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Beirut reels from huge blast, as death toll climbs to at least 113

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - A massive warehouse explosion sent a devastating blast wave across Beirut, Lebanon, killing at least 100 people and injuring nearly 4,000

8/5/2020 7:10:00 PM

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - A massive warehouse explosion sent a devastating blast wave across Beirut, Lebanon , killing at least 100 people and injuring nearly 4,000

Lebanese rescue workers searched for survivors in the mangled wreckage of buildings and investigators blamed negligence for a massive warehouse explosion that sent a devastating blast wave across Beirut, killing at least 113 people.

‘COLLAPSE OF LEBANON’Ordinary Lebanese, who have lost jobs and watched savings evaporate in Lebanon’s financial crisis, blamed politicians who have overseen decades of state corruption and bad governance.“This explosion seals the collapse of Lebanon. I really blame the ruling class,” said Hassan Zaiter, 32, a manager at the heavily damaged Le Gray Hotel in downtown Beirut.

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The health minister said the death toll had climbed to 113, as the search for victims continued after shockwaves from the blast hurled some of the victims into the sea.Relatives gathered at the cordon to Beirut port seeking information on those still missing. Many of those killed were port and custom employees, people working in the area or those driving nearby during the Tuesday evening rush hour.

The Red Cross was coordinating with the Health Ministry to set up morgues as hospitals were overwhelmed.Beirut’s Clemenceau Medical Center was “like a slaughterhouse, blood covering the corridors and the lifts,” said Sara, one of its nurses.Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud told broadcaster LBC the blast had caused damage worth up to $5 billion, and possibly more, and left up to 250,000 people without homes.

“This is the killer blow for Beirut, we are a disaster zone,” said Bilal, a man in his 60s, in the downtown area.Offers of international support poured in. Gulf Arab states, who in the past were major financial supporters of Lebanon but recently stepped back because of what they say is Iranian meddling, sent planes with medical equipment and other supplies. Iran offered food and a field hospital, ISNA news agency said.

A general view shows the damage at the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, Lebanon August 5, 2020. REUTERS/Mohamed AzakirThe United States, Britain, France and other Western nations, which have been demanding political and economic change in Lebanon, also offered help. Germany, the Netherlands and Cyprus offered specialised search and rescue teams.

‘CATASTROPHE’For many it was a dreadful reminder of the 1975 to 1990 civil war that tore the nation apart and destroyed swathes of Beirut, much of which had been rebuilt.“This is a catastrophe for Beirut and Lebanon.” Beirut’s mayor, Jamal Itani, told Reuters while inspecting damage.

Officials did not say what caused the initial blaze at the port that set off the blast. A security source and media said it was started by welding work being carried out on a warehouse.Beirut driver Abou Khaled said ministers “are the first that should be held accountable for this disaster. They committed a crime against the people of this nation with their negligence.”

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The port district was left a tangled wreck, disabling the nation’s main route for imports needed to feed a nation of more than 6 million people.Lebanon has already been struggling to house and feed refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Syria and has no trade or other ties with its only other neighbour Israel.

“On a scale, this explosion is scaled down from a nuclear bomb rather than up from a conventional bomb,” said Roland Alford, managing director of British explosive ordnance disposal firm Alford Technologies. “This is huge.”The blast came three days before a U.N.-backed court delivers a verdict in the trial of four suspects from Iranian-backed Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah over a 2005 bombing that killed former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and 21 others.

Slideshow(4 Images)Hariri was killed by a big truck bomb on another part of the Beirut waterfront, about 2 km (about one mile) from the port.(Graphic: Blast rocks Lebanese port area,here)Reporting by Ayat Basma, Samia Nakhoul, Ellen Francis and Ghaida Ghantous; Additional reporting by Reuters bureaus; Writing by Tom Perry and Dominic Evans; Editing by Edmund Blair

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who ever will be held accountable for the mess will be held responsible but the bigger picture lies in the fact that people are affected highly by these incidents and its not easy for the people to come out of the trauma that incidents like causes.. If you need any hacking in UnitedKingdom; Website hacking Reputation refinement Credit enhancement School grades hack Smart phone monitoring Etc I have access to the “.uk & .co.uk”which is the top-level domain for UK so meaning i can get into any website/database

Iranian Port authority are equally responsible for such negligence.. ANFO i dont know why he says that the person who did it would be held accountable. like yeah no shit you would like that but that dude is probably dead. just look for the cause and help your people... god damn man that shit sucks so much to see something you see in movies come to...

