Ben & Jerry’s unveils new flavor to support Rep. Cori Bush's public safety bill

Ben & Jerry’s unveils new flavor to support Rep. Cori Bush's public safety bill.

9/21/2021 12:38:00 AM

Ben & Jerry’s unveils new flavor to support Rep. Cori Bush's public safety bill.

Ben & Jerry’s unveiled its “Change Is Brewing” flavor to support a bill proposed by Rep. Cori Bush to shift public safety from police to community efforts.

for the new effort.The news comes just months after Bush announced the $10 billion proposal intended to transform public safety. The People’s Response Act would establish a division on community safety within the Department of Health and Human Services that would call upon nonpolice first responders for emergency situations stemming from mental health issues, substance use or other health or behavioral complications. The division would be tasked with funding and coordinating research and offering grant programs to promote “non-carceral, health-centered investments in public safety” on the state and local level.

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Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., speaks with reporters at the Capitol on Aug. 2, 2021.Jose Luis Magana / AP file“The People’s Response Act brings transformative change to our communities — change that is long overdue,” Bush told NBC News. “By shifting responsibilities of public safety to the Department of Health and Human Services, investing in grassroots organizations already doing the work of keeping our communities safe, and creating alternative responses to 911 calls for mental health emergencies, the People’s Response Act can and will transform public safety in our country. This is the future that we deserve — and Ben & Jerry’s support of this bill shows the momentum we have towards making it a reality.”

This isn’t the first time Ben & Jerry’s has taken a progressive stance on an issue. Read more: NBC News »

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