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Bernie Sanders Embraces Deal Maker Role in Biden’s Antipoverty Push

Sen. Bernie Sanders has morphed this year from antiestablishment outsider to White House deal maker

7/24/2021 6:45:00 PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders has morphed this year from antiestablishment outsider to White House deal maker

The progressive senator helps pull Democrats to the left on policy. Republicans say the shift could help the GOP in midterms.

The self-described Democratic socialist has tempered some ofhis progressive policy demandsto team with the Biden administration on Democrats’ sprawling antipoverty and climate plan. At the same time, he has helped pull Democrats leftward on healthcare and other issues he calls critical to working people, a shift Republicans say will be a boon to the GOP as they try to reclaim control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.

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“I credit President Biden for doing something which very few presidents have done, and that is to take a look at the crises facing this country and then proceeding from there, and he took a very comprehensive look,” Mr. Sanders said in an interview.The biggest test comes this fall. With Mr. Sanders’s input as budget chairman, Democratic leaders are working to pass

a $3.5 trillion planthat would expand Medicare and finance cleaner power. The legislation is also expected to attempt to provide a path to citizenship for some immigrants and fund expanded child care, paid family leave and affordable housing.The legislation, which Democrats pledged would be fully paid for with tax increases and other sources of revenue, hasn’t yet been drafted, and Democrats are still negotiating which provisions ultimately make it in. headtopics.com

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It will help the GOP in midterms. Progressives to realize progress should wait to insure they keep a DEM majority in both houses. Otherwise Corrupt Corporate Leaders & the Rich will IMPEDE economic opportunity & better living for average Americans while making the poor, POORER. Incredible Wave of Nausea...😬

Multi-Millionaire MARXIST with a BAD HAIRCUT. Would you like to create a second source of income for yourself from the comfort of your home? It won’t interfere with your job or whatever you do. DM me for more details I love you Bernie! Getting an 80-year-old self-proclaimed communist to fix poverty. What could possibly go wrong?

Here comes the Hillary cult screaming “bUT BErnIE!” 🤡🤡🤡

U.S. Olympians Chant Jill Biden's Name As First Lady Cheers On Swimmers In TokyoThe athletes chanted “Dr. Biden, Dr. Biden” at the Tokyo Aquatics Center. nice They love their president! She's a powerful lady! We love our First Lady ❤️🤍💙

Democrats Can’t Out-Organize a Gerrymander — or Outflank Joe ManchinVoting rights advocates shouldn’t expect Biden to do the impossible in Congress, while Biden should understand there are laws you cannot out-organize. ed_kilgore The 2022 midterm elections are way more important than the 2020 presidential election because of the extreme GOP making an irreversible comeback. The campaign to keep them out begins RIGHT NOW! Tell your U.S. senators to pass the For the People Act!

Biden’s obsession with scoring a bipartisan deal suddenly looks quite doablePresident Biden may finally be nearing the bipartisan win he's long yearned for but that some in his party say is politically unnecessary and may ultimately prove fleeting A bipartisan deal only helps republicans, at this point. Democrats are happy to pass it all through budget reconciliation. Republicans voting for a deal only shows they aren't completely hyperpartisan. 🙄🙄🙄 STOP NEGOTIATING WITH TERRORISTS! OMGOMNIABSOLUTE=Universe-Gravity: Hence, there are two kinds of people;= these that AGREE & those that disagree, whereas they will take the DICHOTOMY of the DISPOSITION.{FYI, duh & now you know} 🆗 Earthlings, languages didn't fall out of space, they were created by Earthlings.

Senate panel backs $25B Pentagon budget boostRepublicans hammered Biden's $715B defense budget for months as insufficient to modernize the military and compete with China. Now Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee backed a $25B Pentagon boost. $25 billion?! How about $25 billion for healthcare or defense against climate change which is going to affect us all a lot sooner than an imaginary war with China. Shame on you timkaine and my Senator SenGillibrand who is on the SASCDems. Stop wasting our tax money! Abolish the terrorist US military

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Rep. Hank Johnson among 10 demonstrators arrested at voting rights protestRep. Hank Johnson was among 10 demonstrators arrested by U.S. Capitol Police on Thursday in an orchestrated act of civil disobedience outside the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. doesn’t surprise me. not the smartest guy on the hill.... horrible Good trouble