Democratic Primary: Bernie Sanders Once Said The Democratic Party Couldn't Be Turned Around.Bernie

Democratic Primary: Bernie Sanders Once Said The Democratic Party Couldn't Be Turned Around.Bernie

Bernie Sanders once said the Democratic Party couldn't be turned around. Now he's a top candidate seeking its nomination.

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In one speech in 1989, Sanders said that the Democratic Party could not be turned around and that it was impossible to build a progressive movement within the party

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89 what. That just shows he should’ve been out a long time ago. He has only created this mess of government. Now he wants to make it worse. Prime example for term limits. BernieEvents Cnn is part of the problem CNN who's dat Sanders is totally responsible for giving GOP fodder thinking all Dems are Socialists. His poor explanation of exactly what Democratic Socialism is right from the get go was a HUGE mistake. HE needs to correct this profoundly, explicitly and over and over.

And now he's savings Dems, Bernie Sanders ' Real change happens when millions of ppl stand together, it happen in The civil rights movement Labour movement Gay Movement Women Movement' CNN not 'fake News' it's alternative facts CNN donors must be scared Who next? Warren as a GOP Y’all got interviews lined up? Word on the street is big lay-offs coming to the Fake News Network.😳😂❤️🇺🇸KEK

Only took 30 years! “Progressive” ha lol Good! Now he can stop pretending to be a democrat I don't get it. Why does he want to do that? Did he try the RNC? They just might be receptive to being turned around.

Bernie Sanders: Gen Z Is “a Generation of Tolerance and Decency”'This is a generation which is profoundly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic, and anti–religious bigotry. It is a generation of tolerance and decency....and that is no small thing.' –BernieSanders BernieSanders Tolerance & decency? Have you been on social media Bernie? BernieSanders Let's see here. I got Bernie Sanders, Teen Vogue, FREE SPACE, Generation Z, and righteous intolerance for bigoted shitheads. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 robdelaney BernieSanders Don’t forget: Anti-humor.

Yes but he has no problem using them to campaign. Nothing like living rent free. For once I agree with the Bern. BernieSanders should just run as an independent:) And he’s been proven correct over the past 3 years Am wait for a response from a true American lol this is the dumbest hit job, even for CNN Here's to hoping he's right!!

I'm not a Bernie supporter. But in 1989 I told the father of a girl I liked that I helped invent WordPerfect. I still got hired at several tech firms later in life. DM “CNN” for a free pick to beat your bookie!💰

Antiwar candidate Bernie Sanders faces backlash over the $1.2 trillion war machine he brought to VermontBernie Sanders is one of the officials that brought Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet to Vermont. Now the jet is nuclear-capable, and citizens, companies and environmentalists no longer want the program in the state. But but but the industrial war machine is America We've known this for 3 years Another Bernie story I'd never heard until now. Better late than never I guess. (The idea the media was against Bernie in 2016 is a joke.)

Bernie Sanders is trying something different by promoting 'anti-endorsements' he's received from big businesses'I am proud to announce the modern-day oligarchs who oppose our movement,' Bernie Sanders wrote as he released a list of anti-endorsements. He’s desperate for media attention so he’s pulling bizarre stunts like this one. Does he think these big businesses would endorse a Warren or Harris? Childish stuff from the 77 year old. LOL honestly that's pretty savvy. Fk big business.

Sanders: 'We are fighting for the future of the planet'Sen. Sanders talks with Maddow about the urgency of climate change: 'We need a president, not like Trump, who doesn't even accept the reality of climate change...we need a president who says, to every country on Earth, that you are in this.' maddow resist maddow SpeakerPelosi AOC .......SO AOC just called Pelosi a racist. I’ll wait on MSPMSNBC TO REPORT THIS. maddow no we don't

Sanders pushes back on ageism: Look at the totality of the personSenator Bernie Sanders, 2020 Democratic candidate for president, talks with Rachel Maddow about he thinks Eric Swalwell's 'pass the torch' remarks at the first Democratic debate were ageist, and why youth alone is not an automatic qualification for leadership. maddow Go Burnie go maddow How about when Bernie said you can't just tell voters 'I'm a woman, vote for me'? maddow

Frequent boycotter Trump blasts liberals for calling for Home Depot boycottPresident Trump on blasted “the radical left” for using economic boycotts as a political tactic despite his own long history of supporting such strategies ImpeachTrump The Republican Motto!: DO AS WE SAY!, NOT AS WE DO!

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