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Belarus' president-in-exile urges Joe Biden to help topple Putin-backed dictatorship

Belarus' president-in-exile urges Joe Biden to help topple Putin-backed dictatorship

11/29/2020 5:50:00 AM

Belarus ' president-in-exile urges Joe Biden to help topple Putin-backed dictatorship

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya told Newsweek she hopes the president-elect 'will fulfill his promises' to target the strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko .

"Joe Biden has a strong position on the Belarusian question. I hope he will fulfill what he has said. I think he would be braver in his decisions and his actions on Belarus."Tikhanovskaya entered the election only after her husband, Sergei Tikhanovsky, who is now in jail, was barred from running.

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On the campaign trail, huge crowds flocked to her events, inspired by her appearance on stage with two other female activists, Veronika Tsepkalo and Maria Kolesnikova, who symbolised a hopeful future."Europe has a strong position on the Belarusian question, but there are so many countries so, sometimes, it is a little bit too slow and difficult," Tikhanovskaya told

Newsweek."If the U.S. put pressure on the regime, I am sure Europe will be more active," she added.The graphic below fromshows the official share of the vote Alexander Lukashenko has claimed. Read more: Newsweek »

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Great. A war with Russian proxies. Biden guaranteed to start a war. Brought a whole staff of people who love it Housemaid in exile? President in exile? Wanna a coward to act bravely? Give me a break! In the us, she would have already been put in the electric chair for calling on a foreign state to interfere in the Affairs of their country .

Auriandra No worries. Biden promises sanctions and tongue lashings. Surefire ways to topple dictators like KimJongUn, AliKhamenei, Assad, Erdogan and Putin himself. 🙄 Keep dreaming. Just shows that she's unfit to lead the country. Reminds me of that clown in KIEV who also saw himself as 'fully fit' to enter into (geo)politics.

Great, let's get America mixed up in another damn war. The First Prophet Dan Tran & US First Master Dan Tran & Supreme Advisor for The Former President George W. Bush, Former President Barack Obama & Current President Donald J. Trump. President President Donald J. Trump Win 2020 Amen FREE ASSANGE Good luck with that.

And what did she do personally to get rid of this dictatorship, except that she was hiding in Lithuania from the first days of the escalation? Former VPs can't help you