Biden calls Texas decision to reopen 'Neanderthal thinking'

Pres. Biden calls Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to end his state's mask mandate 'neanderthal thinking.”

3/3/2021 11:02:00 PM

Pres. Biden calls Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to end his state's mask mandate 'neanderthal thinking.”

Top Biden administration officials say it's important for individuals to keep wearing masks and preventing COVID-19 cases as states like Texas move to reopen.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the country is at a"critical nexus" in the pandemic and that individuals have to keep wearing masks, distancing, and protecting themselves and others from the virus so cases don't go back up before more people can be vaccinated.

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On the one hand, cases in the country are leveling off at rates -- at rates just on the cusp of potential to resurge. And B-117 hyper transmissible variant looms ready to hijack our successes to date," Walensky said."And, on the other hand, stamina has worn thin, fatigue is winning, and the exact measures we have taken to stop the pandemic are now too often being flagrantly ignored."

Justin Rex/APTexas Governor Greg Abbott delivers an announcement in Montelongo's Mexican Restaurant, March 2, 2021, in Lubbock, Texas.MORE: Texas, Mississippi to end mask mandates, allow businesses to reopen at full capacityWalensky said the CDC has been very clear that now is not the time to remove restrictions but said individuals can also choose to keep being proactive even when it's no longer required by their state.

"Every individual has -- is empowered to do the right thing here, regardless of what the states decide for personal health, for public health, for the health and their loved ones and communities. I would still encourage individuals to wear a mask, to socially distance, and to do the right thing to protect their own health," she said.

White House Senior COVID-19 Advisor Andy Slavitt said it is"critically important" to continue wearing masks over the next few months, saying President Joe Biden has emphasized it so much because it could save tens of thousands of lives. He said the White House strongly encourages governors and mayors to keep the course but recognizes they are under a lot of pressure.

"Even though it's counterintuitive, it's actually the most important time for people to make sure we run through the tape and finish that up. I think that's a commonly shared sentiment not just from us but from public health experts everywhere. So hopefully the country will continue to rally together in this front," he said.

David J. Phillip/APBartender Alyssa Dooley talks with customers at Mo's Irish Pub, March 2, 2021, in Houston.When asked if the administration would take any steps to encourage or mandate that states stick to CDC guidelines, Slavitt said they are using federal control where they can but otherwise hope state leaders will listen.

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People still help Neanderthals actually took care of the sick and injured while Republicans enjoy killing people, so that isn’t an accurate comparison. You don't call the shots here, big guy! Gee , I wonder why all of a sudden they opened everything up. It's almost like they want everyone to forget some horrible thing they just did , and talk about this instead?

What is your hand doing with the masks Your mask doesnt even look like it fits your neanderthal is that protecting you from anything It cant even stay over your nose 😷 Texas and Mississippi need to be in a bubble immediately. Thank you sir I'm a Texan and I agree with Biden. Abbott is an idiot and fails us several times in the past year why would anyone listen to him at all.

Guessing the energy crises in Texas didn't kill as many as the governor had anticipated. No masks, no vaccines 88SEATTLE61 It's true ( Neanderthal thinking) but you know the good ole boys are going to weaponize those words against Pres.Biden. *should have said 'reckless jackass thinking', as well. Beg to differ sir what did the poor Neanderthal do to merit such a reproach they are feeling insulted 😂

modi wants to instill 'fear' in society through all institutions & exploit innocent people, also he is the father of all judges & justice denied in WP-11802 HCBangalore PMOIndia POTUS pbhushan1 RajeevDhavan VP ravishndtv SreenivasanJain SrBachchan Then why not do a national mask mandate? Name calling. Nice way to unite. Didn't people dislike this from President Trump? I think president Biden should lead as promised and not spend time trashing the previous administration and states' rights.

