP IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!! andrewcuomoforpresident everyone is following his lead because he is a true leader. He is strong, courageous, realistic and empathetic.

It’s an easy choice really, The guy who lacks enthusiasm OR the guy who lacks intelligence? So the Dems believe an almost 80yo Man with Dementia would be the best bet to run this Country!! Wow!! Just goes to show how twisted they are!!! I’m not voting for a rapist, trump or Biden. So another election that democratic civil war will give us 4 years of Trump. Dems have themselves to blame

😂 I’m going to vote for a large pile of moldy leaves as long as it has a “D” next to its name. I imagine many others will vote this way too. Those who won’t vote will simply not vote for president but go blue down the rest of the ballot. 'Joe Biden has emerged as the DNC's top choice for the presidential nomination' Fixed it.

Don’t care about them. Decency and common sense will overcome. And these numbers don’t reflect the “enthusiasm” that a vast majority of the country have for getting rid of Trump no matter who his competitor is. realDonaldTrump After Ebola&Zika out breaks, never occurred to Obama&Biden in past 8 yrs that America need protection if another virus hit us badly&now sleepy Joe wants to protect our docs,nurses&first responders with nothing in stock pile to protect them.

Please be not true Random stories about Biden.... Interjected to keep him relevant..... Not working..... That 15 % is the young, white, educated, off the edge progressives with money. Could fit into the old tea party, Trump’s Republican Party or BErnie Sander’s hackneyed philosophy of collective euthanasia.

Bernie bros burning stuff down.... smh Biden needs to earn some of those votes What a phucking surprise.....how do you think trump got elected in 2016? Come on abc. Enough of the repub sponsored tweet. Why cant a young strong smart person come out to lead USA? Whypeople must choose the leader from the two bad guy.

Truth No, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has emerged as Democrats' top choice. VoteBlueNoMatterWho DIREGARD this poll Hillary was guaranteed a win based on poll. Don’t believe the hype. I don't vote for 'Enthusiasm', I vote for 'Leadership'. Go Joe! Joe doesn't know what planet he's on enthusiasm gap is MSM code word for we are going to do to Biden in 2020 what we did to Clinton in 2016

UniteWithBernie Please find something else better to do like most Americans, instead of participating in another worthless poll from It's not news that Trump's cult is enthusiastic about voting for him. They also want your grandparents to die for the economy. Such enthusiasm🙄 This poll seems to reflect little but public confusion. Anyone who claims to be a Democrat but would vote for Trump over Biden, is either a lying Trumpie or a deluded UTT -- Useful Tool for Trump. 'WE SHOULD RUN BERNIE INSTEAD!' The primaries show he's doing even worse.

Gather your “Team of Rivals”, Joe. That’s how we win. As people get to watch Donald Trump in action they are learning he’s no leader. God Bless Drs Fauci, Birx struggling around him. 🇺🇸 If this is the dem party top choice, they have some major issues. I don't care for either Biden or Bernie. But at least Bernie knows where he is at and what he is talking about. Bernie is the best choice. Unless the dems are going to push Biden's choice of VP as their candidate

Enthusiasm poll = bubble talk by lazy First of all, he doesn’t stand a chance, but it all depends on his running mate. Because, we all know the DNC will turn on him and the VP will become president within 3-6 months of his inauguration. The Republicans voting for Trump are in the minority!!!! I personally KNOW several DOZENS of Republicans who are VOTING for ANY DEMOCRAT just because they KNOW Trump is a train wreck & they DON'T want 4 more years of CORRUPTION in the WH!!!

I’m voting for him. That’s because he cannot complete a sentence or a rational thought… He’s completely senile… If you want him to be enthusiastic you may need to give him some sort of happy drugs. JoeBiden doesn't even know what yr it is. He's old and senile. Give me a break. It’s March and we are in the middle of a pandemic. Why are we even polling these things?

There stupid than smh Not really. Democrats then are they That makes no sense to me. If you support Bernie I can’t fathom why you would vote for Trump. Guess they just like backing losers. Ukraine Joe Biden enriched his family using the seat of VP. He is a criminal at the highest level. JUST SAY NO TO JOE!

2020 🇺🇸 POTUS Joe Biden & Dr. Jill 🇺🇸 need a Classy POTUS & First Lady Dr Jill Biden Americans barely have any loyalty to their own mildly racist, bumbling grandfathers much less someone else’s Division is not the solution More winning KAG2020 These die-hard BernieSanders supporters may give trumpf the edge in 2020. I don't understand the antipathy toward any Dem candidate that is not Sanders. If Sanders doesn't marshal his troops & only gives lip-service to Dem unity, he may derail our chances to win! VoteBlue2020

I still have a feeling that most of the American people are so disgusted with Donald Trump and are so sick of him that they will vote him out-a person can take only so much of one person VoteBlue2020 No! Why would Bernie's supporters support Trump? How many times are you all going to keep reposting this same tweet?

