'Beyond an embarrassment,' legal experts say of Trump and Giuliani's floundering efforts in court

'It's as dysfunctional a litigation strategy as I've ever seen,' one attorney told NBC News.

11/24/2020 3:36:00 PM

Giuliani was brought in to lead an 'elite strike force' of lawyers to guide President Trump's legal challenges to the 2020 election, but their efforts have been 'dysfunctional' and 'an embarrassment,' legal experts told NBCNews

'It's as dysfunctional a litigation strategy as I've ever seen,' one attorney told NBC News.

in a court hearing last week.The appeal says the campaign just wanted to set aside some ballots that they believe may be defective — and then notes that one of the remedies they're seeking is"an order that the results of the 2020 Presidential general election are defective, which would allow the Pennsylvania General Assembly to choose Pennsylvania's electors" — in other words, which would disenfranchise 6.8 million Pennsylvanians by dismissing their votes.

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The filing at one point refers to ballots as"ballets," and another of the campaign's filings earlier in the day referred to"Presidential Donald J. Trump" instead of president.That earlier filing — which said the campaign was only appealing part of Brann's order but then added it might appeal other parts of the order — led to confusion from other defendants in the case, who said it was improper and they couldn't understand what exactly the campaign was seeking.

It also wasn't the first such filing since Trump named Giuliani his lead lawyer. Earlier in the same Pennsylvania case, Giuliani was seeking to add back in arguments his predecessors had dropped, presumably because they didn't have the evidence to back their claims."The lawyers thought they were losers," Sanderson said. headtopics.com

Also Monday, the campaign lost another lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court — the latest in astring of dozens of court lossesin six swing states since the election, most of which were started by Giuliani's predecessors."I don't think any team of lawyers can save this case. Election litigation is not designed to overturn tens of thousands of votes. That just doesn't happen. But even with that caveat, this strategy has not been well-executed," Sanderson said.

He noted that Giuliani seemed to struggle with some legal terms during his court appearance last week, and his over-the-top claims about a massive nationwide voter fraud scheme haven't been helping his credibility.Myrna Pérez, director of the Brennan Center's Voting Rights and Elections Program, said Giuliani's efforts aren't aimed at winning court challenges — they're designed to bolster Trump's attacks on the democratic process.

"I think this is a strategy of trying to dog whistle to his base" by attacking minority voters in Democratic strongholds, she said."It's to cheapen the process of how we resolve our political differences peacefully, and cast doubt on the outcome of the election in which he's not the winner."

"It's a pernicious, problematic attempt to bedraggle our democratic processes," Pérez said, adding the legal campaign has been full of"unsubstantiated allegations, inadequate evidence and outlandish claims." Read more: NBC News »

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EliteStrikeFarce Only the dead voted for Donald. Trump’s elite strike force at work. What moron thought it was a good idea to head a legal strike force with the moron caught in a Borat film with his hand down his pants with an underaged (he thought) girl? If they had any REAL evidence, they'd use a REAL legal eagle-not a my cousin vinnie wanna be, FFS.

Incompetent, one might say. The word ‘Elite’ and Guliani don’t roll off the tongue so well😂😂😂 'Legal experts' = people who would regurgitate whatever propaganda corporate media wanted to hear. L'avocat de diable RudyPolludi More like the “Elite Stikeout Force”. amiright Rudy is just as big of a screw loose as Trump!

U mean trump hired people who are incompetent? That simply cannot be true They've turned the Republican Party into a clown show.. Like my dad used to say , ' He who represents himself , or is represented by Rudy , has a fool for a lawyer ' True back then , so true now ! More like Dumb and Dumber! Bumbling idiots. Who in their right mind would hire this guy for their attorney. He's awful.

Trump Letter: 'Dear Commander-In-Thief: My America 1st produced great results - DO NOT RUIN THEM WITH YOUR AMERICA-LAST POLICIES. I will be back in 4 years to reverse all your bad policies as I did with Obama's. Enjoy 4 years of hell from Leftists! DJT' ....... Their time has passed. You can't defend the indefensible no matter who you are.

The term 'clown-car' seems almost custom-made for them. Because there hasn’t been anything embarrassing so far. We can ALL agree NOT everyone should be president and the whole notion that anyone CAN turned out BAD. Back to reality & good riddance to this clown show that is a dark stain on this nation. 57DAYS

'Elite strike force' Rudy IS the cherry on top of the dysfunction and embarrassment. I'm not a lawyer but it would be very hard to prove your case absolutely 0 evidence. This is a team of clowns and fools. 20K a day! He just rode the train until it fell off the tracks!