Bernie wins again

The Vermont senator easily bests his rivals in Nevada to cement his frontrunner status. A close battle is shaping up for second place.


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucuses, following up on his New Hampshire primary win last week with a bigger victory in the West

The Vermont senator easily bests his rivals in Nevada to cement his frontrunner status. A close battle is shaping up for second place.

Sanders is doing very well based on entrance polls and early results. · There were reports of problems calling in results to a state party hotline. · Biden is trying to revive his flagging campaign with a second-place finish. Sanders was leading comfortably in early returns, prompting three TV networks to call the race for him. Far behind him, Joe Biden was locked in a tight race for second place with Pete Buttigieg. If that result holds, it will mark at least a partial victory for Biden after two demoralizing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Before the Super Tuesday contests, he will have an advantage in the South Carolina primary, the next contest in the campaign. ‘Y’all did it for me,” the former vice president told supporters on Saturday. The timing of the final results of the caucuses remained unclear, with many Democrats still fearful of a repeat of the chaos in Iowa. At a minimum, the reporting process was expected to take hours, potentially lasting into late Saturday or spilling into Sunday. After caucusing concluded Saturday, a precinct chair in a rural area said it took two hours to report results because the initial hotline number he was given didn’t work and repeatedly gave a busy signal.The chair called a help number next and was told the party was having “problems” with the original number and gave him a new reporting number. After initially being told by an automated operator that the hold time would be 30 minutes, the chair got through in five minutes. But he said he heard that other precinct chairs in Las Vegas and at rural sites were having similar problems reporting their numbers. Early results and entrance polls showed Sanders has a significant advantage, with roughly a third of caucus-goers saying he was their first choice. The race for second place appears much closer, with Biden, Buttigieg and Warren all running relatively even — and, critically, around the 15 percent viability threshold, with Klobuchar and Steyer close behind. Sanders was overwhelmingly the top choice for young voters, winning roughly six-in-10 of those under age 45. And he’s also winning about half of Hispanic and Latino caucus-goers, far more than any other candidate. For Biden, the one-time frontrunner both nationally and in Nevada, the importance of the contest is especially high. Embarrassing finishes in the first two states left his campaign reeling and eroded his once-overwhelming advantage in South Carolina, the next primary state. A third washout here could be too much for his would-be supporters to endure, presaging a collapse in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. Sanders has rapidly overtaken Biden in national polls, and he is now running far ahead of the rest of the field. Returning to Nevada on Friday night after campaigning in California, Sanders predicted victory in the caucuses “if we come out in big numbers.” “Change is our mantra,” he said at a rally in Las Vegas. “We are going to change this country.” If Biden does falter, Nevada could point to an alternative candidate to oppose Sanders and Mike Bloomberg, the centrist billionaire who is not competing here but will factor significantly in the March primaries. Buttigieg, who finished alongside Sanders at the top in Iowa and ran second to him in New Hampshire, will be tested for the first time in a state with a significant number of people of color, with whom he's made little headway. The same is true of Klobuchar, who has only recently begun developing a national campaign organization after a surprising, third-place finish in New Hampshire. Elizabeth Warren, who drew praise and raised millions of dollars after her evisceration of Bloomberg in Wednesday’s debate, could revive her candidacy with a strong result. It was unclear, however, how much that debate would factor in the outcome. Nearly 75,000 Nevadans already cast ballots in early caucusing ahead of the debate. In 2016, when Nevada had not yet instituted early caucusing, about 84,000 people participated. The caucuses mark a turn in the campaign toward a more nationalized primary, with South Carolina — the last of the four early voting states — coming Feb. 29, just three days before Super Tuesday. The candidates were already looking ahead in recent days, campaigning not only in Nevada, but in nearby Super Tuesday states such as California, Colorado and Utah. Meanwhile, candidates intensified their efforts to raise the money that they'll need to compete across multiple states. Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren are all strained financially. Klobuchar was planning to hold a fundraiser in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Buttigieg raised money last week in California. “We have our sights set not just on Super Tuesday, but beyond,” Klobuchar told supporters at a campaign office in Las Vegas on Saturday morning. Later, she told reporters that the broader landscape “will give me a chance — as our numbers have gone up in the national polls — to get out different voters, and people that maybe don’t always go to caucuses.” Still, the high number of early votes this year was viewed by Democrats as an encouraging development after turnout fell below expectations in Iowa. A majority of early voters were first-time caucus-goers, a positive sign for a party seeking evidence of enthusiasm to defeat President Donald Trump. The Nevada Democratic Party said Saturday that more than 10,000 Nevadans registered to vote as Democrats during the four-day early voting period, expanding the party’s registration advantage in the state. 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How much influence has Russia had on these results, so far? These death notices being posted for everyone but Bernie are a little premature in my opinion. This race is far from over. We've only covered three not particularly delegate-rich states so far. Get a grip, folks! Bull shit. He is so far behind Bernie you have to be smoking something pretty good to see it that way

Iowa and New Hampshire are a joke and need to go to the back of the line. Excuse me? Second place = 'partial victory'? Is this the participation trophy election? 'Partial Victory'. FFS Since Biden knows a socialist won't be America's next president, he's feeling pretty confident. Idiocracy in motion folks TheIgnorantLeft

so no Biden signs Democrats: just what we need, another Manchurian Candidate

What the Mike Bloomberg pile-on says about Bernie Sanders' frontrunner status in Nevada – and beyondAs the newcomer to the stage endured blow after blow, the frontrunner in the Democratic primary skated by without the same level of attention.