Winning enthusiasm. passion. focus. spark. leadership. missing. Bernie has all that though. Oh well. I’m not the DNC, whoever that is. Sorry, this is NOT true. & you know it. Stop spreading Lies. How people can be so political during all of this show their stupidity! People are dying and they still choose to be political! How pathetic!!

Good, some people actually can see he is incapable of running a household let alone a Country. I wouldn't leave him home alone!! That is reality!! Democrats are just wanting a body. Nancy and Chuck think they will run the Country!! De Ja vu 2016 😂 15 percent are idiots. really? I was not a Biden supporter,but I will vote for him anytime before I vote for Trump cult

That Fall. Fall. Makes sense .... Bernie and Trump are both loved by Putin for a reason ... try to figure why. Biden has zero chance against Trump, they are wise enough to see that. Because Bernie promises everything is free? And Trump promises to give everything to the wealthy? There not really Bernie supporters. They were always trump supporters. Not sure. How abc did this pole. Fake. Inaccurate Pole. Do a better job ABC

Let's try to get past the current president* trying to kill us all with his maniacal ego before talking about 'enthusiasm.' Sheesh! _____ *Illegitimate Incompetent Impeached .... and who did you poll?!?!? Already starting with blaming Bernie for Biden’s eventual clobbering I see. They need to be medically examined then. Clearly something is wrong with them.

I wonder how many of them take TrumpGenocide advise! BidenHarris2020 will BringAmericaBack2Normal I want to live! And they'll be welcome to do so. Neither Bernie or Joe are the right candidate to 'solve' anything. They'll just make a mess out of shit Fools ! Lies These same polls said Hillary was going to win. Shove your poll where the sun doesn't shine.

So Biden pre-appoints Bernie to some health post and gains some Bernie supporters? Bullshit! I believe Tara Reade. The mainstream media is colluding with the Biden campaign to ignore her allegation and suppress the entire story. But it’s not going away. JusticeForTara metoo 😂😂😂😂😂 so in other words, Bernie supporters will be the reason Trump gets elected in November if Biden wins the nomination. How ironic.

They are immature if that is the case. Bernie has no shot at winning. This 15% can enjoy the next Supreme Court pick if they do this. Proof that Bernie Bros aren’t progressive just hateful Sure Jan Nothing will change their minds & it is 100% pointless to engage them in any way. They are ridiculous. Doesnt mean Joes a good candidate though. Hes not. At all. But if you are looking around right now & think 4 more yrs of Trump is ok so an establishment Dem doesn't win than FU.

No socialism on USA Makes no sense, polls are even on who they trust handling the virus, but 13 point lead for biden on handling healthcare? 57% approval on the econ when we just infused $4 trill to keep it the stock market from crashing and 3 mill are now jobless?! No way Biden can beat trump I don’t believe this post...

The gullibility off the American public never ceases to amaze. No way Biden could see US through this period. The only polls that matter and are accurate would be exit polls. Jim Jones does not deserve your vote. The deaths of many are on his hands. What the hell is wrong with people Trump is a menace! Absolute propaganda

WTF? Trump is going to kill us all. Someone who declared bankruptcy repeatedly whose only answer is cut taxes, lower interest rates, and go deeper into debt - that’s the guy to trust? 🙄 Anyone can come up with simple ideas - that’s all Donny has because he’s simple-minded. It’s because Biden is better at smelling young girl’s hair.

METHODOLOGY...poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone March 22-25 in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,003 adults. Results have a margin of error of 3.5 points...Partisan divisions are 30-24-37 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents Who are they polling A large majority of people are not thinking about the economy, they're thinking about the virus so who are these people asking and where are they asking from?

Who are these people? Truly I’m curious. Perhaps the reason is COVID19 patients are too sick or dying to vote in this poll. I do believe 57% of Americans approve of trumps handling of the economy. they must have forgot that he's the reason why we're in the situation that we're in now. That's all America's worried about is the bottom line$that is a shame.