He touched his face at least 5 times, rendering the mask useless. So inspiring to see the leader of our country talking with a mask on😂😂😂 GovAbbott is doing this to undermine the amazing work you’ve done thus far the trying to sabotage you POTUS but you already know that sad part is they use American lives because they don’t give a shit about them

Can’t the Federal Government mandate masks? If not then why? 'I can take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do' 😂 - Biden i feel for the good folks of texas just trying to stay safe & alive. for abbott, cruz et. al and the people who voted for them --in the most condescendingly way humanly possible-- bless your hearts 😘

Just bc these idiot Repubs Govs say it’s ok We know they don’t give diddly squat about ppl of color & especially those who aren’t on the MAGAT bus. It’s really going to be your hearse. Show your Govs they can’t play GOD with your lives! The_RGA WearAMask VoteThemOut VoteBlue Until Nance shut him up😷

Trading/investing under your management was my turning point. Thank you alice_forex_ ,I was very skeptical. But am very happy I did. Excuse me...unintelligent and uncivilized you say POTUS. With the National Security disaster you've incited at the border? Allowing free passage of unchecked illegal migrants, coming from and through a Covid hotspot, and disbursed throughout the US; in a pandemic.

It is now confirmed by numerous studies and actual situations, that wearing a mask outdoors has no protective value because the contamination happens in confined spaces. Washing hands is the most effective mean to avoid catching the virus. COVID19 maskmandate Please stop touching your mask Mr. President.

Can someone type out that number because that shit don’t seem right what he said And his mask doesn’t even fit right to begin with! LOL and oh, he carries that card everywhere but he left it on his desk? 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ He can’t even breathe with that thing on let alone try and talk. And this whole business of keeping your hands away from your face? More people touch their face now than they ever did before because of those stupid masks

This be Texas in couple of days!!! Continue to wear a face mask!!! We have a new President with new ideas and we as Americans want to get passed this covid as a United country. But we have a deuche bag governor who says lets upend everything. Fuck Covid. Let's concentrate on what's more important. Stop free and fair elections. The best/brightest

Don't use hot water to wash your hands it damages your skin Don't touch your dirty mask Don't forget your card Texas couldn’t even keep people warm during winter... There’s not much to expect from Abbott except incompetence. 😷 As a Texan I agree with President Biden. Period of uncertainty. You're name calling. That's a learned trump trait that you continue to practice. What are you going to do about it?

republicans are insane how can you lift mask mandates and open businesses fully endangering peoples lives that is reckless and stupid. Joe you need to step in and straightened out those governors in Texas and Mississippi. Great American funny moments... LOL ... 'If lockdowns work, why is Covid spreading?' NPC: 'Because people aren't social distancing and wearing masks' 'How did flu cases drop to zero?' NPC: 'Because people are social distancing and wearing masks' 'That's illogical' NPC: 'Conspiracy theorist. Follow the science.'

Texas's gov seems to be showing lately that care towards the residents is rather low. Get yourself to bed joe your struggling . What did they change in the masks from when Fauci said they dont work 😂 Well Said ZZTOP ! I'm looking forward to witnessing what you're going to do about it. THEN STOP IT!!! STOP HIM FROM DOING THIS TO TEXANS!!! POTUS

b-but 😩😩 covid fake 😡😡 98% ❗️biden old haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😤 explain liberal 😆😳😁😁❗️😩 facts over feelings 🙄😳😤😤😤😤 trump 2002 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 It’s about time Texas turn BLUE. Y’all Texans have seen for yourself how Republicans have treated y’all. Joe 🇺🇸👍 💯👏👏👏👏👏👏 What is Joe’s thinking at our Southern Border? Obviously he isn’t

I mean did anyone actually read what was proposed because it feels like they didn't. Businesses decide if masks need to be worn in their establishment. If cases rise in hospitals the order is reversed. I thought the whole point of lockdown was to get back to normal anyway. Because it is. It's a great experiment. What do people predict will happen? Massive increase in cases? Nothing much?

This whole 'Neanderthals were dumb' thing. 🙄 There's plenty of evidence to suggest that Neanderthals were quite intelligent for their time-period and certainly on par with H. Sapiens of the same era. Chances are that the average Neanderthal was probably smarter than Biden. I generally don’t agree with Biden but I do here, it was a stupid move

Another epic fail courtesy of GovAbbott How Dumb is he! This guy is a Clown 🤡 Absolutely Abbott is trying to change the narrative, typical. Fix the damn grid! Others would call it common sense Mình ở Phú Quốc tên cương 22t dễ nhìn sạch sẽ mình cần tiền và không phân biệt tuổi tác Vui lòng PM để trao đổi SDTcall zalo

Is governor Texas crz🖖 I think Neanderthals deserve an apology WhiteHouse MarthaSugalski It’s that free independent thinking that created their state wide power outage and caused people to freeze to death... but sure, why not kill some more of your population maybe the IQ rate of Texas will hit double digits!

