Better Call Saul Gets Brilliant Johnny Bravo-Style Intro In New Video

11/22/2022 5:25:00 AM

Saul Goodman gets the Johnny Bravo treatment.

In a fun new animated video, BreakingBad spinoff BetterCallSaul gets a creative intro sequence in the style of Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo.

Saul Goodman gets the Johnny Bravo treatment.

Better Call Saul gets an animated introduction in the style of Johnny Bravo thanks to a fun fan-made video.This Black Christmas remake (a second followed 13 years later) was so upsetting to some religious groups that they actively protested the film.CLEVELAND — Saturday night, Cleveland Firefighters Engine 22 responded to a crash involving a flipped vehicle on I-90 Eastbound at Martin Luther King Jr.Monday marks one month until the Early Signing Period opens, and the buzz around the Mid-South is growing louder by the day with some of the region's top prospects.

Serving as a prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul first aired on AMC in 2015.The show follows Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) as he slowly becomes the sleazy Saul Goodman, who eventually serves as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman's (Aaron Paul) attorney.) Admittedly, this is an even darker take on the original Black Christmas premise, with even more disturbing content and at least one impalement via Christmas tree.Better Call Saul was a hit with audiences and critics alike and recently came to a conclusion with season 6, which aired earlier this year.Mayor Justin Bibb expressed his condolences saying, “I am saddened to learn of the death of Cleveland firefighter Johnny Tetrick and extend my sincere condolences to his family, friends, and fellow firefighters.In addition to Odenkirk, Better Call Saul stars Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, and Patrick Fabian, among others.Silent Night Directed by Steven C.SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul featured very short episode introductions, but usually with an amusing twist, such as a Saul Goodman-themed matchstick box sitting in a urinal.Subscribe now for instant access to all premium content.

Twitter user JabaToons, however, has imagined what a Better Call Saul introductory sequence would look like if it was in the style of Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo.This guy uses axes, wood chippers, and even a flamethrower." Early Sunday morning, the driver who struck Tetrick was arrested by Bratenahl Police in connection with aggravated vehicular homocide and failure to stop after an accident or highways, according to officials.Check out the fun video below: Related: Breaking Bad & BCS' Highest-Rated Episodes Have 1 Sad Thing In Common Why Better Call Saul Was The Perfect Breaking Bad Spinoff Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time, so expectations were understandably high for the spinoff.Better Call Saul, however, ended up being just as big of a hit as the original show.) One character notes that Christmas is “the number one holiday for people going nuts.While Breaking Bad was more serious, Better Call Saul allowed Odenkirk's comedy chops to really shine, making the show feel generally more lighthearted.RELATED: Cleveland firefighter killed in hit and run while responding to crash on I-90 eastbound Watch live and local news any time: Browns Countdown Download the News 5 Cleveland app now for more stories from us, plus alerts on major news, the latest weather forecast, traffic information and much more.Despite having a lighter tone, however, it featured Breaking Bad's strong writing and deep character exploration, striking the perfect balance between giving fans more of what they loved from the original show while retaining its own unique identity and tone.Krampus (2015) Directed by Michael Dougherty Don’t lose that Christmas spirit, or you might just get a visit from Krampus, an ancient spirit that’s like the dark side of Santa Claus.

What's more, Better Call Saul also further contextualized certain characters and events from Breaking Bad, ultimately making them stronger.Although featured relatively prominently in the original show, Mike was explored in even more depth in the spinoff with certain plotlines involving his relationship with his daughter-in-law and granddaughter.This clever dark comedy with an awesome cast has quickly become a holiday favorite for horror fans.We're also on Amazon Alexa devices.Better Call Saul also features a number of callbacks to the original show and even some surprising cameos.In the last season, for example, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman both return for short scenes, further connecting Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad.Better Watch Out certainly would have fit.It would have been easy for Better Call Saul to overdo it with the callbacks and the cameos, but they're ultimately used sparingly and to great effect.

It remains to be seen whether any additional Breaking Bad spinoffs will get the green light, but Better Call Saul co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould recently said that they have no plans at the moment to create more projects in that universe.Eventually, the film evolves into a very dark take on Home Alone — which, come to think of it, is a pretty darn violent Christmas movie itself.Despite having a very high bar of quality to reach after the huge success of Breaking Bad, many even consider Better Call Saul to be better than its predecessor.Although Better Call Saul may be over now, it's clear that the show will live on for many years to come, including in the form of fun, fan-made, Johnny Bravo-style animations.The Advent Calendar (2021) Directed by Patrick Ridremont We’re now 50 years into the history of twisted and violent Christmas movies, and while it sometimes seems like every conceivable twist on that formula has been exhausted, enterprising directors continue to invent new ways to turn the holiday season into a bloodbath.More: Yes, Better Call Saul Is Better Than Breaking Bad Source: JabaToons/Twitter.

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