Sinclair pushes trump propaganda Bullshit. Quit posting these false polls. Fox News is so dangerous. I’m glad we tightened our borders up and stopped flights from China ,it took a strong backbone, like our President to do that, while getting lawsuits and called racist, impeachment, for accomplishing all that. This President saved thousands of lives and millions, on extra aliens

We are so fucked! Americans make judgements at 30,000 feet as long as it doesn’t affect them directly. Wait until their love ones die from the virus and trace it back to trump’s ineptitude. realDonaldTrump is harvesting popular votes from the basics economic foundation of the Obama/Biden presidency. History shows that Dems repair the economical debris of Reps. This time will not be any different. Trump and his admin never had a substantiated economic vision & plan

Someone should check these people for brain rot - or see if these figures have been botinized? Trusting the bankruptcy king with the economy is like giving the vault keys to a thief... That moron bankrupted a casino.... The sample size is not big enough to truly represent the people. BeBetter Sure they approve because they’re going to get a big check.

Most of Trumps base will be dead because they believed him when he called the virus a hoax. Don’t believe in polls. There’s is absolutely no way to know you have truly sampled a cross section of voters. Abc polls are bought and paid for by the RNC: wake up folks Well, he’s accused of sexual assault and he’s incoherent at best, so there’s that. The DNC has a thing for unfavorable candidates. For some reason, they don’t want to win.

Biden couldn’t handle a grocery list at the moment. Once the election comes around, just watch how those, who survived the Ronapandemic will flock to Old Joe to get the toddler-In-chief out of the White House. This country can't run on stupid for four more years. WeJustCant I just don’t see how And the majority of the 42% are mostly just pretending and too timid to be honest to the pollster 😂

It’s that check coming in. That is all. You know ABC you did the same thing to Hilary, just STFU! Biden is proof the Democrats have failed, obviously And that’s exactly why I didn’t make the same mistake this year and vote for Bernie in the primary That's a soft 15% More like 38% DemocratsForTrump2020 We'll make that up just in pissed off suburban women. Thats why Bernie is being crushed in staes he won before and lost every single county in states like Michigan. They can stay in their Westboro Bernfest compound.

Just stop it with this madness I’m finding that is starting to lean more for trump Because he is not coherent Seriously? Where do you find these people to poll? Under a rock? Bernie needs to be address them. Better to take a step towards progress than destruction Carter’s approval rating was 58% during the Iran Crisis, up from 32%. We all know what happened to him in the election. Trump is TOAST.

Haha quit blowing smoke up people’s assess with your fake news on Biden. He is gone mentally, sicken to see him abused. 15% of Bernie supporters really don’t care about healthcare, student loan debt, income inequality or the environment if they support Trump. They are lost souls. Are any of these people who were polled even haphazardly listening to Trump? He’s holding American lives hostage by refusing to work with governors who aren’t “appreciative” of him. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with him.

Biden isn't the guy. As bad as Trump is, he don't stand a chance right now. AbdoZehn ...... :( No one asked me 🤷‍♀️ I disapprove Biden can’t handle a sentence, not to mention the economy. The guy is a mental train wreck. And I’ve also had elderly family members that are in that state as well. So I’m not attacking him, I feel sorry for him. It’s what elderly people face and one day I will myself probably.

Bernie supporters voting for trump. Prime example of, cutting off your nose to spite your face! Four more years of trump, god help us. dumptrump If you truly want something better for your country and,that’s the most important thing.Why in fuck would you vote for Trump.what it says is I won’t to win or I’m gonna pout.Really

That is why I do not believe some of these polls because that is straight out of bullshitville Why aren't you reporting on the sexual assault allegations on Biden TaraReade How is that possible. This even seems squeaky clean until you look closely . Trump has run us into the ground. Isolation from two months prep time. Record unemployment.... the list goes on.

Even Obama doesn’t want Biden. He knows Biden. No one really wants Biden. Proves the theory that 15% of any group are assholes. Just bizarre. How can someone who lies all the time and is constantly being corrected by his team be seen as a good leader at time of crisis. Have people become that clueless ? Don’t your instincts tell you this guy can’t be trusted in intent and actions? Just wow.

No one who supports Bernie in any way, would vote for Trump. You polled a bunch of Russian and Ukrainian bots. I'm about one more bullshit story away from unfollowing your site so iam again right A sample of 1,003 adults Face it, the Democrats have a crap field of presidential candidates They are not democrats then. They will be out to destroy this country worse than BernieSanders would!! If Sanders was the nominee I would vote for him over Mr Bone Spur Draft Dodger it’s that simple!!

