Bernie Sanders Is The Winner Of The 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucuses

The senator has another primary victory under his belt.


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucuses, according to projections from multiple outlets. NevadaCaucus

The senator has another primary victory under his belt.

Iowa’s Democratic Party is recounting votes from 10 precincts in the state after the apparent leaders in that race, Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, MayorAhead of Nevada’s caucuses, Buttigieg held the most delegates.

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Good for him And how many of us feel like the rug just has been swept out from under us? Disillusioned and depressed already! Saw him hiding with a kane the other day! Gtfoh And DNC is working hard to rig the nomination like they did for Clinton 🙄 4years 8 months more of Trump 😞 Putin's puppet. Why hasn't he expropriated Las Vegas without compensation? Being a raging commie and everything!

Poll: Bernie Sanders surging ahead of the pack among California votersRoughly a quarter of likely California voters have come out in support of Bernie Sanders, but as the primary creeps closer, many are still undecided. whyfund Hotel California, you can check any time but you can never leave.

Sadly, it looks like four more years of Trump. 2020 will be: Capitalism vs Socialism Freedom vs Gov Control 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 vs 🇨🇳🇻🇪 Trump vs Commie Bernie Easy choice!! Trump2020 VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 realDonaldTrump BernieSanders Hail to the Chief ! Mr. Trump is jumping up and down with excitement. More trouble for our citizens.

The use of President will be in the past. The word Chairman is the new democrats leader's title. Welcome comrades. BِreakingNews Afghanistan Islamic State fighters bombed yesterday the US 'Bagram' military base with 'Grad' missiles . Kaْbul Can't say he's won until all the votes come in!! So Putin is successful once again.

Go I love it!! The DNC must be screaming bloody murder. They might actually have to listen to the voters instead of party syncopates and blue kool-Aid addicts.

What the Mike Bloomberg pile-on says about Bernie Sanders' frontrunner status in Nevada – and beyondAs the newcomer to the stage endured blow after blow, the frontrunner in the Democratic primary skated by without the same level of attention.

He also won Iowa AKA, Trump is closer to reelection. The Dems are nominating a communist! Again!! Congratulations Senator Sanders. ronaldtheshort The DNC is going to screw Bernie over again , 2016 part two ONLY 10% reporting in? Awesome. aww yeah, that's 2 down and a super Tuesday to go...

Pfeiffer: 'Bernie Sanders is the person who they need to beat''I understand why many of them went after Bloomberg... but ultimately, Bernie Sanders is the person who they need to beat.” - Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of 'Pod Save America' yeah no kidding genius Absolutely right. Trump wants Bernie so he and the Russians get 4 more. Time for a real America first policy, (that means trump and cronies last and gone) Wrong. It's Trump.

This man is the lease electable person that could be chosen. There is no way. We will be out enmass.

Democrats Pile on Bernie Sanders as Urgency GrowsLAS VEGAS -- The day after a Democratic presidential debate brought out the candidates&39; outrage at Michael Bloomberg, the focus turned back toward Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who leads polls of Nevada, California and the nation.Former Vice President Joe Biden spent Thursday hammering Sanders They need a reminder that Trump is the person they should be piling on not their opponents Bernie isn’t the crisis. Trump is. If they aren’t able to accomplish what Bernie has shame on them work harder, gain trust, stop flip flopping on policies, & stop taking PAC money

Bernie Sanders says Trump would 'chew up and spit out' Bloomberg after Nevada debate performanceBloomberg was criticized for being unprepared for the debate, and Trump said that performance made him hope the former New York City is the Democratic nominee.

Mike Bloomberg says Bernie Sanders 'appeals to a small base' and 'cannot win in November'Following his maligned debate performance, Bloomberg attacked Sanders and Trump at a campaign event in Salt Lake City. Probably true. Someone new needs to enter the race. He’s right. He has no credibility— except the kind you can purchase.

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