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Biden break with Putin plaudits under Trump inspires harder lines on Russia across Europe

Biden break with Putin plaudits under Trump inspires harder lines on Russia across Europe

4/20/2021 12:27:00 AM

Biden break with Putin plaudits under Trump inspires harder lines on Russia across Europe

As the Kremlin threatens Ukraine and Russia’s main opposition leader’s health deteriorates, some European countries want to follow the Biden administration’s...

See: Biden expulsion of Russian diplomats and new sanctions regime aim to make Kremlin pay for election attacks and SolarWinds hackBut the European Union’s major powers, France and Germany, want to stake out their own, more diplomatic relationship with Russia, independent of the U.S.

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The Czech Republic and Poland have expelled Russian diplomats in recent days, accusing the Kremlin of malign activities in their countries. Some EU members such as the three Baltic countries want to send a clearer message to Russia warning of sanctions if the Kremlin uses the tens of thousands of troops it has deployed near Ukraine’s borders and in Crimea against its neighbor.

The U.K., which recently left the EU, and some rich but smaller EU members, including Denmark and the Netherlands, have for several years taken tougher lines against Moscow, but failed to sway the EU’s biggest members.The Czech and Polish expulsions of diplomats last week followed the Biden administration’s new sanctions on Russia over election interference, a cyberattack and other malign activity. President Biden has set a clear tone on Russia since taking office, saying he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer.

See: Navalny supporters call for protests as Russian opposition leader said to be near deathThe previous administration also took retaliatory measures against Russia, but allies were left unnerved by then-President Donald Trump’s praising of Putin.An expanded version of this report appears at

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How should Joe Biden handle Vladimir Putin?“Ukraine is the frontline.” On our “Checks and Balance” podcast, former US ambassador to Russia McFaul says the most important thing Joe Biden can do to contain Vladimir Putin ’s aggression is to support Ukraine’s democracy McFaul What about China 🇨🇳? The most dangerous country in the world 🌎? McFaul Ukraine is the new Berlin. It’s where the stand takes place. Democracy cannot back down one kilometer. That is the sign of strength that Putin understands. Anything else is interpreted by him as vulnerability. McFaul На Украине свои представления о демократии...

Putin and Biden may meet in June - RIA cites Kremlin aideRussian President Vladimir Putin and his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden may meet in June, RIA news agency reported on Sunday, citing a Kremlin aide, amid simmering tensions between Moscow and the West. One thing is clear; Putin's interior designers certainly must have gotten a tremendous kick out of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

White House hammering out details of increasingly likely Biden and Putin summitThe White House is hammering out the details of an increasingly likely European summit between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin , which could happen as soon as early summer, according to sources familiar with the planning. Would they have to talk infront of an audience? That would be really bad in front of an audience for us..... They do not want it known that if a woman makes me happy and it is therapeutic for me to have a relationship with her they will murder her anyhow because she is a woman & they are determined they won't let any woman associate with me.. They do not want it known they have murdered such women as Chelsea Clinton, besides 3 women in the last presidential administration because they were mu daughters... th

Biden says his 'hope and expectation' is to meet Putin on upcoming Europe tripPresident Joe Biden said Tuesday it is his 'hope and expectation' to meet with his Russian counterpart during a planned visit to Europe in June, a high-stakes diplomatic encounter he hopes can restore a degree of predictability to an increasingly fraught relationship. Quero ver ameaçar lá como vocês fazem em várias partes do mundo!!! Putin will crush old man Biden he hates Joe lol

The Big Biden Policy Idea Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is DiscussingIt could mean health insurance for 4 million low-income Americans, but somebody needs to demand that it happen. . Researchers at Columbia University compared the Trump administration response to COVID-19 to the response of other nations and estimated that the ineffective strategy in the United States resulted in 130,000 to 210,000 needless deaths over less than a year.