Joe Biden Approves Major Disaster Declaration For Texas - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden Approves Major Disaster Declaration For Texas - Cnnpolitics

Biden approves major disaster declaration for Texas

President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for Texas, unlocking more federal resources to assist the state struggling to recover from deadly winter storms.

2/20/2021 7:51:00 PM

'Yesterday, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Texas and ordered federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts...' the White House said in a statement today

President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for Texas, unlocking more federal resources to assist the state struggling to recover from deadly winter storms.

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Bruh, he need to do more GovAbbott Has Gov. Abbott used the generators Biden sent him, yet Doesn’t sound like he has done much for the people of Texas! He or SenTedCruz😱 Mr President why does Laredo,Texas is always left out from any help? Ever since the pandemic and now with the disaster of the freezing temperature that almost every home got the pipes

StopWarOnTigray DanaBashCNN Isn't it rich?! Like our Quebec ✌😷🇨🇦🌍 Only like 5 days late lol Do we REALLY want to be wasting our tax dollars on poorly-run states? Asking for a friend... Help is coming, Texas. Why are taxpayers paying for this? This is the responsibility of the ones that caused it... the power companies.

CNN REPRESENTS FALSE NEWS Other red states sent help. After that Biden went golfing 🏌️‍♂️ and rage tweeting about how poorly run red states should thank him and how everyone is talking about how well he handled the crises in Texas!! And this wouldn’t have happened if Texans would’ve dusted all the snow off the T&D lines!! Lol 😂

You mean he didn’t force Texas governor’s to say great things about him like TheFormerGuy ? Wow, so this is what real governing looks like. Yes and don’t bring in more illegals during this time of disaster and co-vid. It endangers all parties. Work with Mexico Biden instead of trying undo what Trump did. Two heads are better than one. There is no room for ego based judgements just to please any party

A major disaster declared and ted Cruz was sauntering away on holiday to cancun with not a care in the world 🤡 Trump supporters will always have something to complain about .. “oh look it’s raining” Blames Biden . Damn can y’all just chill , the mans been in office for like 2 months .. he’s cleaning up Trumps idiocy , dealing with a pandemic because ur president didn’t take it seriously

He could have pulled a Trump and denied it for not voting for him. Texas who's your Daddy Joe Biden he's got your back this is our country and we will never abandon you It’s about time Joe!! You making President Bush look like the Flash. Myanmar military in the form of police killed a man at Shwe Pyi Thar in Yangon tonight. They shot with guns. The man was shot on head. We are not safe at nights anymore Please save us from military.

Hahahahahaha!!!! A little late you idiot. durability&strength He could have just gone down their and handed out paper towels. No wait...he’s a REAL president, not a reality TV hack in it for the grift. durability. Why did it take that long? The request has been in for days? Where they waiting for one of his between nap work sessions?

Did Dotard JoeBiden wake up from his nappy? but Texas is a Red state....oh wait, this administration doesn't play those silly games Ted Cruz would have helped more, but his daughter had a thing and it screwed him all up. You know how daughters are. GregAbbott_TX should probably turn down all help. Otherwise it’s socialism.

But its a republican state.. oh yeah new government So he doesn't care that they didn't vote for him? He needs to learn how to be president. SO CRUZ does understand crossing the Border to ESCAPE inhospitable Living Conditions 🤷‍♀️ Why it took more than 100 hrs to declare.? Trump would want a pay to play deal first.

Independent Texas not so independent. Great leader Great leader....while Ted Cruise (Cruz) spending his time in Cancun! Texas didn’t vote for him. Shouldn’t he be late night rage tweeting at their governor? Does he even know how to president? He’s not even golfing. The Republicans will say he's just trying to advance his political career, LOL 43😹😹

GOP doesn’t like government interference unless it’s to bail out their failures. B.bbb...but .... narrative Shows class. Texas is a Republican state.