I'm sure Abbott will find that offensive as soon as he finds out what it means. Better use SOMETHING to COVER your FACE! Must have been all that COLD and ICE snap affected his NUT, I mean HEAD! Lockdown covid19 England America NHS Doctor TeamGP Nurses Vaccine Mask WearAMask PPE StaySafe Texas COVIDIOT MaskUpTexas GovAbbottIsATwit Suicide

As we used to say: takes one to know one! Neanderthal that is! I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. marksust7

Uneducated, uncivilized yes that’s right ! 🤣😷🙏🦅🌹✌️ Couldn’t agree more with Biden’s assessment of Abbott! In every sense of the word , and then some ... Stop the Stupid; stop the Pandemic!! JoeBiden only use words you can spell He was wrong the first time he opened up Texas, he' s wrong now. he standing? I thought he was crippled.

Sei3Dani Agreed, it’s absolutely stupid to. Neanderthal. ,, people need fking jobs. Not some bs stimulus check,,, and yet You say this check will help wtf Can we blame u for an attack on the capitol for inciting violence with this tweet terrorist CapitolRiot were real because of language like this therewillbeblood calling the Republicans terrorists names is dangerous twitter SHOULD delete this for incitingviolence

Wonder if the doddering old fool asked “Shirley” Jackson Lee or Lizzy “Panelli” what they thought before coming to this conclusion 😂 The words the idiot Biden gets away with saying just for being a liberal. If president Trump would dare use this language the left leaning media would scold him. Abott's right!

The Blood 🩸 Is On His Hands‼️ He's right. Yes, correct, neanderthal. Want to stop Covid once and for all. That double mask won’t do it. Just quit your job. Go to your house. Shut the door and don’t come out. Everything else is just your opinion What's wrong with him This angry, evil man is Hell bent on punishing the world for his unfortunate disability. Sadly, this is not unusual.

Big mistake. Lol bs! I hope Bama follows TX! It's ok for this da to let illegals cross into the country as they wish, but you are worried about these 'red states' bless it. thauserkstp Wow, imagine giving people the actual option to mask or not. People must love being told what to do over a phony virus

POTUS Needs to halt all vaccines headed for Texas and Mississippi. If they are gonna be a part of the problem, then they don't get to reap the solution. Let's just watch the science, usually spring breakers worry about STD's but it will be another out break of covid. At least schools know what they're doing. Texas schools are continuing to follow science.

With the hell that’s happening in Texas, Gov bad decision. michaelcox1951 To put it mildly. WILL YOU ALL STOP IT, IT YOUR CHOICE WEAR THE DAMN MASK OR NOT, to be frank I could careless what they say but we have the fukin cure, what more do you need and this isn't speaking on political side terms, it just that we are done with this shit, so GET OVER WITH IT please 😡

Nailed it. Could also apply to tedcruz It might work if there weren’t 10,000 Lat. Super Spreaders in Tx No telling people that black people attacking Asians is neanderthal thanking Never realized Gov.s of TX and MS know more than CDC. Biden has no idea what a Neanderthal is He was right. thauserkstp Oh, no! Mean tweet alert! Now we have to impeach Biden... sigh

Not in line with the great reset blaming Biden for covid in his state and the immigrants liar liar pants on fire people froze to death no water no food no electricity back to the stone age 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷Save your loved ones covid kills without favor Mr Biden Sir , stop disrespecting Neanderthals. They were our cognitive equals, but they were close enough to us, biologically and cognitively. Perhaps 'Homo habilis' would be the right comparative to Gov. Greg and praying Mantis.

Smart by Abbott Yall dont have to follow this fool. Im still wearing a mask. Ill listen to the science not to the man who listened to trump. I bet trump doesnt even know the word neanderthal! 'At least we're not Homo sapiens!' - Texas Governor Greg Abbott Thẳng thắn, vui vẻ, dễ gần, biết thông cảm, chia sẻ, cần tìm người hợp và hiểu nhau.

Abbott doesn't believe he's killed enough old and minority people yet. The only Neanderthal is drooling Joe Agreed. Cut all COVID support and vaccines to that pack of idiots. Tee hee. 500 thousand people are dead because of those fucking people. “Neanderthal” is a polite word for them. HALF A MILLION AMERICANS!!!

