Beyond 'Truth Hurts': Check Out These Killer Lizzo Deep Cuts

Searching for a playlist refresh? Check out these #Lizzo deep cuts


Searching for a playlist refresh? Check out these Lizzo deep cuts

Here are some Lizzo deep cuts to bump the next time you’re searching for a playlist refresh.

Proving that her trademark hit “Juice” is a malleable jam, the French producer and DJ Breakbot put his unique spin on the track making it a worthy addition to any party playlist. Accentuating its disco flavors, the Breakbot version simultaneously strips “Juice” down and spiffs it up by putting a funky bassline centerstage. For Breakbot, who’s largely known for his revamps of European acts, his remix with Lizzo marks a rare collaboration with a Stateside artist.

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😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lizzo 😍😍😍 Yeeeeees

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