Benjamin Crump: When will African Americans have the right to self defense?

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend tried to stand his ground, but got charged with a crime instead.

5/29/2020 7:35:00 AM

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend tried to stand his ground, but got charged with a crime instead.

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend tried to stand his ground, but got charged with a crime instead.

for your answers.In February, Arbery was jogging when he was chased down by two white men in a truck and shot to death. The alleged killers claimed they feared for their lives despite Arbery being unarmed — and the police took them at their word. If a white person says they feel threatened by a black person, no further evidence is required. Any level of force seems to be justified.

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Only after the case made national news when a video of the shocking killing surfaced months later were suspects Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael finally arrested andcharged with murder.Contrast the treatment of the McMichaels' with that of Kenneth Walker, a black man who fired one nonfatal round from a legally registered firearm against armed intruders in the middle of the night. Walker was defending his castle and his woman when police burst into his apartment unannounced on a misdirected drug raid.

COLUMN:In coronavirus crisis, lessons in humanity toward America's incarceratedJust before 1 a.m. on March 13, Walker was asleep alongside his girlfriend, Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT and hero in the COVID-19 pandemic, who daily put her life on the line to help others. Three plainclothes Louisville Metro Police officers stormed into Taylor’s apartment on a “no-knock warrant.” Walker called 911, grabbed his gun and

fired a single shot.After an officer was hit in the leg, police opened fire, spraying more than 20 bullets. Taylor, who was shot at least eight times, died. Walker was charged with attempted murder of a police officer. And unlike what happened to the McMichaels, it didn't take months for authorities to press charges. Walker was charged immediately. The charges

only after months of advocacy and national media attention.The police were looking for narcotics but. The suspect they were seeking was already in custody. Walker was a licensed gun owner who thought someone was breaking in. Clearly, he felt threatened. Where was his right to self-defense?

COLUMN:COVID-19 is forcing the release of some inmates. What will prisons look like after pandemic?Recently, the Louisville Metro Police Department said it’s updating policies regarding no-knock warrants and body cameras in the wake of Taylor’s death. The changes will provide an “added level of scrutiny’’ for approval of no-knock warrants and require officers to wear cameras when serving warrants or in situations where they identify themselves as police officers.

That’s helpful, but it doesn’t get to the root problem — that we have two vastly different systems of justice in this country depending on whether you’re black or white. I’ve seen the pain firsthand because I represent the families of both Arbery and Taylor.

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Would their stories have ended differently if Ahmaud were a white jogger and Walker were a white man defending a white woman asleep at his side?It’s 2020 — well past time to surrender our implicit biases and ensure that black Americans are guaranteed the same right to self-defense as white Americans. Justice should be blind, not dependent on the color of the finger that pulled the trigger.

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Sad Charges have been dropped without prejudice. Do your job! JusticeforBreonnaTaylor justiceGeorgeFloyd JusticeforAhmaudArbery RacismInAmerica racist PoliceBrutality AbuseOfPower RuleOfLaw The charges were dropped. Is he trying to create more problems then we have right now? In this red-neck country? Just don't get caught.

If you ever wonder why you hear black people say, 'There is no justice, there is just-us.' This is why. get rid of no knock warrants Really there’s other things happening that are more important! I thought everyone knew “stand your ground” laws are only for God Damn Crackers. Malcom X said it

George Floyd family attorney: ‘An insult to justice’ that officers involved haven’t been arrestedGeorge Floyd family attorney says it's 'an insult to justice' that no arrests have been made in his death, adding that the Floyd family 'continued to say, 'all the evidence you need, all the probable cause you need, is on the video.' Another fine example of what a democratic mayor does for the black community, someone has to see that all these major cities with dem leadership ARE NOT helping the community! cthagod realDonaldTrump GOP kanyewest Dem nominee said something racist last wk JoeBidenIsARacist Patience. At least in 92 LA they waited for the verdict. These animals are just burning everything. They are no better than the terrorists that bombed the Marine barracks in Beirut. Apparently his Attorney doesn’t really know the Law.

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House Democrats ask DOJ to investigate 'unconstitutional conduct' in recent deaths of African Americans'America's history of racism and racially motivated violence is a plague that continues to live on through generations,' Representative Jerrold Nadler said on Thursday. They won’t Yeah right...good luck with that! Start with contact tracing and work your way from there

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