Meanwhile Biden is releasing thousands of potentially infected illegal aliens straight into border communities. Big words are scary to trumpsters. Neanderthal-bullying is racist, to say the least. How come I don't see anyone defending the Neanderthals? Biden is the last person to characterize anyone been guilty of neanderthal thinking!

Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Keep Texans out of the rest of America. Masks were being worn in places where exposure was limited-like brief trips to the grocery store etc. but are not being worn at indoor social gatherings which is where nearly everyone I knew who got Covid contracted it, so I guess we will see.

😂😂🤣🤣!!! So correct. I guess Abbott did not like POTUS and First Lady Dr. Jill showing up in TX after he'd made such a mess of everything. Prior to this debacle, if someone had said parts of TX will be ice over, hysterical laughter would've ensued. Yup. That one’s not Cro Magnon, but an entirely different, more primitive species.

After his colossal f*ck up regarding recent energy crisis you think he’d learn to be quiet. So Texas decides to not be part of the national electric grid. That failed and people died. Now Texas decides to flip off public health recommendations. It's sad the elected officials of Texas think so little of the people of Texas. ProLifeMyAss

Im still wearing it and a few businesses i go to said they will still ask for masks at their stores. If..IF theres another surge, are texans going to start opening their eyes about who or what these people really care about? Stay away from Texas! Don't travel there and air traffic should be turned away from Texas originating or layover flights.

So Texas decides to not be part of the national electric grid. That failed and people died. Now Texas decides to flip off public health recommendations. It's sad the elected officials of Texas think so little of the people of Texas. ProLifeMyAss Abbott is just trying to buy back votes because he let people freeze to death. The question is, how much does it take to buy your vote?

Could it be because Biden let this happen? The good news is that Gov. Abbott has unmasked himself - to reveal to the world that he's a genuine, paid-up member of the Really Stupid Club! I don't know what's worse - that he believes this madness - or that the idiots who attended this drivel speech, were cheering him on!

Here’s Abbott in December, getting all vaccinated. All masked up. Guided tours of his mansion have been shut down to protect him from infection. I would never have believed that Texans would allow a guy like this to so contemptibly abuse them in this heinous way. And he's right. That’s rude! Hope the people of Texas remember these past days in the future

That’s insulting to Neanderthals. This is an insult… To Neanderthals If it walks like a duck... quacks like a duck... That tree that fell on him while running that resulted in him being in a wheelchair. Must have damaged this fools brain!!! SpencerJCox SenMikeLee don't do the same thing here! Neanderthals definitely survived because they were afraid of a virus that kills 85 year olds.

It is. Abbott is now claiming Biden is letting all the illegals cross the boarder so they can infect Texans with Covid. I thought Covid was a hoax. Biden should know he’s been on this earth since the Neanderthals Don’t insult Neanderthals good 'ol country boys and their pickem up trucks are only one level above the caveman.

If 45 said this about a governor he’d be labeled a bully 🤷🏿‍♂️ 😷😎👽 Y’all We need help these fools trying to kill us But Greg Abbott is going for Trump's coveted, 'Darwin Award.' GregAbbott_TX failed Texas... what he is doing is dangerous. I am a Texan and It is a heartbreaking and horrifying decision that Gov Abbott has made.

Offensive Don't insult Neanderthals. Abbott is acting like a regular Republican. Just say that it's Republican thinking and we'll get the picture. The lockdowns were scientifically proven not to work so who gets to say what’s Neanderthal thinking Mild but effectively correct statement. No offense to Neanderthals. They did get us here.

Texas, just because an elected public servant told you that it's okay to put yourself in harms way, doesn't mean that you should God-damn. I love that sculpture to POTUS' left - Makes me feel a little bit proud again... Well that's the one and only thing I agree with. Biden just wants to keep the BS going long enough until he can declare victory over the virus and the media lap dogs paint him as the savior.

TheView We have suffered life lost over 520k souls. Please listen to the science and President Biden not to let your guard down. Mask up! Politicians need not send mix messages to their constituents. Some politicians just don't care. We will never get thru this if we dont Do our part. I am a Texan and It is a heartbreaking and horrifying decision that Gov Abbott has made.

you pronounced it wrong, and quit touching your mask. Texas and Mississippi should be denied vaccine shipments until they do they part at the State level to Try and avoid infections and protect their healthcare workers! COVID19 COVIDIOT Texas AbbottCovidiot GOP CNN ThisWeekABC When joebiden or CDCDirector can explain why Florida has fewer deaths with COVID than either New York or California, then he can throw insults around. Until then maybe he should stay quiet.