Joe Biden yawn IDIOTS! My President is doing an outstanding job. His task force is made up on the perfect people for the job. We need to get behind them and stop criticizing every single thing they say. Our leaders need us to rally behind them in this. Shame on those who don't All the liberals in this thread not believing the polls are absolutely hilarious. 🤣 They’re such gullible rubes for the lies of the fake news media,they can’t comprehend what’s really going on. They have no idea how badly they’ve been lied to about Trump for four years. 🤪

This cannot be true!!!! The President is playing politics over our lives! Why would anyone vote for Trump who is a liar, a bully, a con man who is taking our hard earned money to help his hotels, who is not a defender of our democracy, constitution or the rule of law-he is laughing at us all the way to the banks-he has failed us in this pandemic crisis

This is wrong. How is this possible? I’m living in the underworld. Turns out people running an even more senile rapist capitalist above against Trump was a bad choice. This is the end for neoliberalism. and that's why were in this position in the first place. Keep running this motherfucker into the ground

Interesting They are the folks who put Trump over the edge last time. These people spite their country because Bernie isn’t the nominee. Polls or no polls, the American people will teach the Democratic Party DNC a lesson it can never forget in November. See you at the real poll This is why we need a third party to represent all those not in the lunatic fringe.

What you will get with 4 more years of Trump the Terrible..... People need to notice he is not fit rape allegations he seems to have dementia and issues with lying No one in business is happy. So who are you asking? The borders were not secured quick enough all over the world. I give you our next president. PT Barnum.

Whatever happened to VoteBlueNoMatterWho ? Bullshit, at least 80% of Americans approve of president Trump’s handling of the economy considering that we have 20% idiots and traitors It is unfortunate that those idiots would vote for Trump, but that’s not an issue if Sanders is the nominee. 1003 people. Likely, via land lines. Skew much? Common sense trumps this survey by a mile.

Duh. THAT'S BULLSHIT , IT CAN NOT BE!!! Polls don't speak the truth, not even slightly! Cohen Hired IT Firm to Rig Early CNBC, Drudge Polls to Favor Trump 15% Now but the avalanche will sore past 50% as the election gets closer and closer. Biden🥴 is a walking cluster _____. Well. You all can fill in the blank

The 'economic impacts' are NOT YOUR President's fault. Only the communist Left is blaming Trump (as expected) thanks to the OVER HYPE of the MSM and of course is ALL part of that BS! ... be better people! Bull shit Now that's comedy gold MORE: Pres. Trump and Joe Biden are even in trust to handle the coronavirus outbreak, 45-43%. Biden leads by 13 points in trust to handle health care more generally, 52-39%.

It's hard to be enthusiastic about a terrible candidate. Dems working off of the 2016 playbook. Who are you polling? Red states only? No one I know supports Trump. Not one human being with a brain and a heart and the courage to stand up to the Liar in Chief. Obama will change that once the primary is decided.

Americans are serious idiots. Trump knows how to work the economy, no denying that. I wouldn’t go that far but I think I am with a high percentage of BernieSanders supporters who will probably just not show up to vote. And don’t give me any shit about that either. The shitty .dnc has screwed us two elections in a row, so that’s what you get.

Any Bernie supporter that can find their way into supporting Trump can go fuck themselves. Trump is an existential threat to the world, if you aren’t seeing that right now in this crisis I don’t know what to tell you. COVIDー19 VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteBlueToSaveOurLives Then they are fools and, worse, unprincipled troublemakers who would destroy our nation and its governing institutions and traditions in support of a corrupt, traitorous tyrant.

They haven’t felt the impact yet. Burns your butt doesn’t it. 😁 Then we get what we deserve. The economic crumbling has just now started. Wait a month or two, then ask again. The results will be quite a bit worse for Trump. Time to block ABC, just like FB in 2016. BS! This is BS. They are people that would have voted for Trump anyway

We rembember Biden Swine Flu ... good job he’s not in charge anywhere No surprise there. Still assholes Why? Good!!!! Nope - not possible that any Dems will pick Trump. Sounds like PT Barnum underestimated the rate of sucker birth NEW: ABC just logged onto Twitter. What? No! This is madness. I can’t imagine that to be accurate.

Poor abc.... does this make you upset? Not for us patriots!!! Looks like Biden the Rapist isn’t that electable. He’s senile and wouldn’t even be a president if he got in. He’d be far more a puppet than Trump and would go into more wars. I’m voting for neither. Bernie or Green! IBelieveTaraReade TimesUpBiden

Look at how bad the first 3.5 yrs have been under Drumpf. Can you imagine another 4? 1 pandemic a presidency is enough. OMG Nearly 80% of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton in the general in 2016. Fewer than 5% sat out the election. By comparison in 2008 around 25% of Hillary supporters voted for McCain in the general and 5% didn’t vote. From this thread citing CCES data:

That’s good news. This may have a lot to do with Biden’s mental health. I respect joe and appreciate his service to the nation, but an objective and honest person cannot deny that he’s not the same man he was even 2 years ago. It’s sad, but unavoidable. Enthusiasm doesn’t vote in elections. I thought that Trumps vast corruption portfolio included paying off pollsters to falsify poll data. It came out as part of the Cohn investigation.

