Joe Biden, Barack Obama Urge Americans To Get Vaccinated İn Star-Studded Television Special - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden, Barack Obama Urge Americans To Get Vaccinated İn Star-Studded Television Special - Cnnpolitics

Biden and Obama urge Americans to get vaccinated in star-studded television special

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4/19/2021 12:14:00 PM

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama joined a slate of celebrities in urging Americans to get vaccinated during an hour-long NBC special aimed at boosting confidence in the shots and raising awareness about eligibility.

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'Star studded television special' lmfao Nothing could convince me NOT to get vaccinated more than that circus full of clowns. When the government expresses how badly you need something be worried Just get the shot we tired of y’all holding us back make it mandatory for All Americans and Trumpets 6 words that kill cnn GOD TRUMP Project Veritas Maricopa JFK

So maybe take off the two masks when you're standing on a balcony with your wife while outside Joe (you're both completely vaxxed) . Demonstrate normalcy post-vaccine and people will get it. Going to do a bit of encouraging myself. I am a dialysis patient and was wary at first but I am now due for my second shot on April 26. Please consider getting your shot if you haven’t it will not only benefit you but it will benefit others as well

Pass... The President of americans make me 🤣🤣🤣. Poor american! Trash news CNN, Biden & Obama are ignoring Maxine Waters inciting violence against innocent Americans, why isn't this dangerous woman being held accountable by the Democratic Party Why would you have two losers like this try and convince anyone to do anything!They lie every time their mouth is open!Besides,if you are vaccinated you still have to wear a damn mask and stay away from every one ...BULLSHIT!!!

At 100 days, Americans see Biden as more moderate than ObamaAmericans perceive President Biden as more moderate than former President Obama at the same stage of his presidency, a new survey shows. The word you are looking for is competent. hahaha Of course they do. He's white.

Both of theses piece of 💩‘a can kiss my butt. Don't trust it yo yo yo Poison that killing peoples. A Poison made out of aborted babies stem cells. SICK PEOPLES!! And the both of them stand for immorality and abortion. You have to be 100× more sickerer than Hitler. America will lose. Say goodbye to the dollar. All capital merchants investing in China have become poor. bank failure. Economic shock to the United States. what will happen to the U.S. stock market ?

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Who cares How advanced is the microbot nowadays. Its been a good couple of years since i've seen a update on that tech. Really impressive. And ways ya'll get ur shots.

Biden tells transgender Americans ‘your president has your back’President Biden acknowledged transgender Americans during his Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress, particularly trans children, at a time when Republican lawmakers in states across the country have been pushing legislation to restrict their rights.

Biden lays out plan for shots in arms of 70% of Americans by July 4What? The government was prepared for something? The-Mocked-Rats/Demon-rats No

President Biden gets high marks from young Americans in new pollingPresident Biden is getting high marks from young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29, according to new polling from Harvard University. John Della Volpe of the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics joins Morning Joe to discuss. Harvard Hmm. Thank you to your smiling skeptics. The cynics, I can't get use to tweeting. PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE OF JOE MANCHINE AND LET HIM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HIS OBJECTION TO DO AWAY WITH THE FILLIBUSTER; (304)- 368-0567 OR (202)-224-3954AND DO NOT FORGET TO ALSO CALL KYRSTEN SINEMA 202-224-4521, 520-639-7080, 602-598-7327. THANK YOU.

Biden says it’s time for richest Americans to pay ‘their fair share’ of taxesPresident hit the road on Monday to promote infrastructure and welfare spending plans totaling about $4tn Joe Biden said it is time for corporations and the richest Americans to “start paying their fair share” of taxes as he hit the road on Monday in a concerted effort to promote his administration’s huge new infrastructure and welfare spending plans totaling about $4tn. Speaking at a community college in Norfolk, Virginia, on Monday afternoon, the US president made the case for increasing taxes on the wealthiest in the US in order to help fund his ambitious $1.8tn American Families Plan and $2tn infrastructure plan. The packages would provide funds for childcare and free universal pre-school education facilities, as well as massive programs to rebuild America’s crumbling transport systems and public-sector housing in ways that also contributes to government action on the climate crisis. “I think it’s about time we started giving tax breaks and tax benefits to working-class families and middle-class families, instead of just the very wealthy,” Biden said, while speaking in Portsmouth, Virginia. Discussing the excessive profits wealthy corporations have made in the past year, Biden said he’s not “anti-corporate”, but “it’s about time they started paying their fair share”. Biden said the American families plan, which would dedicate $1tn in spending on education and childcare over 10 years, and $800bn in tax credits aimed at middle- and low-income families would not increase taxes for the vast majority of people in the US. “It is paid for by making sure corporate America and the wealthiest 1% … just pay their fair share,” he said. Biden said the plan would benefit 65 million children, and “cut child poverty in half this year”. The plan would also allocate $200bn for free, universal preschool education and $109bn for free community college, regardless of income for two years, Reuters reported. “Do we want to give the wealthiest people in America another tax cut, or do y I think it's time for legalization Joe needs to figure out a way to make nice with China before he loses everyone’s IRAs/401Ks. That would be nice, but NO politician has ever really not that, especially not a Democrat. As their tax policies always end up becoming both a tax and income burden upon the common working class citizens.