Ben Affleck Introduces His Kids to Ana de Armas, Go for Family Dog Walk

Ana de Armas is already getting some face time with Ben's kids.

5/23/2020 11:53:00 PM

Ben Affleck Introduces His Kids to Ana de Armas, Go for Family Dog Walk

Ana de Armas is already getting some face time with Ben's kids.

's pooch, Birdie, whom Violet was handling.They even brought Ana's little doggo, Elvis, along for the stroll ... we almost didn't see him back there 😅. The outing also looked pretty quarantine friendly -- everyone wore masks.Play video content

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ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILYBACKGRIDYou can see Ana hanging back a bit and talking to young Sam, while Ben and his two girls strolled ahead and eventually hopped up on a curb and into the entryway of his house.This appears to be the first time Ana's been seen with Ben's brood and sure enough ... everyone seems to be getting along great, 'cause they're pretty chummy and comfy here.

X17Interestingly enough, it would appear Jen was cool with this get-together and the kids hanging out with Ana ... 'cause Ben doesn't often bring his GFs around the family like this. His ex, Read more: TMZ »

Hopefully his kids never get exposed to the truth that he was on those pizzagate emails with obama and hilary Are we supposed to like him again? So who called the paps before they went for a walk so they could capture this perfect moment? Imagine actually caring about any of this. 😂😂 “We’ to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz”....

they just called this weird named ana dr armas woman a dog. Who cares? This is BenAffleck’s third girlfriend introduction to his kids in the last three years. It’s like going to get ice cream. dude, the clicks!? Jesus! let the man have some peace! wtf! They're not six feet apart. Where are they going fir Memorial day, Wally World...

That's nice. However, I've seen two YouTube videos where Ben Affleck doesn't seem to like Paparazzi taking pictures of him and his family. 😳😔 ... BenAffleck ISupportyou the tmz team is quick.... Lucky the paps were there to clinch this precious moment. So. Who called who? A new level of thirst. Can’t we leave the kids alone?

Pedo does that matter Unnecessary Yay....did they all go to the kiddies play area at McDonalds least they’ll have something in common with her 🤭🤭 I wish he was back together with Jen Who cares? Wow Slow news day huh? That's not Ben. No need for masks outside Why are they wearing mask outdoors? Don't they all live together

Fuck all people think it was a PR STUNT Sr elsalonrojo una disculpa pero ya no puedo ver una foto de Affleck con Ana de Armas y no asociarlo con ud. I like drunk Ben. I’m sure it won’t be long. While Jen did all the hard work. They look dumb with the masks Is her mothers name Martha, too? Idk who any of these people are

We Love Brother Ben out here in Boston. He can’t do no wrong in our eyes Thank you tmz💀

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