The government officials in this video are responsible. The government officials in this video must pay. I 'm so sad It is a tragedy. It should also serve as a catalyst to expel the terrorist in Lebanon. And this was what? Just amonia something and fertalizer? What justice is government promising? Could they pay up for all the losses & recovery? Why couldnt they predict the inventory stockpile & figure out risk from the tax data? I also wonder if kids with smaller body & thinner legs are better off in deflecting or minimising impact

So scary, those poor people suffering because of a lack of health and safety 😔 Is thh hi is terrorism? Any rumors? MossadNews was that you ? Jokes apart PrayForLebanon ValPicard So sorry for the people in Lebanon, this is a horrific tragedy . It was an attack by Israel, why aren't you reporting the truth?

😱🙏 Who was the owner of that warehouse and merchandise? The explosion almost looked like a nuclear weapon explosion. 2020 GRAPHIC CONTENT? THESE WARS HAVE BEEN GOING ON NEARLY HALF A CENTURY I THINK THE WORLD IS DESENSITIZED TO CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AT THIS POINT DONT NEED YOUR GRAPHIC CONTENT B.S We pray for all.

International investigation is very important to give Lebanese and foreign national victims all thier rights regarding who killed or injured them specially some will be with life time disability. Ok Elon

Death toll in Beirut blast rises to more than 50, says Lebanese health ministerThe death toll from a massive explosion in Beirut on Tuesday has risen to more than 50 killed and over 2,700 injured, Lebanon 's health minister said in televised remarks. 1000 plus deaths :( What a truly horrible event. Awful 50 after this disaster good

Death toll from Beirut blast reaches 100 and could rise, Lebanese Red Cross headThe death toll from a massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday has reached 100 and more victims are under the rubble, the head of the Lebanese Red Cross told local broadcasters on Wednesday. Missile aria-aria! Ma quale deposito di fuochi artificiali?! nobody cares Condolences to Lebanon

Massive explosion in Beirut port area rocks Lebanese capital, at least 10 reported deadA large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut Tuesday evening local time, shattering windows in surrounding neighborhoods and wounding hundreds of people, witnesses reported. Grain bin exploded, all that dust and grain will do that. For a sec I thought this was Chicago.

Huge explosion rocks Beirut, injuring hundreds across Lebanese capitalA large number of people are reportedly injured after a huge explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut, shattering glass for miles around It’s a miracle something like this doesn’t regularly happen in a small country 🇱🇧 bordering both Syria and Israel, with huge Iranian presence in the form of Hezbollah, and plenty of groups of people hating each other. “Hopefully” it’s an accident Oh no😢💔 BeirutBlast

Huge Beirut explosion shatters windows across Lebanese capitalA large number of people are reportedly injured after a huge explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut, shattering glass for miles around Fire cracker don't explode like that. It looks terrorist sinister plan went gone wrong. Killed with his own bomb. That was probably the first explosion ..... never seen anything like that Our house windows were shaken in Nicosia CYPRUS and all neighbours were out in the streets asking what happened. Wishing our Lebanese friends well.

Huge explosion rocks Beirut, injuring thousands across Lebanese capitalDramatic video shows a massive explosion near Beirut's port that caused destruction to homes miles away. Dozens have been killed and thousands are believed to be injured, officials say. KimberlyFOX26 at one second appears something shot down then exploded on impact Horrible y enorme explosión para que digan hay cientos de dafnificados😡😡😡😡 Oh! Good God Forgive the dead and heal the sick. I sympathize with Lebanon