4% of registered voters caucused (AndrewYang math). Bernie Bros should keep the corks in the bottles, at least for now. This doesn’t tell us much about the general at this point. Biden is still a looser.!! The Dems are in trouble if they are propping up Biden. IMO Bloomberg is the only candidate who can stop Bernie, and that's only because he has unlimited resources. Even with the dismal debate performance, enough Dems are in fear of Bernie that Bloomberg can spend his way back in

lmao he’s finished It's OVER for Biden. 😪😪😪😪 Can we,stop having archaic caucuses caucusessuck God save this nation. Politico that's a strange away from your regular headlines..I was expecting something like 'Bernie only wins outright majority as Biden rises to prominence.' We see your bias and we won't stop calling it out. Good job this time...😅

The Final Polls in Nevada Show Bernie Sanders Holding His Lead After the DebateThe final polls in Nevada show Bernie Sanders holding his lead after the debate:

he & how many parscale-dorected cross over Republicans? The conscientious objector wants to be Commander in Chief? Wow that's a huge change heart. Unbelievable this guy has got to go. How do college kids think its going to be free. Its not. Get real. Doesn't matter anyway trump will be president 4 more years.

Russians are winning ? God help the country and Democratic Party. We will lose the house if he is candidate. 🤣 Not only is Bernie’s embrace of socialism disqualifying, but he can’t beat Trump no matter how rabid his cult supporters are. If Bernie wins the nomination, the D moderates stay home and center-right who are tired of Trump will vote Trump.

Won’t vote Sanders or Trump. So Trump gets another term. Way to spike the ball Dems. 😂😂😂😂😂

Bernie Sanders says Trump would 'chew up and spit out' Bloomberg after Nevada debate performanceBloomberg was criticized for being unprepared for the debate, and Trump said that performance made him hope the former New York City is the Democratic nominee.

Trump is going to be elected again. GDI It's kinda weird to call it at only 4%. BernieismyPresident BurnoneforBernie MYboyBERNIE bernie Bernie wins Nevada... Trump and Putin are celebrating Every Republican in Nevada has been “instructed” to vote for Bernie to make sure Trump wins in November. Can’t we do anything, because Bernie looks like he’s loving the votes no matter where they come from, Russia, Republicans, who cares?

Illegal sign, Bernie Sanders uses Nike ☑️ hopefully Nike sues Yuck! No at all happy about this. Racist Sandets giving black power symbol in this picture BadAim2048 3-0! Oh great, Bernie gives us trump again. Promise free is a 7th grade student government tactic. And people are falling for it. If Bernie could effect change surely we would have seen him do it at least once in the last 40 years.

Nevada Is The First Real Test Of Bernie Sanders’s ‘Political Revolution’“These billionaires, the top 1%, they’re probably crapping their pants.” Nobody is nervous yet you silly people. Bernie can’t actually win, so a nomination is hardly a concern. And millionaires. And savers. You really don't need to be a billionaire to be crapping your pants about Bernie. Anyone living the American dream should be worried.

If Bernie wins the nomination I'll vote for him but his ardent supporters had best turn out in droves-every man, women,child and gerbil of them for if we lose they will not be welcome around us ever! Putin wins! Whom ever can beat Trump is the goal. Less & less sure that Bernie is the candidate to get it done.

Bill Clinton lost Iowa, Nevada and NH and still won Bernie won Nevada. When will he address the people from Nevada that got him the win. I guess they will have to wait since he has no time for them as he is traveling out of state to Texas. (he's probably traveling by train since that is the greenest way)

Based on what?! Only 10% of polls reported. I don't get his appeal. ladevita12 A communist. Dems this is all you got... 😫 Whoot whoot!! Win for Russia. This voting is not hacked.

Bernie Sanders Looks to Build Momentum in Nevada CaucusesSen. Bernie Sanders is seeking a fresh boost of momentum for his Democratic presidential bid in Saturday’s Nevada caucuses as the rest of the field tries to blunt his progress. SOS good luck commie this may help

3-0 Bernie & his terrorist loving buddies are bigots who are trying to screw over Black America by giving all resources to illegal immigrants while doing nothing for the ones who helped build America. Bernie Sanders had 54% of the county delegates available when three national news networks called the race with only 4% of precincts reporting.

blakehounshell You love to hate to see it It ain't over. Not even. Cool. Enough Trumpers crossed over. Again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nevada BernieSanders BernieWinsNevada BernieBeatsTrump The RUSSIAN ASSET

Bernie unleashes volunteer army on NevadaHis supporters come from all over the country. And even from outside the country. Go get em Bernie. NotMeUs Prediction by Bob Tee

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