This is a lie. Fuck that 15% Fake news... Well yeah what do you expect? I will vote for NEITHER of the two if Biden is the democratic Nominee. The rest of the states who want to vote for Biden during the primaries need to wake up and see who is actually still fighting for the American people. It sure as hell is not Biden

they aren't democrats —then, by definition, they aren’t ‘Democrats’, got it. They are everyday right wing jerks. They are members of a cult. One cult doesn’t pan out, switch to the other cult—because fantasy and performance is so much more exciting than actual governance. Cultist. Got it? I refuse to take anyone seriously if they still have a landline at this stage in humanity.

The ppl they Surveyed are clearly delirious This is a trump joke Not true Or we could nominate the one candidate who doesn’t have a sexual assault allegation! JusticeForTara TimesUpBiden MeToo Don't complain. Show up. Vote. That goes for anyone. Did anyone think this would not effect the economy? All but one democratic senators voted against the economic stimulus

With current state-of-the-affairs in the country, from where come from after the Bushes... With little insights and trending as far as the future of the Nation, we would be better off scaling back to normalcy than betting on overt abruptness. You can't get it both ways. 57% of Americans will be living in their cars by November.

How many times are you going to run this story ? My prediction is Biden or Burnie will win the popular vote like Hillary did and In the end Trump will steal the Electoral Vote again like he did last time💁🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 No Biden,,, this is false! I plan to support him incrementally What economy? we are in depression era caused by mismanagement of the Coronavirus by the buffoon who occupies the WH.

I doubt that. Bullshit DNC will fuck it up again They Weren’t Democrats Or Truly Independent!!! For People To Look At Both Men And Chose Trump in the General Election. M,H,D,A,N key They are Judt like trump pets swsy. They will fit right in! This comment section is the epitome of party over country and party over principles.

Utter insanity If you blame trump for any of the economic hardships right now, maybe don’t vote. 你真羞耻。你是美国人的羞耻。你会瘟疫死的。这次不死,下次的黑血瘟疫死得更惨。你的淫手淫眼要被亚哈威上帝切断。还是人的都厌恶你这个恋童癖的杀人恶魔。停止假装了。你的淫像淫态不断暴露了你。亚呼赎阿警告你,停止假扮人停止吃人。 Biden took the country from the Great Recession to economic prosperity and low unemployment. Trump took the country from economic prosperity into another Recession with record-breaking high unemployment. Pretty clear who is better for the economy.

InAbsentia9 BobFrogman139 “Despite our best efforts to trash the president, his approval numbers remain comparatively high” is what your message should read FakeNewsMedia Riiiight. Dont believe these lies. In November, let's make sure this rapist, lying, megalomaniac in chief does not see a second term. This is the only way to ensure the survival of the people of this country.

So cute that you think 1000 rounds is a stockpile...don't get away from the cubicle much, do you? Delusional. Once they lose half their families to COVID19 maybe they’ll see his incompetence. That’s one poll, take it with 2 grains of salt, everyday Trump makes a fool of himself Says who? Lol Fake News stephphilip8 Sure fire winner would be a BINGO webinar. Feel that Biden magic.

Trump has wiped out all of his gains but okay people. Lol at all the salty lib-cucks. Methodology This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone March 22-25, 2020, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,003 adults. It is imperative that we show up and vote! Everyone! We can’t afford to give Donald another 4 years. It’s a miracle we’re still in one piece

This is sad and very telling. We live in a country full of stupid ! There are millions of very gullible and very dumb people who’ve not been paying attention or simply are easily manipulated by sound bites & headlines. I hate Bernie bros. Okay what's the deal? You've twitted this more than twice already with a misleading headline as the sample size is only 1,003 adults nationwide with margin error of 3.5 points. Stop trying to mislead people.

Wait for a couple of weeks.... Hogwash, where was sampling taken from? All red states? So 85% back Biden, right? Riiight? Get your shit together, Democrats. That’s just stupid he loses control. the worst crisis manager. there will be countless dead people because he doesn't want quarantines because of the economy. he will go down in history as the worst president and responsible for countless dead !!

Are you asking only republicans? Because this dude has done a horrible job at this!! I'd rather see Hitler Trump as president for another 4 years than support senile Biden. ..bumping into Spirituality,cause the curse with the treason,killing people gradually VN,with the infringement of science technology,with the plot of human sabotage,gradually kill beains,pushed people into tragedy,terrifyingly harm human,as well as taking that as a reason..