Stop touching your mask! Bad practice. He's generalizing the phrase neanderthal. I don't think it was directed at anyone....maybe a wink and smile. :) TheView So Executive Order it Back Man Can u feel the unity yet! U know what’s Neanderthal thinking? Catching and releasing 108 covid positive migrants but making American citizens quarantine for two weeks when they travel from one state to another! Just another clear example of blatant hypocrisy from the Biden admin!

ThisWeekABC close the boarders. stop allowing people to book airplane flights too Brilliant! Neanderthal thinking 🤔 Gov. Abbott's decision appears to be based on an assumption that vaccination + acquired immunity will rise to the challenge, whereas Biden's comment suggests that a return to normalcy may not be possible, vaccinated or not, thanks to variants. Which is it?

Biden's words will change America, let the GQP squirm all they want. It's a very bad decision for Texas. I don't understand his decision. I live in Texas and would never go without a mask. President Biden is being nice, we here in Texas are calling Abbot a lot of things that would get us incarcerated in Twitter jail.

Red team is doing anything to reduce the amount of people voting. Going as far as to kill off their own supporters. TRUTH! Political suicide. And no one knows more about Neanderthals than Joe himself embarrassing for Texas to have a governor that does not care about anything or anybody but his political Stature. he must wear his red political suit to bed instead of helping Against the virus he’s more concerned about being republican.

Dementia👴 Joe can't speak....42 days ruined and he has ruined the Country...Sad times in the USA... Florida is doing just as well as California. Thanks anyway. wow thats a big word for him.... His time in office is numbered. President Not Elect Boring Biden will be forced to resign or removed under the 25th amendment within the next Six months by his own Democrats!

Who cares Texas is like a third world country inside US they should've seperated long ago Agreed Just looking out for his political career. He Really don't care about constituents. I would say Neanderthal too lol 🥸 Texans...... WTF? BREAKING: Trump calls opponent Neanderthal in latest example of the politics of division and hate. Analysis: Bet the media misses doing that.

Texas has lost 44.7k Texan to COVID19. Another 3.9k more Texans will die over the next 4 weeks due to cases and hospitalizations already in the queue. Now is not the time to relax and claim victory prematurely. We in Texas choose to just let Covid in over the border rather than catch it from legal citizens. Thanks, Joe...

And? President Not Elect Boring Biden calls Taxes Governor's decision what? Lol, “masks make a difference” 😂😂🔥 this is terrible news I think he removed the “State mandate, using the law enforcement to implement it,” but rather he left the protection of the Public to follow Health Protocols; remains a personal responsibility of each individual, he made that clear. Public Health not under police or enforcers.

☀️ Please Help Save Lives 😷 Wear a Mask ✅ Social Distance ✅ Wash Your Hands ✅ Avoid Large Gatherings ✅ Get Your COVID19 Vaccination ⚕️ WHCOVIDResponse ⚕️ CDCDirector ⚕️ CDCgov ⚕️ HHSGov ⚕️ US_FDA 🇺🇸 POTUS Biden 🇺🇸 VP Harris 🇺🇸 SenateDems 🇺🇸 HouseDemocrats Shut up Joe. Take your Namenda.

He seems genuinely puzzled by the fact there are people who don't want the government to control them. Golly gee whiz! I'm sure he will do nothing about it. I'm surprised they dont like biden handling of it. They just say science more and do nothing different. Yee! Haw! Let them secede! I live next to them. It kinda smells over there. And the people aren’t too smart. And their bbq is overrated. So are they. Let them join Florida. The Sovereign State of Flexas

Best is to do like OZ, block TX FLA Missouri going into other states and spreading virus POTUS Joe, you're right! Speaking as one of the foremost departments in NW Indiana, we profoundly reject the association between Neanderthals and low intelligence. If a Neanderthal were alive today, they would be twittering the same thing.

