Europe, Belgium's King Sends 'Regrets' To Congo For Leopold Iı Atrocities - Cnn

Europe, Belgium's King Sends 'Regrets' To Congo For Leopold Iı Atrocities - Cnn

Belgium's King sends 'regrets' to Congo for Leopold II atrocities -- but doesn't apologize

The King of Belgium has sent his 'deepest regrets' to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the 'suffering' his nation inflicted while it colonized the region -- but stopped short of apologizing for his ancestor Leopold II's atrocities.

6/30/2020 11:35:00 AM

The King of Belgium has sent his 'deepest regrets' to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the 'suffering' his nation inflicted while it colonized the region -- but stopped short of apologizing for his ancestor Leopold II's atrocities.

The King of Belgium has sent his 'deepest regrets' to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the 'suffering and humiliation' his nation inflicted while it colonized the region -- but stopped short of apologizing for his ancestor Leopold II's atrocities.

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People, I hope you understand the truth about why the Dems are adamant about removing the history of slavery. Because, it was the Dems that owned the slaves and the Republican that freed the slaves. No history no proof. Think people think!!! Key word “REGRET” coz apparently “APOLOGY” is a special reserve for “EQUALS” 😏🙄

More than apologies are needed because the original sin has shaped culture for generations keeping black people oppressed. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t do it. Sins visited on the children from generation to generation. Futures were lost, lives were lost, families were torn apart, generations were affected to this very day. Aren't we just a little over these way-to-late 'regrets.'

🤦🏾‍♂️ Why should he apologize? This is a picture of a Belgian soldier trying to prove that he can shoot 3 Congolese with one bullet through their skulls during the occupation If it is true that these statues actually had slaves, o well I guess ur all fucked for having been silent all along 😂if these prominent figures had slaves then h must rewrite a new USA from scratch, too much hurt feelings ...

sidljon Cnn = fake news AN APOLOGY WOULD ASCERTAIN HE HAD DONE SOMETHING WRONG. SHOULD EVERY GERMAN APOLOGISE BEFORE THEY SPEAK ? OF COURSE NOT YOU RACIST CLOWNS. How is this not an apology. Can you just not understand synonyms My mom brought home a chocolate hand she got on a tour in Belgium. Guests were told an innocent story about them. In truth, Leopold had hands severed from millions of Congans for not meeting labor quotas & other “infractions”. Belgium is still profiting.

NDiayeYasinPicc When are the descendants of Aztecs going to apologize to all the descendants of sacrificial victims whose beating hearts were ripped from their chests? Romans should apologize to all of the countries they drew slaves from. We want reparations. They must pay 2Trillion usd for damages That kind of sounds like an apology?

periodistan_ me acordé de tu hilo Love is not hard to find is just very hard for me to show!! You said that slavery is over so why we still fighting to be free? Don't worry, he and many other Racists Devil's, will soon meet their Satan. Leopold killed 10-15 million Congolese. Hitler killed 11 million. Kids' feet & hands were cut off by Leopold's army if kids collected too little rubber. People say protestors are too sensitive & should 'get over it'. Other crimes against humanity get treated differently though

BLM That is an apology, in past tense. Learn your language before you report in it, and I like CNN? SMDH Regrets will be used for So what will do people of Congo do with his regrets ? That is getting to be ridiculous - what is his personal crime to people of Congo? The Congo deserves reparations and he knows it....that’s why he won’t apologize.

That last part. Savage. 😂 Meaningless Even 2 two year old child knows and shy away from apology. That’s a common persons brain depth. To be great you have to have a courage to apologize and forgive. Excuse me? Give Congo everything dime you made.... Belgium chocolate my ass 😒😡 If the current King was willing to pay anything other than lip service, he would purchase the statues of his hateful ancestor leopold2. Let him distribute them on his private properties and let the Belgium state spend that money on anti-racist public service announcements

Fucking king Leopold II too reading his atrocities got to be the shittiest human being that walked the face of the earth and his demonic minions are not exempted too What's the use? ...but why? Apologies for something he wasn't responsible for? Stop with the guilt trips. I can't afford the baggage. exhausted

Apologies? I want reparations from Spain! They should send back all the gold they stole. Is Belgium going to pay Congo restitution Belgium wouldnt even hav an economy, if not for the riches they took from Congo.. POS CNN Communists he can't apologize. he played no role in the atrocities, therefore he has nothing to be sorry for.