That means 85% of Independents leaning Democratic Party will support JoeBiden ! TheDemocrats BS!!!!! Your polls are off ! Bumbling Joe Biden. Cannot finish an intelligent stream of thought. Yesss🙌 FFS Between the two of them one is completely rotten, the other just a little outdated. This is the same poll as before. How many days are you going to be trotting this out? Meanwhile ...

It’s the establishment’s fault for telling everyone else to drop out and endorse him. Bernie would have a real chance of beating Trump if he were the nominee. Status quo Joe has a slim chance against Trump. Gotta win Florida so pick Val Demings for VP. This is BULL PUCKEY!!!! Ummm. WTAF?! Dumb People! Then they’re merely in a cult and have no affinity for Bernie’s beliefs.

No sympathy for such nationally poisonous sour grapes. Biden still beats Trump ImpeachAndRemove Trump for dangerous disinformation and misinformation, incompetence, corruption, kleptocracy during the coronavirus pandemic. Senate Congress MUST ImpeachAndRemove Trump NOW. Boycott advertisers who support media that broadcast Trump disinformation.

FeelTheBern 2020 The absolute insanity and cruelty of these asswipes. Praying they'll all live to see it Is there a 3rd option? Had to scapegoat BernieSanders for the terrible job JoeBiden ... Your bias is glaring. HaveSomeRespect More fake poll trolling... There is a green option. It does not have to be corrupt blue or corrupt red.

that is a lie. no Bernie Bros will vote for Trump. Bernie supporters are the ones that are 'woke', remember. Biden is establishment but he's not a monster. He still has to win first. Bernie is the better man. The establishment hate he receives fighting for the poor, proves it. And, Biden will still win.

Bernie's supporters that voted for Trump last time & got what they deserved. They are infantile Anarchists If they had it they wouldn't know what to do with it when Mommy's credit card was cancelled They wont pick Biden? That's shameful. Bernie is going to f it up AGAIN. F your polls stay focused on the fact that the current president is killing people, fools

Idiocracy hope they don’t die of TrumpVirus2020 voting for presidentoompaloompa is stupid NYGovCuomo That is crazier than hearing that Trump won the Electoral College 3.5 years ago. Some people are too stupid for their own good. Barney Fife over Trumpet Why the surprise. They voted for him when Clinton was running. They would rather have the guy who wants to kill Obamacare

Idiots You see this right? SpeakerPelosi DNC DNCWarRoom LeaderHoyer MikeBloomberg BarackObama SenWarren BillClinton BillGates Oprah MichelleObama SenSchumer staceyabrams GavinNewsom BernieSanders They were all republicans.98 % of Democrats do not like or support Trump period Fascinating. So what part of Sanders translates to Trump? What do they object to in 'rational democrat' that forces them to vote trump...? America, you are a very strange place....

Of course they do If this is accurate, they were never Dems or had dem leaning tendencies. U don’t go from “Democratic socialism” 2 full on nazi. Biden will make a great POTUS, he will have empathy + compassion + have a highly impressive cabinet 2 pull us out of the mess his predecessor caused. So Bernie supporters love Trump. We knew that in 2016.

Bidenhasdementia BidenLies TomPerezResign DropOutBiden DropOutJoe IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTara neverbiden No Democrats should support Trump. The man is a morale void. Bernie Bros were never democrats. Unfortunately, Bernie supporters and Trump supporters are very similar, they tend to overlap.

Then they never really supported Bernie. Bernie hates Trump and would be appalled. 15% of Bernie voters don't actually care about any of the issues Bernie supports Smh No DEMOCRAT votes for Trump. That's a Republican. Bernie bros are psycho Bet it’s more than that The US sent China over 17 tons of masks, gowns, gloves, “respirators “ according to State Department news release Feb 7

USA is run by big business. Now fight amongst yourselves. How embarassing for them. ' I will gladly welcome Armageddon because my top pick did not win'. We are – “the United States Government is – deploying humanitarian assistance and personal protective equipment to more than 25 countries around the world. This assistance, along with the vast amounts donated by our private sector businesses and religious institutions...”17ton

I suppose 'vote blue no matter who' was apparently BS. Sure they'd vote blue as long as it was Bernie Sanders. FFS, people! These are submissives. They like to think they are in control when trump is whipping their back ends. Except they dont have a safe word. Honestly, I’d rather the leftist radicals stay home and eat paste than make them Republicans. But whatever, just can’t let these Democrats any more in than they are. Trump is big government enough, too enough. We are screwed.

