Biden calls for 'justice for George Floyd' following protests over his death

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“None of us can turn away. None of us can be silent. None of us any longer can hear the words 'I can’t breathe' and do nothing.'

“Imagine having police called on you just for sitting in Starbucks or renting an Airbnb or watching birds. This is the norm black people in this country deal with. They don't have to imagine it. The anger and frustration and the exhaustion is undeniable, but that's not the promise of America,” Biden said.

“It's gonna require those of us who sit in some position of influence to finally deal with the abuse of power. The pain is too immense for one community to bear alone. I believe it's the duty of every American to grapple with it, and to grapple with it now -- with our complacency, our silence. We are complicit in perpetuating these cycles of violence. Nothing about this will be easy or comfortable,” Biden said.

“You know, if we’re not committed as a nation, with every ounce of purpose in our beings--not just to binding up this wound in hope that somehow the scab once again will cover things over--but to treat the underlying injury, we’re never going to eventually heal. That’s the reason I’m running. This campaign is about healing this country,” Biden April of 2019, Biden placed a heavy focus on the events in Charlottesville, Va.

Biden expressed regret for those comments later that day, saying he shouldn't have been so “cavalier with his remarks.”

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So true.

But he was VP with majority in the Congress and he didn't nothing

Oh hey, the media loves Biden the pedo

My heart goes out to the family But I got to know What would you do Trump statement was totally out of line But short of saying gets get out of the way and let the protesters burn and Destroy and loot whatever they want to What would you do

This black mask was a signal to Antifa

U better educate your white police not be committing genocide on black men.The white police in America are worse than Hitler. The hide their hatred which makes them cowards.atleast Hitler didn't hide his hatred.

Except ignore the truth. Derek Chauvin did NOT kill that man! 'The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.

He looks scary af here.

The other 3 cops need to be arrested now

i said 'i cant breathe' but instead of killing me they just gave me a diagnosis and a bunch of medicine. it was still non-consensual and unbiased, but where is my justice? sorry, i know i should be thankful for just being alive right now, but for some reason i am not.

Ok Biden. Go hug someone to feel better.

free country🤣🐲

good statement but coming from a career politician it’s not from his heart.

Really you’re kidding Biden calls for justice. Wow. He’s not the only one.

It should have been said 300 years ago! America will not ever be free, until we are surrounded by freedom! And freedom comes with consequences, and it shouldn’t!

People are rioting and looting in cities mismanaged by corrupt democrat mayors who have used the police to surpress and kill minorities. Minneapolis, Louisville, Atlanta, NYC, DC, etc are all run my democrat mayors and the people are now revolting against the democrat party.

Look at those ears!...

Someone else had the same idea 👍👍👍:

I doubt Sleepy Joe can even remember what day it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hey Biden. Not just words!!! Please. People are fed up with words.

You mean like the justice ordered by the president? Thanks biden only 4 days late

“None of us can turn away. None of us can be silent. None of us any longer can hear the words 'I can’t breathe' and do nothing.' Interpretation: None of us can take Biden pretending that he came up with these words.

Biden needs to sit his ass down

Weekend at Biden's

How profound Joe. Not saying anything all Americans aren’t saying.🤔 But hey....thanks. FYI All the cities burning tonite are run by libs.

Biden's had over 30 year to do something & did NOTHING!

Luke, I am your father.


He is part of the Problem along with TheDemocrats Blacks need to completely vacate the Democrat Party.

Where you saying this when you were VP? I never heard it.

But if they don't vote for you, they ain't black... After all, these poor underprivileged kids can be just as smart as white kids

100% Malarkey

Joe was VP when BLM was around. He's done NOTHING.

Why do you keep using the picture of him from Memorial Day laying the wreath?

“It took everything he had to get the words out, to push enough air out of his lungs to produce the words, hoping that the officer would hear him and care enough to lift up his knee.” Read more at

'read my lips, exactly I'm a full blown political poltroonic plugged punk' -flexa- VDHanson itvnews nypost EricTrump AP


black lives matter sing the petition

Biden is a hypocrite

Show Louisville KY police shooting protesters now

Biden will be dead before fall

When decent democrats realize that the old democrat party is gone and has been replaced by socialists they will realize that they have been betrayed, Look at what they shameless are doing to a man clearly suffering from early onset dementia.

But only if you vote for Joe. Shameful how this is being politicized.

Biden is condoning violence. He should be calling for peace.

Biden only using this situation to brainwash people to get him voted.

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