Better Call Saul Stars Celebrate Bob Odenkirk's 60th Birthday

10/24/2022 3:11:00 AM

Happy 60th, Bob Odenkirk!

Happy 60th, Bob Odenkirk!

Happy Birthday, Bob Odenkirk! The comedian and actor known best for playing Jimmy McGill/Saul [...]

Happy Birthday, Bob Odenkirk! The comedian and actor known best for playing Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul turned 60 on October 22nd.Happy Birthday, Jeff Goldblum! The beloved actor known for The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Thor: Ragnarok, and much more turned 70 on October 22nd.Jacksonville fans react on Twitter to latest loss Etienne gained a Jaguars’ season-high 114 yards on 14 carries (8.The season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law saw Jen Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) using her fourth-wall-breaking powers to change the direction of the episode.

Back in August, Better Call Saul aired its final episode, and Odenkirk said goodbye to the character he began playing in 2009.The actor also had a big health scare last year when he suffered a heart attack on the set of Better Call Saul, but he's doing well and has since joked the experience was more traumatic for his co-stars than himself.The movie hit theatres earlier this year and saw Goldblum reuniting with his fellow Jurassic Park alums, Sam Neill and Laura Dern.In honor of Odenkirk's 60th, many of the folks involved with Better Call Saul took to social media to celebrate his special day.“Definitely not,” he said when asked if he would be able to enjoy his best individual performance as a pro."Happy birthday to this rock star! So glad you're on the planet & in my life."Happy Birthday #jeffGoldblum mon ami.Love you @therealbobodenkirk!!!" Rhea Seahorn wrote.N.

You can view her post below: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rhea Seehorn (@rheaseehorn) "Happy Birthday Maestro!!!! Love you Bob!" Giancarlo Esposito posted.Many happy returns big fella!" Neill wrote.It really puts a damper on that.View this post on Instagram A post shared by Giancarlo Esposito (@thegiancarloesposito) "Of Course We're Happy!!! It's @therealbobodenkirk birthday today!!! Send some Birthday Love his way today!!!!" Patrick Fabian wrote.View this post on Instagram A post shared by Patrick Fabian (@mrpatrickfabian) "Happy birthday to our @mrbobodenkirk!" Michael McKean tweeted.You can view her photo below: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bryce Dallas Howard (@brycedhoward) The official Twitter account for Jurassic World also celebrated Goldblum's 70th.Happy birthday to our @mrbobodenkirk! — Michael McKean (@MJMcKean) October 22, 2022 "Happy birthday to the MAN! Have a great one, ⁦@mrbobodenkirk!!" executive producer Peter Gould wrote.” Etienne holds the NCAA record for scoring touchdowns in 46 games (out of 55 he played) and has the ACC record for total career touchdowns with 78.Happy birthday to the MAN! Have a great one, ⁦@mrbobodenkirk⁩ !! pic.Happy Birthday, Jeff Goldblum!" they wrote.You know, she's gone through so much," Gao explained. — Peter Gould (@petergould) October 22, 2022 Did Better Call Saul Originally Have a Different Ending?Better Call Saul followed Odenkirk during the events before and after Breaking Bad.Happy Birthday Jeff Goldblum! pic.Knee caused his fumble And one of the plays Etienne “left on the field,” came in the second quarter, when he coughed up his first fumble of the season after a 12-yard gain to the Giants’ 5-yard line, with the end zone in his sights.Warning: Spoilers Ahead! In the series finale, Saul/Jimmy finagles a deal that would only land him seven years in prison, Saul ends up further confessing to his involvement in Walter White's empire and gets a sentence of over 80 years.The series ends with Saul's ex-wife, Kim Wexler (Seehorn) showing up at the prison as his lawyer, and they share a touching final — Jurassic World (@JurassicWorld) October 22, 2022 What Is Jeff Goldblum's Next Project?Goldblum will soon be reteaming up with Wes Anderson in Asteroid City, which is expected to be released soon.After smoking together as they did in the show's first episode, Kim leaves and passes Saul in the yard.The play called to mind Etienne’s drop of a pass from Lawrence on a fourth-and-three at Washington’s 3 in the second quarter of the opening was so hard.

He does some finger guns to her, which is something both characters had done previously in the spoke with Goldblum earlier this year, and we asked if there are any other Goldblum staples the actor would like to play again, and he ended up teasing his upcoming role in Asteroid City.During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Seehorn revealed they shot different versions of the ending."Well, we shot a couple of different iterations -- including ones where she shoots finger guns back at him.Wait a minute.“That’s where you want to be and you’ve got to quiet your mind and think about the next play and think about what’s best for the team.It was very small and not animated or with a smile, but still – in the end, Peter decided that it looked too much like they were saying, 'Kim is back in the game,' and we really didn't want to give that impression.That moment between them, to me, is much more about the acknowledgment of their bond, that is still there, and the part of their relationship that was true," Seehorn explained.Well, I like being able to work in the series of movies that are a little bit related to each other, even though they're very different, of the great Wes Anderson," Goldblum shared.During the episode, Daredevil jokes about his powers not working the same, which could be due to what happened to him at the end of The Defenders series and the third season of Daredevil.

0comments"It's very purposely left to interpretation," she added.Jones counseled Etienne about ball security after the game but also told him to move on."Is this him just saying, 'Man, we had a great run and it's okay?' Or is it him saying, 'We're still great together.I adore him, and in fact, I don't want to give anything away, but I have a little bit of a sprig of a something, maybe kind of tasty, in this next thing that he does.And we could still do something together.We could still legally do something together." In addition to Asteroid City, it was recently announced that Goldblum will be taking over the part of Zeus from Hugh Grant in Netflix's Kaos.” Etienne said he was grateful that Pederson started him in the second half and then handed him the ball on the first play.' [Laughs] I took it to mean that he was saying, 'I still believe that we have a relationship."I don't know, actually.

' In whatever capacity that is.That is, until he wakes up one morning and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead.Even though the finger guns are representative of the beginning of this horrible downfall scam with Hamlin, for me, in the moment – because he does it in a very different way – it felt like, 'There is still something great about us.We all have that bad play but it was really great to see him come back to me and me be able to make a big play for the team … helped myself from a company standpoint, to keep going.Not everything about what we were together is bad.Zeus becomes convinced his fall is coming – and starts to see signs of it everywhere," Deadline explained of the character.There's something great about the two of us together.' And I took her look to him to be an acknowledgment that it's true, even though she's not ready to say what that means.."Obviously, he can't do that.0comments"I feel like this must be what it feels like for people who have had kids," Gao said.

" Happy Birthday, Bob!.

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