Ben & Jerry’s West Bank ice cream ban has Israel hot under the collar

Officials slammed the ice cream maker's announcement that it is going to stop selling in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory.

7/21/2021 11:46:00 AM

Israeli officials have slammed Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, accusing it of branding itself as anti-Israeli.

Officials slammed the ice cream maker's announcement that it is going to stop selling in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory.

03:06The movement says it aims to economically and politically pressure Israel to comply with international law and works to end international support for Israel's oppression of the Palestinians.But Israeli officials say the movement is antisemitic and seeks to delegitimize or even destroy the country. Under Israeli law, supporters of the movement can be

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denied entry to Israel.Ben & Jerry's did not say in its statement that it supported BDS, but its decision was widely seen by Israel watchers and some Jewish groups as a win for the movement.It is not the first time a company has tried to stop doing business in the occupied territories. In 2018, Airbnb announced that it would stop advertising properties in Israeli settlements. Several months later, after coming under harsh criticism from Israel and a federal

by Israeli Americans who owned property in the settlements, the company reversed its decision.Download theapp for breaking news and politicsIt remains unclear whether Israeli pressure will yield the same result with Ben & Jerry's.Hanan Ashrawi, a veteran Palestinian politician, described Erdan's decision to write to 35 U.S. governors as"Israeli arrogance."

"Chutzpah +hasbara+ entitlement + impunity," she tweeted.That Israeli lawmakers framed Ben & Jerry’s decision as a boycott of Israel itself will be welcomed by Jewish settlers living in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem.These territories were captured by Israel from Jordan in the 1967 Mideast war.

Israel treats the two areas separately, considering east Jerusalem as part of its capital and the West Bank as disputed territory whose fate should be resolved in negotiations. Most of the international community, however, considers both areas to be occupied territory and settlements there to be illegal under international law.

Nearly 700,000 Jewish settlers live in the two areas — about 440,000 in the occupied West Bank and 220,000 in east Jerusalem, according toPeace Now, an Israeli organization that advocates for an independent Palestinian state.Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop doing business in the occupied Palestinian territory was embraced by the BDS movement, which described it as a “decisive step towards ending the company’s complicity in Israel’s occupation and violations of Palestinian rights.”

Not all Israeli lawmakers condemned the decision.Aida Touma-Sliman, an Israeli lawmaker with the Joint List of Arab parties, wrote onTwitterthat Ben & Jerry’s decision was “just and moral” and that the occupied Palestinian territories are not part of Israel.

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Ayman Odeh, the head of the Joint List, tweeted a picture of himself digging into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s along with the caption: “The diet was going well until now.”Saphora Smith is a London-based reporter for NBC News Digital. Read more: NBC News »

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some companies still have morals and guts to stand up for international law. Ppl who criticizes Isreal always seem to be Antisemitic. So you can't call out isreals cruelty and oppression of Palestinian. Isreal has stolen land, treated Palestinians as slaves and beat murder women and children. Isreal is just having their warcrimes pointed out.

BDSmovement Palestine 🇵🇸🍧 American people must stand for justice to oppression, don't let the media fool you by portraying tje oppressor as a victim. SAY NO TO ISRAEL OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE. Good for Ben and Jerry's. FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸

Ben & Jerry's to stop ice cream sales in occupied Palestinian territoriesAmerican ice cream-maker Ben & Jerry's announce they will stop selling their ice cream in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories Wow Good on them. To stand against apartheid is to be human. U forgot the most important part , Isra€li Politicians lost their s**t FreePalestine

Ben & Jerry's will stop selling ice cream in Palestinian territoriesBen & Jerry's will no longer sell ice cream in occupied Palestinian territories, saying it's inconsistent with the values of the socially conscious brand. I will be buying more of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Good Looks like the 'socially conscious brand' wants to 'maintain its values' by denying Palestinians its 'socially conscious products'. How hypocritical can these people be?

Ben & Jerry’s To Stop Selling Ice Cream In Occupied Palestinian Territories After Years Of Activist PressureThe company said it is “inconsistent with our values” to continue selling ice cream in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. unclelami Citadel is an organized Crime Syndicate. BrokenSystem MarketManipulation NoSECenforcement

Ben & Jerry’s withdraws from Israeli settlements, clashes with parent company UnileverBen & Jerry’s clashes with its parent company Unilever after announcing the company will stop selling its ice cream in the occupied territories. Good for them. But China is kind and gentle. Follow the money. Ben & Jerry DGAF So…uh…is this supposed to be some sort of heroic feat? No more ice cream until you act right? It’s ice cream….like sugar milk. It’s friggin ice cream. Next to pull out; ICEE.

Ben & Jerry’s Will No Longer Be Sold in Israeli Settlements in Palestine'We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT),' read a company statement Ben and Jerry's is sooo overrated ✡️

Ben & Jerry's Israel stance sees people throw ice cream away, buy Häagen-Dazs insteadBen & Jerry's said 'it is inconsistent with our values' to continue selling tubs of ice cream in the occupied Palestinian territories. Well I bought an extra in their honor. I’ll keep buying extras every time I go to the grocery store