Betsy DeVos left Washington 5 months ago. Her legacy is alive and well.

On issues like charter schools and sexual misconduct, conservative lawmakers and activists have stepped in to preserve the work of Donald Trump’s education secretary.

6/20/2021 6:30:00 PM

The Biden administration is trying to scrub Betsy DeVos’ policy fingerprints from the Education Department on everything from for-profit colleges to sex-based discrimination

On issues like charter schools and sexual misconduct, conservative lawmakers and activists have stepped in to preserve the work of Donald Trump’s education secretary.

By06/20/2021 07:00 AM EDTLink CopiedThe Biden administration is trying to scrub Betsy DeVos’ policy fingerprints from the Education Department on everything from for-profit colleges to sex-based discrimination.Standing in their way is an array of conservative politicians and advocacy groups eager to keep her policy agenda afloat after she has largely receded from public view.

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DeVos’ devotion to using her government position to advocate for charter schools and those accused of sexual misconduct now relies on Republicans like Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) to defend her turf.The Education Department in June held a weeklong hearing to begin dismantling DeVos' regulation on how schools must handle reports of sexual misconduct. It also made its mark on civics education by rejecting former President Donald Trump’s demands for promoting a rosier view of American history and “patriotic” education,

by praising The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, which Trump has called “toxic propaganda.” Talk of school choice, a topic that DeVos championed throughout her tenure, has also been placed on the back burner.“It's not a surprise that the Biden Education Department is doing precisely what they promised in the campaign, which is trying to undo just about everything that their predecessor did,” said Jeanne Allen, founder of the Center for Education Reform, which advocates for school choice.

Paxton is defending DeVos’ Title IX rule from a barrage of lawsuits, while Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has signed a lawcreating the “1836 Project,” a reference to the year Texas declared independence from Mexico. Trump’s 1776 Commission, a panel he created after last summer’s civil unrest as a counterpoint to the 1619 Project's emphasis on American slavery, is still meeting despite being disbanded by President Joe Biden in January. New parents groups are also pushing back on civics education that highlights systemic racism.

West Virginia became the latest state to expand its charter school system. And pandemic-spurred public school closures created the “clearest case I’ve seen for school choice in our lifetime,” Scott said in an address to rebut Biden’s first address to Congress.

“Those of us who've worked through all different administrations appreciate when the states step up and take their rightful position, making sure parents are put ahead of bureaucracies,” Allen said.Here are three policy areas where DeVos’ supporters are hoisting the biggest defenses:

Civics — Larry Arnn and Parents Defending EducationThe resurrected 1776 Commission, led by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, held its first post-electionmeetingfocuson civic education curricula.The group has commended conservative states that have turned their attention toward developing “a genuine civics education that will rebuild our common bonds, our mutual friendship and our civic devotion.” The commission is still drawing up a curriculum designed in the “true spirit of 1776.”

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Arnn’s group is alsourging parents who believe intheir cause to run for school board and vote in thoseelections.“There is no more powerful force than parents’ love for their children, and this restoration will depend on mothers and fathers demanding that their children are no longer taught false narratives or fed hateful lies about our country,” the commission said.

At least one group of parents has rallied to the 1776 cause: Parents Defending Education.Led by Nicole Neily, whoalso serves as president of national campus free speech organization Speech First, Parents Defending Education has been filing complaints against public school systems with the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights. They have targeted school

groups for minority students as promoting racial segregation and anti-racist actions taken by schools.The group filed a complaint against Ohio’s Columbus City Schools in May, after it admitted in April 2021 that “Systemic racism … has existed for 175 years within the Columbus City Schools education system.” Parents Defending Education said in a statement that the admission of systemic racism “raises questions as to why Columbus City Schools continues to receive federal funds since discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin is a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The complaint is similar to an Education Department probe launched under DeVos into Princeton University last summer after the school’s president said students there face “systematic racism” and that racism is “embedded” in the structures of the university.

“Parents Defending Education's work is nonpartisan,” the group said in a statement. “We oppose discrimination in America's schools, period. If the Education Department adopts policies frustrating that ideal, we will continue to speak up, submit comments, and pursue the appropriate remedies to protect parents' and students' rights.”

Title IX and gender — Texas Republicans Read more: POLITICO »

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Yes please! Try harder! Good. The only reason she wasn’t more of a disaster was the fact that she didn’t know anything about education. Key word: TRYING! Standing in their way is an array of conservative politicians and advocacy groups eager to keep her policy agenda afloat after she has largely receded from public view.

GOOD Thank you Biden. AMWAY sells products that remove stains and other unpleasant substances and odors. Her legacy can be erased by undoing what she did. She isn't that smart. BetsyDeVos left a stain on the U.S. Department of Education that will take years to clean! Why has it taken 6 months to clean up this mess? It should have been the first thing to go and if Betsy schools and company received any PPE money it should be take away and given to schools in need.

Thank you…..Biden’s administration ! I wouldn't delete everything that is DeVos. I would bring everything to light and put her in prison.

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It is a FULL time job to scrub the former guy's influence from our government.. That's because her policies sucked! A truly unqualified trump selection, one of the many unfortunately It's hard to get that nasty stain out. you can also lock her up AlgiersLady Thank goodness. She was the biggest fox in the henhouse out all. Very anti public education with the intent to destroy it.

She also made sure that guys in college campuses are given a fair process when they are faced with fake sexual harassment charges. Good! DeVos was a disaster

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Talking about “bitches” 🙄 She never went to public schools, her kids never went to public school, so make her education head. One of Trump’s more outrageous appointments for his donors. Biden fast with Covid and African American issues but hopelessly slow with everything else, including cleaning up the govt, protecting Social Security, Medicare, exposing Trump wrongdoings, and releasing Barr withheld documents. Regrets will follow.

Evil wench Yes, they’re trying to reinstitute the policies that have so harmed our education system. Let's see her tax returns. Charter schools outperform inner-city schools and represent the best chance for minorities to escape a substandard education and improve their chances to escape poverty and move up the economic ladder.

Key word is,,,trying. Just do it. And rightfully so. Let’s hope the Biden administration does better and move swiftly in making those changes. How about her terrori brother?

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donald surrounded himself with 'the best people'... deplorables! She needs to be investigated. Most of her decisions running the dept benefitted her financially, or were religiously motivated. ¡Fuera! Good.

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