Is this joke ever going to stop? It’s ridiculous. I think the best thing these nutcases (black, white, brown and yellow) should be doing more is go to school, study history and make sure they build a better future although I doubt they know anything other than destroying FUCK this guys regrets, what they did to my people in the Congolese part of Africa. Was a absolutely horrendous. More than just this useless half hearted half baked recognition, This is pure cowardice from this man and his country.

Peaceful Democrat protester....My ass This is all on the Democrat A sad sight to see a Belgian waffle over an apology for such cruelty. How can you sincerely apologise for something you didn't do to people who didn't suffer? Even that apology is not enough! Where is all the wealth? Surely the Congolese told the king to stick his lame ass apology where the sun doesn't shine.

การสร้าง 'พันธมิตร'หรือ 'การล่าอาณานิคม'(ลัทธิจักรวรรดินิยม)ยังคงต้องอยู่คู่โลกต่อไป ตราบเท่าที่โลกยังคงแบ่งกันเป็นค่ายหรือฝ่าย(โน้น,นี้,นั้น) เราได้แต่เฝ้ารอว่า เมื่อใดหนอ 'โลกทั้งโลกจะรวมศูนย์เพื่อสันติ' กันเสียทีนะ Never apologize for something you didn't do. Are reparations to follow? That is an apology...

I don't get this though. How would his apology even matter Wasn't him that needs to apologize. It's the dead who were at fault. And they can't anymore. Apology from people who didn't do anything wrong means jack shit. All he can do is offer condolences. AshAgony This monarchy should be wiped out. How about the current state of Zimbabwe which is run by racists ?

Why should he apologize for someone else ! Don’t Africa is still slave but peeps got the eye on the statues like that gonna solve the problem 🤦🏻‍♂️ When are the Scandinavian countries going to apologize for what the Vikings did? He should BEND THE KNEE Hahaha! The mess left behind by Belgium will take a while to get over 🤣🤣🤣

You can never apologize.... which is sad... this is the world we live in—- it will improve nothing Blacks around the world are oppressed, even though we are the Mother /Father of the human species. Get your knee off my neck. He’s got nothing to apologise for! HE wasn’t responsible. Are the Ugandans going to apologise to the Tanzanians for what Amin did it was that OK because both are black nations? This bullshit has to STOP

He doesn't have to! Neither do white people. Brussel was built with money from Congo colonization, 67 years of brutal abuse. i wish you to spread knowledge about Jan Fabre's art more widely All his millions come from granddaddy. Good , why should he apologize to make others feel better. Was it the taliban ?

Meaningless tokenism. The shit should abolish the institution completely. I am from Belgium, it was long before I was born, so not my fault. Fuck our king and Europe Did you know? We should boycot the king and his monarchists and force them to resign for the cruel exploitation of millions of people. Anything else than a republic is exploitation of the people and CANNOT be accepted.

If you want to have a good president in the USA , we have realEUpresident . He is great and makes America climate neutral before 2050. Furthermore, JesseJetten he is the most generous climate pope you get him for free also More questions? Call robertjensen he is a big fan Don't worry I'm sure they will burn in Hell what they did to innocent poor people in Congo

I wasn’t even aware Belgium has a king. Maybe they work minimum wage or something Hypothetically If one of my ancestor is a leading member of The SS, does this mean I need to apologize for his actions? Sanctions for Belgium :( Why should he apologize? Did he do it? Meanwhile black kills black in the Congo 🤔

Did he enact the policies? Did he enforce the policies? Collective guilt is horse-sh!t. I know! Lets rape all of Africa said Europe. Horrific How many people are apologizing for someone else's mistakes? Strangely, I like to see him shedding blood of tears... But I don't hope rioters destroy any historical statues. We should acknowledge them to be our history.

iSERVE2050 This shows how not sorry he is. Totally unnecessary except asking for more humiliation by the mobs. If such a gesture changes anything, I’m all for it. But it doesn’t. Why do people, who were born after this terrible things who didnt do it, must to apologize? So I am as russian can demand apologize from mongolians for the Mongol yoke or demand forgiveness from the young Germans for Hitler? But I didn't live in this time when it had happened.

