Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses: Live Updates

Our reporters are on the ground in Nevada and bringing you updates and analysis from the third contest of the 2020 primary.


In a speech after Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses, Pete Buttigieg delivered a fierce argument against nominating him, telling supporters that “Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible, ideological revolution.' reidepstein reports from Las Vegas.

Our reporters are on the ground in Nevada and bringing you updates and analysis from the third contest of the 2020 primary.

Bearing doughnuts, Warren presses for last-minute support.A woman wearing a headband decorated with two pennies — “two cents” is a chant among supporters of Ms. Warren’s two-cent wealth tax — posed for a picture with her.Another woman also posed for a picture even though the camera being used to take it didn’t belong to her. “Take it anyway!” she instructed. (She soon returned with her own phone.)

Ms. Warren briefly made her way inside the building, where she thanked attendees.HENDERSON — Richard Kastenbaum is the chairman for Clark County Precinct 1391, which is caucusing in a small classroom at Coronado High School.“Back then in my precinct we had 165 people packed into a third-grade classroom,” he said. “This is much easier.”

Reuben D’Silva, a social studies teacher at the school who ran for Congress in the 2018 midterms, was asked to put together the caucus site nine days ago by Will McCurdy, the state party chairman.The first people Mr. D’Silva asked to volunteer were the students. More than two dozen signed up.

“I’m grateful to be able to vote because so many voices get suppressed, including my family’s,” Mr. Millan said.NORTH LAS VEGAS — Joseph R. Biden Jr. arrived at a caucus site Saturday morning to cheers of “let’s go Joe!” from volunteers gathered in front of a high school here.

Gabriel Badilla, 28 and a health care worker, also cited Mr. Sanders’s support for Medicare for all, the single-payer proposal that Mr. Biden opposes.Brittany Corder, 30, said she was deciding between Mr. Sanders and Mr. Biden. She liked Mr. Sanders’s approach to student debt, but appreciated Mr. Biden’s experience and his work as vice president to President Barack Obama.

They did not respond to questions about the shortage in certain precincts, however, and the shortage in volunteers could result in the delay of results later Saturday night, something campaigns have been bracing for all week.“We have thousands of volunteers working across the state today and this is not occurring at the vast majority of sites and precincts,” she said.

At a caucus site in Henderson, long lines and a cameo by a senator.“Early voting blew us out of the water, as far as what to expect,” Ms. McCurdy said. “I’m not sure what that says about how this will work.”Ms. McCurdy is in charge of a team of about 30 volunteers, a group that includes 13 precinct chairs who will oversee the caucuses. At noon local time, Ms. McCurdy will go outside into the rain and stand behind the last person in line — at which point everyone in line can caucus and anyone who shows up late cannot.

Ms. Cortez Masto said she caucused early last Saturday, but declined to say for whom she voted.Carol Tipton arrived at the school three hours before the caucuses began and started working through a list of 15 supporters of Joseph R. Biden Jr. she needed to show up.

“Four years ago we were only concerned about the people in the room,” Ms. Tipton said. “Now we don’t really know what to think.”

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Did they? Hope returns to Seattle why is warren at a fight , who is she trying to hurt 21 million raised in February alone! We are in this! She came in fourth. Hanging by a thread She's out Looking to be Bernie’s running mate? All his other idols are dead now. Castro, Mao, and Lennon so he is stuck for a VP on his ticket. Should be an interesting pick.

Ll Sad/delusional or just lying again: She’s “in the fight”... Whew.... She’s just blocking Bernie Pocohontas ewarren dnc SenSanders She’s in the fight?