Understandable. The ones who are capable being pres are busy on doing jobs for people. They don't have time running it. We don’t owe Biden, Trump, the Democratic or Republican establishment a damn thing. You want our vote try earning it with policy and not demanding it by holding a loaded gun (trump) to our head and blaming us for your shitty parties platforms and lack of strategy. Be better.

I think it’s more than 15% I get it. In 2000, I was thisclose to voting for Ralph Nader. I disliked Al Gore intensely, going all the way back to Tipper’s work with the PMRC and his tacit approval thereof. But in the voting booth, I just could not bring myself to do what many did: hand GWB the election.

We need to put vote them. dnc corrupt AF. No way Biden is winning with 'crowds' like these. RiggedAF Bernie is the candidate we need for this point in history. Biden’s time is done. He has no vision and speaks to nothing. He’s just NOT Trump, which is big - but just as dangerous in some ways. 85% don’t back Trump. Fixed it.

IGNORE THIS SHIT! Don’t fight with anyone anymore. we have current issues to contend with. Trump is winning big again anyways, but whatever. Unbelievably idiotic. Yay! Status quo Joe. Nothing will fundamentally change he’s even been accused of rape just like trump! IBelieveTaraReade TaraReade SleepyJoe

Rocketsinaus They're not Democrats if they back trump. It’s true...you can’t fix stupid. You want a hint? Biden has dementia; he groped little girls; 7 women have accused him of sexual harassment and Tara Reade accused him of rape. He carried the water for Wall Street, banks, billionaires, war machine while in office-promised them nothing will fundamentally change.

also it's kinda buried but: 'In the nomination contest, 51% of leaned Democrats now prefer Biden vs. 42% for Sanders' it's still in single digits Children and Trump voters. They’re not Democrats. Idiots Same thing they did to Hillary. That's why I would never vote for Bernie. We saw that movie in 16. These are the same people who'd say, 'There's a wasp in the bed, we'd better burn down the whole house.'

This is absolutely insane. That makes no sense. That's like saying I can't vote for Mr. Rogers so I'll vote for Jack the Ripper. Bernie bros are the Heath Ledger Joker. Are you fucking kidding me?! Bernie Bros are nihilist anarchists not Democrats, and as it turns out, they weren't fooling anyone Speaking for myself and I think many others feel similarly, the enthusiasm is for getting trump out. That drives us to vote.

The old hair sniffer just doesn't cut the mustard !! Luckily most Democrats don't just listen to one outlier poll to make up their decisions. BernieOrBust2020 Every state haven’t voted yet Meh. I don’t even care if Joe loses. Actually that’s not true. I WANT him to lose. Democrats can go straight to hell. I’m done being cheated by this garbage party.

DoxsieKatrina I’ll vote for him. But I won’t be happy about it. BlueNoMatterWho The Democrats top choice but not the Peoples top choice! Biden is a capitalist liar avoiding fair taxes for corporations just like Trump. Biden is NOT change! ONLY BERNIE is CHANGE! Biden can't & won't beat Trump. prisonculture Trumps getting a second turn

Why don't you report on the fact that Joe don't even know what room he is in? Without Sanders you don’t have the left and all the independents Sanders energized. You can’t restrict voting lines in nearly every state so that hundreds in low income areas and college districts drop out and then dnc pretends has a majority. Those people who went home without

Jesus Christ…trump is literally killing people with his lies & incompetence & this is how Americans react to it? We truly are a nation of morons and get everything we deserve!!! beenthusiasticthattrumpmustGO!!! Which means we'll have Trump for another 4 years. NeverBiden This is far from true, you mean the collaborator club got a pep talk about alzheimers joe

BidenIsASexualPredator I’d prefer Cuomo. Has earned the 1st place right to lose to Trump. Get to replace Ginsberg and overturn Roe v Wade. lol he sucks and he's a rapist. I'm very unimpressed with him as a canidate. But I'll vote for a banana peel over Trump. PissCastle DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica Biden/Trump billionaires win. I refuse to vote for a rapist who put kids in cages.

Never Biden Trump will destroy Joe Biden. I wonder why: TAKE YR MEDS MEDS JOEY MAGA2020Landslide Cuomo would make a better candidate. Well, no one is enthusiastic about anything right now. So... duh. Not a lot of enthusiasm for an alleged sexual assaulter, I see. Sure, put up a candidate displaying signs of dementia, sexual assault and inappropriate touching allegations, previous charges of plagiarism, a horrific record....👍

I am not a trump supporter but trump will walk all over a senile Biden That's hilarious larrybirdmurphy He’s the establishment pick, but he can’t win. Not like this. He’s gonna lose. I can’t wait to watch Biden have to talk off the cuff for hours in a debate against President Trump. Yes, Biden will lose and dumb Trump will be president for four more years, we aren’t done with his loud dirty mouth, bad attitude and arrogance, the world will keep laughing at us unfortunately.

