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Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want His Delegates Attacking Biden on Twitter

The Sanders campaign is asking its delegates to stay on their best behavior—and not attack Biden on social media

5/21/2020 5:29:00 AM

The Sanders campaign is asking its delegates to stay on their best behavior—and not attack Biden on social media

The Sanders campaign is asking delegates to sign agreements governing their social media use and convention conduct to avoid a repeat of 2016.

specifically asks delegates to “refrain from making negative statements about other candidates, party leaders, Campaigns, Campaign staffers, supporters, news organizations or journalists.” “This Campaign is about the issues and finding solutions to America’s problems,” the policy continues. “Our job is to differentiate the senator from his opponents on the issues—not through personal attacks.” Delegates are also directed to “do [their] best to avoid online arguments or confrontations” and assume all their comments are “on the record” and could be attributed to the campaign. “Before tweeting or posting from your personal social media accounts,” the policy states, “ask yourself these questions: If this appeared on the front page of The

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New York Times, would it compromise Bernie Sanders’s message, credibility, or reputation? Could it potentially risk your standing as a delegate? When re-tweeting or sharing information from others, are you applying necessary skepticism?”Though the fate of the in-person Democratic convention this summer remains

deeply uncertain, delegates are also nevertheless being asked to sign a code of conduct laying out how they’re expected to behave—whether in Milwaukee or virtually. “Engage with other delegates, superdelegates, party leadership, and elected officials with respect and a spirit of cooperativeness, even if I disagree with them,” the code of conduct dictates, along with tenets like acting with integrity, practicing self-care, and “conduct[ing] myself as if I was working in the White House for the American people.” Delegates are also not authorized to “engage with the media” without explicit permission from the campaign, which the

Postnotes could be particularly important if a virtual convention results in the media and online discourse becoming “the main venues for delegates to express themselves.” Should candidates violate either the social media policy or code of conduct, the agreements warn they will face “disciplinary action, including but not limited to your removal from the delegation.”

The delegate agreements reportedly weren’t received well by many of the delegates themselves, thePostreports, and the campaign is now working with delegates to modify the documents. “Some of the intent and some of the wording was really not agreeable to some of our Colorado delegation,” Colorado Sanders delegate

Lori Boydstontold thePost, though she noted that the campaign did accept proposed changes. “Some of the wording was really stifling what to say.”Heather Stockwell, a delegate from New Hampshire, told thePostshe hadn't personally received the agreements, but heard about their flaws from others. “I did hear about it from other delegates in other states that they were trying to work with the campaign to change some of the wording because it was kind of offensive,” Stockwell said. “Some people were really upset.”

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