Sen. Bernie Sanders wins Nevada's most valuable precinct - live Nevada caucus updatesEarly Nevada caucus reports show good things for Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won the state's most valuable precinct at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. ❤️ DNC establishment:

Well... giving 250k to fake companies prob helped too. katieglueck Joe Biden, nothing if not delusional. SenWarren Quit with your dignity intact. You are not president material Why is Sanders even in this race? He’s registered as an Independent? 10 Narrator ~ ‘She wasn’t in the fight...’ Yup keep working towards that vp ticket

Hillary is probably setting up a super PAC to fund Warren. As long as she is in the race, it continues to split the delegates which will cause a 2nd vote for the nomination in which the 'super delegates' will pick the party nominee. They didn't keep her in the fight. They resoundingly rejected her. ewarren

Sen. Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Democratic Caucuses, AP SaysSen. Bernie Sanders won Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday, a well-timed boost of momentum for his Democratic presidential bid ahead of a potentially decisive series of primaries in 15 states over the next two weeks. The WSJ Cool

And then went on to attack Bloomberg Stupid. Youre out of the fight. Clown. PresidentElizabethWarren WarrenForTheWin Warren WarrenDonor The only sane move for Warren right now is to drop out of the race and endorse Bernie while she still can. That's her clearest path towards a future presidency. She’s 4th with just 9% with potentially no delegate, as it happened in NH but somehow it’s still a win for her?

Embarrassing WTF? WHAT? katieglueck The Comeback Kid! reidepstein He's right and he's an independent who just backed by Russians for. A month and he said nothing ! That's like lying and he's not for gun control no bernie crazy bernie hell he 80 where's his health report not transparent reidepstein It’s amazing how any sane person could support Sanders. An egotistical liar who never once leveled with his supporters. He lives in a make believe world that has nothing to do with reality and he’ll guarantee another four years for Trump, an immeasurable disaster for humanity.

Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses, CNN projectsVermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will win the Nevada caucuses, according to a CNN projection, showing the power of his organization and amplifying his argument that he can broaden his appeal across the Democratic electorate based on the results from the most diverse state in Democrats' nominating contest thus far. Bernie it's not going to be president 😂😂😂😂 I realize that CNN loves Bernie and he will probably win NV but how do you officially announce him as the winner while you show 4% of the precincts reporting?

reidepstein Looks like Pete is a sore loser. His campaign is over. He should drop out of the race and support Bernie, not spit upwards. reidepstein Because PeteButtigieg is a D£K !!! FeelTheBern2020 you SOB feel it PresidentBernieSanders reidepstein Pete who? reidepstein Way to divide and let Trump conquer PeteButtigieg

reidepstein ...The satisfaction to finally see, after more than 30 years, his divisive, crazy and extremist ideas, get some attention. But Pete is one of the reasons why crazy Sanders has even a chance. katieglueck Will he drop out if he doesn't win SC? reidepstein reidepstein A nightmare for everyone except his, lunatics, supporters. But such is the nature of politics in America that Pete speech is pointless. Pete you are contributing in creating this nightmare. Sanders is an egotistical maniac who only care about his personal satisfaction...

reidepstein Sounds like PeteButtigieg can't handle the defeat very well... He is acting like a sore vindictive loser... Get over it WallStreetPete katieglueck Oh so it's Biden that started the Russia thing on Bernie. 'if it's not in my favor it must be Russian interference'

Bernie Sanders wins Nevada and heads to South Carolina as the solid Democratic frontrunnerBernie Sanders heads to South Carolina as the clear Democratic frontrunner after solid showings in Iowa, New Hampshire and now Nevada. ❤️ NotMeUs 💪❤️

reidepstein PeteButtigieg u will not win the DNC nomination nor beat Trump. Maybe in a generation or two. Go home. katieglueck 😂😂 DelusionalJoe katieglueck katieglueck Thanks🔥🔥🔥 If You’re Single, You Should Get A Dog Immediately Learn More: reidepstein No he believes we have to embrace the millions that don’t think the government works for them!

katieglueck Who won? katieglueck Didn’t he say he’d win Nevada too? katieglueck You need 'and' before the second 'said' (and should probably delete that 'said') in 'he also said that it is time to 'unite the party' said that 'we have to just keep moving.'' reidepstein Bernie might win the democratic nomination but he will never win the presidency.

katieglueck Take what back? Are we sure Joe is still 'all there'? Between his crazy 'arrested in South Africa' story and his false statements about Stop and Frisk, I think he might be losing it.