Shouldn't the FBI be investigating him CreepyJoe This looks really bad for Biden. 😬 “Top choice” Enthusiasm is nice, more support is the goal. maybe a bad sign here, democrats. you’ve still got time to change Has he thought about not cheating? I hear it depresses turnout in the General and the exit polls are off by such a wide margin people are petitioning for a UN intervention. Is the reason your not reporting this your complicity?

These guys can't be serious! Wrong Rapist Can Biden concede to Governor Cuomo? Once he names his running mate everything will change Joe Biden is Donald Trump’s top campaign advisor. He has dementia. His job is done. Now he can lose, as he was chosen to do. No, rapist Biden is ABC's top choice. uh oh better make a hulu documentary

LOL. Mob shill media gonna mob shill Landslide2020 Hahahahahah trump says thanks. bruh Mf cannot talk or think anymore He doesn't even support M4A, yet poll after poll shows that the people want (and need) it. The last thing we need is another politician who doesn't work for us. BernieInTheWH OnlyBernieBeatsTrump BernieIsOurFDR

He’s creepy we thank biden for his service. but does biden has the mental acuity to be pres? does biden has dementia? we the voters have a right to know. Why isn't there an age limit in politics, Biden shouldn't you be collecting your Social Security check 65 was like 13 years ago..🤔 Drop out rapist we ain’t voting for you !

MeToo BelieveWomen US Democratic Party is non human Party because they can use big laugh on patients's dead . This is a devil Party . NeverBiden Bidenisarapist OnlyBernieCanBeatTrump OnlyBernieFightsForUs BidenHasDementia Which one is Joe Biden? we need him. Seems you’d rather have the lunatic remain in the WH.

This have to be the worst polling of the year prisonculture i can't imagine why no one is enthusiastic about...anything at all Joe Biden have personality but if he dont have knowladge about mufon he will be reason for more 911 trouble. If 'Call 911' is trap cheat with people then their will lost all hope for people. Remember many people use Memory trouble mufon use for cheat & crime only.

Bernie Sanders Maybe because the “enthusiasm” isn’t there because people are DYING in this country and our Federal Governmebt needs to stop the BS. You are pushing the American people too far. Too far. If Bernie endorses him he'll get my vote I feel sorry for Joe. He's about to take a serious ass kicking!!

Literally no one cares anymore That is just so sad. Democrats are so pathetic. DNC more or less begged him to run against Bernie. Protected him from the Hunter situation and id imagine plan on looking the other way on his entire presidency if he should win. Highly unlikely he will win now. U dont change leaders un middle of a crisis or war.

We are screwed BernieSanders - What say ye? Your friend is 1 and your donors and supporters are 2! I support Joe Biden, but I have a huge mistrust on all ABC News/Washington apoya polls! Let the people vote!! MORE: Strong enthusiasm for Joe Biden among his supporters—just 24%—is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/WaPo polls. 53% of Pres. Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about supporting him.

Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News pollIn a head-to-head matchup, Biden leads Trump by 49% to 40%, which is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. It's also worth noting Biden bested Trump in two categories critical to his re-election: suburban women and voters ages 65 and older. Good luck Not a chance this is accurate. Another MSM attempt to influence voters. That’s the same thing they said of Hillary and we see how that worked out

Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News pollBiden leads Trump by 49% to 40% in a new Fox News poll, which is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. Ummmm, ok. Whatever you say..Pop Corn.. 😂😂😂

Joe Biden joins Jimmy Kimmel to talk cooking, coronavirus, and calling out Trump'I can boil water and make al dente spaghetti, that's it.' Also how to bang his wife! Im sure he discussed the sexual assault accusations YAWN.....

Joe Biden calls for a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus Joe Biden says nationwide shutdown of nonessential businesses is needed now to stop pandemic. Dementia Joe? Biden is senile and nobody cares what he thinks. בצהרי היום

Joe Biden describes how he stays in touch with his grandkids while practicing social distancing Joe Biden says he, like many, is trying to stay connected to family members while also following social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic. 'Every single day, I speak to all five of my grandkids. Either on the phone, or I text with them.' I can imagine social distancing must be difficult for him 👀 Thanks, Grandpa Joe! You are not only a hero to your grandchildren but also to me and my children! STAY SAFE and healthy, we need you! 30330

Joe Biden calls for a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus Joe Biden says nationwide shutdown of nonessential businesses is needed now to stop the coronavirus pandemic. it's what we need to do Yep stay in your cubby and food and necessities will magically appear Put this in the Sports section where it belongs!