They love using guns in Texas whatever you say mr meatsack TooFred Mostly everyone agrees with Texas on this one. AbbottFailedTexasAgain People stop blaming Biden for things he did. This is about Texas. Wrong move, way too soon Abbott I’d rather take thinking from a neanderthal then a dude with dementia vui vẻ, thích đi du lịch, thích đọc sách, thích ăn vặt, thích cà phê lê la quán xá, thích nơi yên tĩnh, thích nghe nhạc trữ tình...

Neanderthals are smart aren't they? I would have to agree y President Biden! I would also say the Texas governor is acting IRRESPONSIBLY acting that way. Neanderthals could walk! I have a strong feeling that Team Biden will be surprised with the result of that 'experiment'. Can't Biden do anything about that? 💔😢

Where’s our stimulus $$ then? Atleast he’s giving everyone a chance to work and businesses to make money ... Why are there kids in cages at the border big guy 🖕🖕🖕🖕 The Winds of Secession. then we need more Neanderthals Neanderthal needed to think, this ass doesn’t. Can’t believe he’s just throwing away the Neanderthal vote with such careless comments. Who’s next? Australopithecus? Homo Erectus? Where will it end

pretty much is. texas is full of a bunch of babies that would rather cuddle with their guns. who cares. let em get sick. the medical teams should strike. Build a wall around Texass New word for deplorable. Propaganda ministry will need to add this to vocabulary. PresidentJoe is 'telling it like it is!' Abbott can't keep his citizens power and water on but just knows that endangering lives by declaring 'covid over' to score political brownie points is exactly what Americans need.

😂🤣😂 Oh no, now the Neanderthals will be pissed. Or not Hush old man Governor Abbott needs to resign. It’s ridiculous removing the mask mandate until all of Texas has been vaccinated. DEFEAT TREASONOUS REPUBLICONS EVERYWHERE, FOREVER Governor Neanderthal.....has a nice ring to it. So Texas decides to not be part of the national electric grid. That failed and people died. Now Texas decides to flip off public health recommendations. It's sad the elected officials of Texas think so little of the people of Texas. ProLifeMyAss

I agree All I gotta say is keep that shit down there. TIME IS X3 Click Here:- My Book description: All in one volume the time traveling adventures of Scott, Don, Honey and many others, Join them as they visit Lincoln and Ben Franklin, Cleopatra. etc. At last the reason Biden attacks a man in a wheel chair.

That’s an insult to Neanderthals Texan here - I am so angry with Abbott AbbottFailedTexas VoteAbbottOut over 300,000 Texans still don’t have water as a result of the snow storm. He should focus on that. Here that Abbott. You are an ape with an ape mentality. Biden didn't want to do it, but the democrat party said, Joe call Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's to end his state's mask mandate 'neanderthal thinking.”

How can I make the press stop talking about how we put profits over people with our independent power grid, then begged for a government handout the second things went bad even though we are against socialism and regulations? “I’m lifting the mask mandate—change the news cycle!” Recently my friend's baby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia & needs a stem cell transplant. Jason & his wife are first-time parents caring for a sick baby & could use some help. If you are in a place to donate or share, it would be appreciated.

Which is true considering that this is not a USA problem it’s a world wide problem and we can see what happening around the world , but as the Texas mayor said not too long ago “ only the strong survive” .I wish them all the best and hope the choose to protect themselves lolll. Biden can't even form complete thoughts/sentences while he struggles to remember what he's doing and where he's at..

You can keep wearing your mask if you want to...if not, then don't It's negligent homicide It would appear he wants to drain the Texas swamp.Cut their power off in the coldest week in 50 encourage your citizens to rip off the mask and go back to live as pre COVID,the only problem being it’s still killing people daily.Could he be anymore stupid

Definitely dragging his knuckles !! Biden can eat a dick and joe would know Lol more like driven a car and not paying attention to the stop sign or running a red light lol For Abbott that might be a complement. Which is an insult to Neanderthals. Apparently, so does Abbott. The Governor's mansion remains closed to tours because of ....

That is literally racism. Neanderthals were an actual race that humans destroyed. Did he fix the electricity and water for Texans? Or is this a distraction because he hasn't done anything for Texans. Bam! Abbott is a neanderthal. That’s the word I couldn’t come up with yesterday when professor Xavier gave us his decision 👍

Basically the decision says it’s ok if more Texans die. Opening is fine but should be more gradual, variants are nasty. It will take another 300 years for republicans to understand science. Governor Greg Abbott = The Butcher of Austin