Biden: Bloomberg’s ads make him look like ‘Barack’s best friend… not true’

WATCH: Joe Biden raises concerns over Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Sanders’ candidacies, and casts his doubt on the reporting system of the #NevadaCaucus.


WATCH: Joe Biden raises concerns over Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Sanders’ candidacies, and casts his doubt on the reporting system of the NevadaCaucus.

On the eve of the Nevada caucuses, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to NBC News’ Garrett Haake and raised concerns over Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders’ candidacies. He also cast his doubt on the reporting system of the Nevada caucuses.

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Did Biden suggest a fix? GOODNIGHT SLEEPY. Loser. He was in office for 8 years. Why are not these things fixed? A came to office 8 years after the Florida Bush election debacle? What did he and his master Oshama do about it? NADA.. His son still wasn't AG lol Bloomberg is trying to buy himself an election. I think he could do it if he just offered everybody $100 and a cheeseburger. Buying votes is a crime but he could pardon himself when he got into office.

Bloomberg - a republican decides to run as a democrat? Just to torpedo the dem's chances? If he were to run as a republican, he would get the nomination over Trump. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t objected to the ads. After watching the debate, my takeaway is that Bloomberg is a smarmy creep. Yo, Joe...why thr weird ass lie about being arrested in South Africa?


Nevada town hall live: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPoliticsJoin CNN for the second of a two-night Democratic presidential town hall event, live from Las Vegas. TONIGHT: 8 p.m. ET: Former Vice President Joe Biden 9 p.m. ET: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Follow live: SIGA O FELIPEPRIOR NO IG I’d rather walk on hot coals than watch xobsteinn !!

Joe Biden - there’s a name I haven’t heard in weeks. Might have helped him to mention those things during the debate 😂 Black American voters got affected the most by Russian intel operations in the 2016 election! They stayed home and didn’t vote b/c of it! It seems like they’re being suckered into voting for BernieSanders, again due to Russian influence op! For the love of god, time to learn!!

Who is Joe Biden?

Nevada town hall live: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPoliticsFormer Vice President Joe Biden says he thinks it's possible to work with Republicans in the future, but added that they are 'definitely afraid because this President is so vindictive.' CNNTownHall A little backbone can go a long way. Just ask Samwise the Brave. trump isnt the only bad one biden. How is someone so old so naive?

Biden says Trump has 'weaponized' the Justice Department'The Justice Department isn't the President's private lawyer — it's the people's lawyer. ... Let the Justice Department do its job. Period.' Former Vice President Joe Biden says President Trump has 'weaponized' the DOJ. CNNTownHall notmeus bernie Working for Obama he should know better Yes!!

Joe Biden: Mike Bloomberg's values are 'basically Republican''He's a good guy, but the basic values he had are still basically Republican.' — Joe Biden says that the DemDebate showed whether or not Mike Bloomberg is really a Democrat. he's literally not a good guy tho. that's the point. Mike was a lifelong Democrat until 2001, when he switched to the Republican Party before running for Mayor. Switched to an independent in 2007, and registered again as a Democrat in October 2018. In 2004, he endorsed the re-election of George W. Bush and spoke at the 2004 RNC.

New Florida 2020 poll shows Trump in trouble against Bloomberg, Biden, Sanders and WarrenThe results indicated that at least two Democratic candidates were likely to defeat Trump in Florida if the general election were held the day the pollsters questioned the respondents. 🤔 Probably didn't watch yesterday debate 🤫 It's Florida. No one is crazy enough to bank on any Florida polls. Not sure if they ever got running an election down.

Poll: Biden leads Sanders, Steyer in South CarolinaIn the poll, Joe Biden is at 24% support. He’s followed by Bernie Sanders’ 19% and Tom Steyer’s 15% — the only other candidates in double-digits The Democratic candidates preach unity instead they show how greatly divided and disrespectful they really are . Trump 2020 Nothing to see here. He can't win the nomination with SC alone. What poll? Sanders is obviously the front runner, even as the DNC is up to their BS again. Spreading some garbage here.

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