What's next? Should Italy apologise for the Romans? They were a bad lot -albeit they built good roads and aqueducts. If he remained silent, it would be more beneficial. Why should he? They all stole from Africa! We demonize Hitler but they are just worse Apologies not accepted ... How do they intend to apologize for the blood of innocent people that was shed for nothing. That evil will forever hunt them.

CNN Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek Congo wants money... Lipp service Wait... He didn't even apologise?! I know I shouldn't be surprised but the levels of depravity and psychopathy freely expressed by (neo) colonialists will always take my breath away... Bravo! Belgium fuck Congo from behind for century and now saying awww I feel so bad for them 🤣🤣🤣🤣 colonialism

Typical arrogance that former colonizers display everytime accountability is sought from them. The issue of reparations ought to be put on the table for serious consideration given the rampant looting of former colonies. Yeah and you know why? He's not Leopold II and his ''Apology'' would mean nothing. Lloyd company apologised from Carribbean folks and it didn't serve

Hahahahahaha... idiot!! Because he didn't say it doesn't mean his not sorry you never can tell the heart of man Crafty, cunning yet a Clueless Covfefe needs a miracle to win and miracles are hard to come by: Joe Biden holds a whopping 14% lead! Shed red Go blue Anyway, four more months to go before the fat lady would sing on November the 4th. Till then..

Take your deepest regret and shove it! These “colonizers” won’t even give back stolen artifacts from African nations they hold hostage in their museums. Not to mention the all the burial sites they robbed! Also Egypt is a part of Africa! Don’t me!😏 Mama Africa has suffered enough. When Politicians come out to beg openly, they are in for another proxy looting. I only blame African leaders for not being nationalists. From South Africa to Nigeria to Ethiopia We need to rewrite our history and stereotype. African Renaissance.

😏 Bad behaviour! He should keep this.. and keep practicing how to do a proper apology till he finally gets it. Then, he can start all over again. Belgium owes the Congo reparations by the billions€! Maybe it could start by returning all the looted treasures in its museums, stately homes & churches! I'm sure the King has roomfuls?!

GOP Does this give you any ideas about your 2016 actions? It wasn't his nation (Belgum) that colonized the congo. That was his grandfather. With the help of the Walloniërs. Let him give all his proporty to the people. BlackLivesMatter Yeah nothing to apologise for eh. To those saying nothing to do with me. Do you perhaps live comfortably because these atrocities gave your country wealth. Probably

Great. Britain should follow suit and apologise to Nigeria for the injuries of its colonial mess. Nigeria still suffers from colonial injustices and their evils deeds. Sending regrets still an insult after your nation benefited from the proceeds of an evil, wicked oppressor. Men women children were killed dismembered. Belgium a nation without shame. It's a perineal disgrace to have the country build by Slavery maintain the statusquo.

Well, it’s a start, at least some regret after all those years. Truth and reconciliation is only way forward. For anyone who wants to educate themselves and not remain entrenched in ignorance. Have a look Kinda ironic that Hitler, who technically only killed fellow white people, is widely considered the personification of racism whereas Leopoldo ravished through Africa and yet remains a darling of the Globalists. 🤔

I apologise for the time my ancestors took that cavewoman and made babies .. I apologise for the meteorite that took out the dinosaurs we apologise for eve eating the apple fuck I apologise my parents were born !! It’s getting pathetic are they thanking the west for the donations They better start to recognises that because, Africa has everything its take to become a supper power.

Mongol invasions, Turkish invasions, Barbary slave trade ?

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