Best Edibles: 6 Tasty Cannabis Chocolates to Enjoy Right Now

THC chocolate edibles that are tasty—and worth the money:


THC chocolate edibles that are tasty—and worth the money:

Behold: All the fine cannabis sweets fit to eat—from Dixie’s white chocolate Birthday Cake bar to Défoncé Chocolatier’s Extra Dark confection and more.

I equate Défoncé as the Hermès of chocolate edibles. It’s as “gourmet” as “gourmet” can get—in terms of chocolate, at least. I love the packaging. I love the variety of flavors. And I certainly love its just–right dosage. Pop one 5mg triangle (the bar is not divided into squares) and you’ll notice that there’s no real “high,” which I prefer. Instead, you feel a tad bit more chill than you were an hour ago and less of a New York neurotic. It won’t make you paranoid even if you eat two servings. It won’t give you the munchies. And it’s not going to make you sweat the small stuff. Long story short: It’s a feel-good bar that packs high­–quality flavor. Had I not known that it was infused with THC, I would’ve had whole bars paired with my favorite Cognac.

I typically don’t experience a jetlag a lot. (And when I use it as an excuse to get out of some shindig, I’m probably lying.) I guess I’m just lucky that way. However, I do travel quite a bit and I’m rarely in my own apartment for longer than a month. And the handful of times I truly experience real jetlag, it’s always severe. And this is what I turn to when I need to get my body to rest for a full nine hours. It’s delicious with a satisfying crunch—and for some reason, it puts me down in less than an hour. Another bonus: I don’t wake up with the kind of hazy hangover sleeping pills almost always ascertain. I wake up, bounce out of bed, prepare my chai, and I’m ready to go. I do have one warning: Do not ingest this when you’re getting ready to watch


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Best Edibles: 6 Tasty THC Chocolates to Indulge In Right NowBehold: All the fine cannabis sweets fit to eat—from Dixie’s white chocolate Birthday Cake bar to Défoncé Chocolatier’s Extra Dark confection and more. Always the perfect combination is with chocolate

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