Bernie Sanders, Election 2020, Trump

Bernie Sanders, Election 2020

Bernie Sanders Gets 50% Fewer Votes In New Hampshire Than 2016, Trump Gets 24% More

Sanders vs Trump? Wall Street happy.


Bernie Sanders got 50% fewer votes in New Hampshire than in 2016— Trump got 24% more

Sanders vs Trump ? Wall Street happy.

Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at a Primary Night event at ... [+] the SNHU Field House in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 11, 2020. Turnout for Sanders was lower than in 2016. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images This isn’t your 2016 Bernie Sanders. Yes, he won New Hampshire. And yes, the PredictIt market has him winning every state on Super Tuesday. But the biggest takeaway from last night as far as the Bernie Sanders campaign goes is that he lost half his voter base from the last election. The question now is whether he can recover that and beat President Trump. Wall Street highly doubts it. It’s already celebrating, coronavirus be damned. Assuming Sanders is begrudgingly nominated by the powers-that-be in the Democratic Party (he is an I-VT, in the DNCs mind), this is a man who has lost a significant part of the mojo he had the last time he ran for the presidency, based on Iowa and New Hampshire turnout. Look, in 2016 he got 151,000 votes , or 60.4% of the Democratic Party primary voters in New Hampshire. Hillary got 95,000. Trump got 100,000 and topped the Republican ticket. If New Hampshire always gets the presidential picks right, they were right in 2016 because Trump got more primary voters than did Hillary. This year, Trump got 24% more votes than he did in 2016. Sanders got 50% less! Trump had less competition, so that’s one reason. But voters knew there was really only one game in town on the Republican ticket and they showed up anyway. Sanders had more competition this year than four years ago. But when given the chose, it seems that many of the 151,000+ who picked Sanders in 2016 chose someone else when they had the option. Sanders is hobbling into Nevada and South Carolina on a quarter tank of gas. And if New Hampshire is really good at picking presidents, Trump wins 2020 by wider margins if he is going against Sanders. Trump got nearly 50,000 more votes in New Hampshire than Sanders. That differential alone clobbers the former frontrunners Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden got last night in their totally embarrassing showings. Bernie Sanders 2020 votes. around 4,000 more votes than Pete Buttigieg. This is not a campaign ... [+] firing on all eight cylinders. CNN For now, Sanders has the inside track, but if New Hampshire returns are any indication, he’s vulnerable. Sanders also has no fanfare for him in primetime on CNN and MSNBC. Tucker Carlson on Fox News is easier on him than Chris Matthews of MSNBC. On this afternoon, Trump stories lead, followed by Mike Bloomberg getting an endorsement from three African-American lawmakers and ex-Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick dropping out of the race. Bet: 90% of the population had no idea Deval Patrick was even in the race. Takeway: where’s Bernie? He just won the first primary of 2020. Instead, Bloomberg and Patrick lead. Sanders needs to go on offense, especially at next week’s debate. This includes going after Davos Man Bloomberg, seen preying on Sanders from afar, and the media, which is always a winner among the electorate. He also needs to explain how he makes public colleges free, and what kind of support he would need in Congress in order to allow for massive defaults on student loans, arguably his signature policy after Medicare-for-All. As it stands, Sanders is at the risk of being Jeremy Corbyn’d, the left-wing leader of the U.K. Labour Party, which got a drubbing in the last election. Exit polls showed that people viewed Corbyn as weak, and anti-Britain. It's too early to know who will win the White House next year, but for now Wall Street is convinced ... [+] Trump has a lock on 2020 as rival Sanders starts off the year hobbled. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Getty Images Sanders will be labeled a socialist, but that’s by his own doing. He can tout the Nordic countries’ social programs if he wants, but he needs to be realistic on how those programs are paid in countries like Denmark or risk losing independents and moderate Clintonites. Old school “Reagan-Democrats” who voted for Trump in blue states could theoretically stay home on Election Day or vote for Trump. They won’t want to see their taxes going up, especially if they have no children in college, and are fine with their health benefits. Democrats cannot just count on Trump rage. If they do, their Trump rage candidate is arguably Bloomberg. The market would be absolutely ecstatic with a Bloomberg vs Trump 2020 matchup. But that’s getting too far ahead of things. In the meantime, the next Democratic debate is February 19 in Las Vegas. This could be make or break for several candidates. They’ll know how voters feel about their performance in that debate after the February 22 Nevada Caucus. FiveThirtyEight projects Sanders to win as of Wednesday. The correlation between rising equities and the rising likelihood of a Sanders nomination suggests Trump is set up to win reelection and continue the current economic expansion. With the Mueller Report long gone, the impeachment trial over, a strong economy and labor market, a runaway stock market, and solid consumer and business sentiment, Trump is in the pole position. Bernie Sanders, should he be the nominee, will then have to explain to Americans that he is not going to take those gains away. If he is going to offer relief, as a value-add to Trump’s peace and prosperity, he better come up with a realistic way of paying for it or he loses the independents who pick presidents on Election Day. Follow me on Read more: Forbes

this and yall are the worst Any company really relying on poles is a trash can. He still won though You, me or anyone can display statistics to lean to their favor. Just as stupid as your readers, am i right? Bernies has 5 additional challengers this time and Trump has no challengers. Your math sucks Cruel World.

This is sarcasm right ? Parody? Pls Fundrasing and Cash On Hand: chart: Mike2020

Strokes Sing ‘New York City Cops’ Face-to-Face With Cops as Sanders Rally Gets RowdyIt’s every rebellious rocker’s dream optic: getting to sing a song complaining about police literally in the face of police taking the stage. That was the scenario as New Hampshire offi… A man in a cartoon suit sings a silly disrespectful song in the face of cops who are on duty. Let us all swoon, since we never matured past high school.

How many candidates were there in 2016? Lol, that's a weird way of interpreting the data. Please keep telling yourself Bernie won't win. How is math hard at Forbes Should note that 125k fewer GOP voters turned out this year vs 2016. Yes that’s apples vs oranges but so is the Bernie/Dem comparison between the 2 primaries.

Bernie was facing a stacked field. Trump is now an incumbent. Math is your friend Forbes. I thought you were suppose to be a business publication. and the fine art of journalism right here. Trump got more votes in a democratic primary? Also Trump getting 24% more votes than the last Republican primary isn't surprising seeing how he's the current Republican president. Who's even running against him for the nomination? This article is just asinine..

No one ran against or was allowed to run against Trump and Sanders had more competitors. Context is everything.

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This article is irrelevant... 😂 Firstly, In 2016, there were only two people in the democratic primaries (Clinton and Sanders). Now there are several candidates, so of course, he will get less. O well Diatgustingly dishonest headline given that there obviously were more candidates splitting the vote this time around.

Lmfao what a joke 500000 dem candidates in 2020....2 in 2016.....basically 1 repub running in an uncontested race.... contextmatters What an awful take and misleading comparison. More crowded/competitive field than 2016. That’s all. Follow back

Diplomat ousted and slammed by Trump gets diplomacy awardFormer U.S. Amb. to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who testified in impeachment probe, speaks about diplomacy: “To be blunt, an amoral, keep ’em guessing foreign policy that substitutes threats, fear and confusion for trust, cannot work over the long haul.” Shes corrupt and deeply involved in the way laying of investigations into many with ties to her or her associates. Produced a list of elite she proposed do not investigate.

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