Nevada Caucuses Are Underway, and Bernie Sanders Looks Strong: Live UpdatesBernie Sanders appears to be performing well at NevadaCaucus sites for casino workers on the Las Vegas Strip, including those filled with members of a labor union that has opposed his 'Medicare for All' plan, Jennymedina reports from Las Vegas jennymedina Read jennymedina's story about how the Culinary Workers Union's 6-year strike for health benefits nearly 30 years ago influenced the way that its leadership and members think about single-payer proposals jennymedina Republicans can register same day as Democrats and participate They've been told to vote for Bernie, making these results worthless jennymedina The DNC right now.

katieglueck ‘The Walking Dud’ katieglueck Again, lowercase the second 'Y'all.' katieglueck katieglueck A distant second finish in NV and ~maybe~ a very tight 1st in SC isn't gonna really do wonders for a candidate who's numbers and funding are in sharp decline from their highs weeks and months ago. Especially not for Super Tuesday in Cali

reidepstein Ernie Zanders is a danger to America. You can't out-angry War-on, and you can't out-bewilder Ernie. Seriously dangerous double act. Don't let them fool you. Your only normal honest options are Amy, Pete and Michael. katieglueck There’s nothing to take back. This race belongs to Bernie. Step off Biden

katieglueck Its bernie bitch katieglueck Joe is going to be reborn as a black man for next week, just watch. katieglueck Deanian reidepstein Pete berniewon! stop being so divisive and don't be bitter 'cause Bernie proved you wrong

Bernie Sanders looks to young Latinos for edge in Nevada caucusesBernie Sanders is looking to Nevada's large population of young Latino voters to propel him to victory during the caucuses on Saturday, the first nominating contest featuring a large minority population. Supporting a communist is an admission of failure in life by declaring that you are unable to make it in life and need to depend on government. Sad Promising free stuff works every time! next to Trump, Bernie is the biggest BSer around

reidepstein Pete stop being divisive and don't be bitter 'cause Bernie proved you wrong reidepstein Such negative vitriol. Bernie bro’s? Russian bots? Both? reidepstein Pete and his supporters are divisive and vile. reidepstein So the news is Bernie's win but the quote is from 3rd or 4th place. Very interesting take on journalism.

reidepstein Bernie would be better than trump but he will never win the election in November , get off Bernie hump in Bmoonberg if their is any hope in November ! reidepstein Bernie got 40%+ of the vote from PoC in Nevada. Buttigieg only got 7%. reidepstein that's a terrible, whiny, nonsense argument from a phantasm made of mayo

reidepstein Bernie is not taking big pack money! Trump is taking even foreign funding... with Bernie’s policy on not taking big money, trump will mop the floor with his face! Pete is right!!! Bernie has aleady lost! reidepstein Pete is just a closing parenthesis. reidepstein ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏼We’ve got this. NotMeUs NVCaucus Bernie2020 solidarity

reidepstein Yep he sounds like the unity ticket candidate. Nice way to tell his supporters they don't matter to the DNC. reidepstein Well, Buttigieg doesn't believe in anything. It must be surprising for him to find someone who does commit to an idea and goes with it. reidepstein This is wasted talk and wasted time,you cannot change it neither stop the victory song.

reidepstein Communist Revolution? reidepstein He's right. But Warren is a superior + qualified unity candidate. reidepstein Buttigieg has no realistic path with PoC. Meaning he has no path to winning the nomination. Sanders does. He may pick up a few more corp donors, but I honestly think Buttigieg’s only hurting his own campaign going into Super Tuesday states with these kinds of attacks on Sanders

reidepstein Pete needs to zip it reidepstein How dare you vote for your own interests, peasant! reidepstein Is he crazy. Sanders is the guy that will defeat or lose against Trump. reidepstein Looks like the Russian bots are out in full force

reidepstein I want an inflexible ideological revolution. reidepstein I disagree with you, Pete. You were my first pick on campaign, though. I reidepstein A gay man running for president is an ideological shift!!! reidepstein Mayor Pete is right, Sanders is the anti-Trump, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

reidepstein Pete is a CIA plant reidepstein Stop being so selfish PeteButtigieg The world needs Trump to be removed from office. Stop with the divisiveness. Stop trying to sabotage other candidates. You have shown your true colours and it’s pretty ugly.

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