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Best Photos Of The World We Want: Great Photography Contest Celebrating U.N.’s 75th Year

Photographers from around the world share their hopes and wishes for the future in this global photo contest organized by mobile app Agora.

10/26/2020 3:28:00 AM

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations , photographers from around the world share their hopes and wishes for the future in a global photo contest organized by mobile app Agora

Photographers from around the world share their hopes and wishes for the future in this global photo contest organized by mobile app Agora.

“Together, the 75 finalist images are a visual manifesto illustrating a collective drive to protect, heal, and regenerate our world and demonstrate that there is much more that unites us than divides us,” the organizers explain. “The photos highlight the urgent need for the international community to come together in common purpose to manifest a new reality where all people can thrive in peace, dignity, and equality on a healthy planet.”

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Today, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic — arguably, the greatest test humanity has experienced since WWII — has exposed the existing fault lines of inequality, injustice, fear and misinformation, underscored by the climate crisis and an unparalleled extinction of species on our planet. In this moment of reckoning, the voices of ‘We the Peoples’ could not be more critical in charting a course forward for humanity on our shared planet.

“At a time when the world faces a global pandemic and other formidable threats, we must join forces across borders and generations to work together for a better common future. This photo exhibition can help to inspire us for this collective task,”said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres.

Each photographer of the images bellow describes why it represents “the world they want.”'Old traditional windmills', Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.Photo: Georgios Kossieris, Greece - Agora“The world I want is moving towards safe, clean, and renewable energy sources as a sign of respect to our surrounding natural environment. Actionable change on sustainable energy will help us minimize our impact on wildlife, land, and water.”

'The incredible wild mountain gorillas,' Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Uganda.Photo: Joe Shelly, United Kingdom - Agora“The mindset that the natural world is ours to destroy and profit from needs to change. With deforestation encroaching on many important habitats around the world, we need to ask ourselves if our consumption is worth more than these animals' existence. The natural world has been pushed aside by expanding agricultural and urban areas, leaving barely any room for wildlife. Protecting small areas is no longer enough — we need to give land back to nature.”

'I want to go to school with my friends safely,' Blitar, Indonesia.Photo: Lety Liza, Indonesia - Agora“We need to make the world a better place to keep children safe in the places where they live, learn and play.”'Together we are stronger', Kenya.

Photo: Kevin Ochieng, Kenya - Agora“I want a world where we embrace each other and turn our flaws into strengths.”'I visited one village in the Upper East region of Ghana,' Ghana.Photo: Edward Aning Poakwah, Ghana - Agora“I want a world where determination can turn education into success. As I wandered through this community, I realized that even if education was accessible for all, only a few could access quality education. Despite lacking proper school material to study, these children were more determined to succeed than ever.”

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'Unique ice cave formation,' Vatnajökull, Iceland.Photo: Jeffrey Kieffer, Sweden - Agora“This unique ice cave formation brings me bittersweet memories: A tour of the area will no doubt leave you in awe, but the unprecedented rate at which this glacier has been receding is staggering. I want a world where future generations can still have the chance to see and enjoy this beauty. Let’s work together to stop climate change!”

'Happiness with grandma,' Blitar, East Java, Indonesia.Photo: Andika Oky Arisandi, Indonesia - Agora“I want the world to be full of happiness.”'MenstrualcHygiene Day', Kenya.Photo: Dennis Onyango, Kenya - Agora“We want a world where our girls can go to school freely, without fearing their menstrual cycle. We need to advocate for free sanitary towels for children in school.”

'Did you know that Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth?' Kinabatangan River, Sabah,... [+]Borneo, Malaysia.Photo: Fredrik Stenmark, Sweden - Agora“I want a world without deforestation. Did you know that Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth - with over 15,000 plant species and 400 different species of animals such as birds, mammals, and reptiles? Many of them can only be found here and nowhere else. It’s so important to protect places like this in the world and make sure that they still exist for generations to come.”

'Ebony and Ivory - we all matter,' Canberra, Australia.Photo: Graham Gall, Australia - Agora“I want a world that protects the loving co-existence of people regardless of their skin color.'The World We Want,' Tyumen, Russia.Photo: Svetlana Razumovskaya, Russian Federation - Agora

“I want a world of kindness, where people share their warmth and love for each other and all species.”'Los sueños son posibles,' Peru.Photo: Jhon Rayme, Peru - Agora“I want a world where all our dreams can come true.”'Peaceful future with nature and love,' Turkey.

Photo: Demet Özer Yakut, Turkey - Agora“I want a world where we can live peacefully, in full harmony with nature. While rural populations living far from the hustle of cities may not have access to technology and luxury, they have a deeper connection with the environment surrounding them.”

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'Celebrating Nigerian Independence Day,' Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria.Photo: Nur'Din Musa, Nigeria - Agora“The world I would want my unborn children to exist in has been built on a foundation called love, where the pasture is green and fertile.”

'I want a world where the children can smile and access to education,' Rio de Oro, Cesar, Colombia.Photo: Antonio Herrera, Colombia - Agora“Despite progress to end national conflict, Colombian children continue to be the victims of war and inequality in the country. I want to live in a world where all children can smile, play, and be educated; a world where violence and misery cannot destroy their dreams.”

'Green energy', France.Photo: Maxime Pontoire, France - Agora“I want a world sustained by green energy that generates the lowest impact possible on the environment.”'Save water to save future,' Gujrat City, Pakistan.Photo: Asim Ijaz, Pakistan - Agora

“Our environment is increasingly threatened day by day, making for an alarming situation for future generations. Every child has a right to health care, clean water, and education. The world I want makes sure that they are never denied these basic rights.”

'Corn drying field,' Dhamrai, Bangladesh.Photo: Tajrina Begum, Bangladesh - Agora“I believe in female empowerment and gender equality. I want a world where men and women have the opportunity to work side by side.”'Equal opportunity to all kids,' B.R.Hills, Karnataka, India.

Photo: Kiran Paramesh, India - Agora“The world I want builds bridges instead of borders and provides equal access to quality education for children in remote areas.”'School children happy to learn something new and exciting,' Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria.

Photo: Basil Nuella, Nigeria - Agora“In the world I want, you can hear laughter all around. The diversity of language doesn't affect friendship and the practice of sports brings humanity together.”'The Lovely Dunk,' Detroit, USA.Photo: Nicolas Pregre, France, Agora

“To me, this picture is the perfect example of what I want for future generations: a world where prejudices do not exist.” Read more: Forbes »

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