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Beirut Port Explosion Fuels Lebanon’s Collapse: ‘May God Save the Country’

One of the worst economic collapses in 150 years leads to widespread food shortages, brawls in supermarkets; depositors rush to get their money out.

8/5/2021 1:30:00 AM

Lebanon survived a civil war, waves of refugees and political assassinations. But now an epic economic collapse is bringing the country to its knees.

One of the worst economic collapses in 150 years leads to widespread food shortages, brawls in supermarkets; depositors rush to get their money out.

Aug. 4, 2021 11:05 am ETBEIRUT—In recent decades Lebanon has been a place of relative calm in a turbulent region. Now it is living through a once-in-a-century economic meltdown.The collapse, rippling through all levels of society, has been accelerated by the lasting effects of

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the explosion in the Port of Beirutone year ago today.Power outages have become so frequent that restaurants time their hours to the schedule of electricity from private generators. Brawls have erupted in supermarkets as shoppers rush to buy bread, sugar, and cooking oil before they run out or hyperinflation topping 400% for food puts the prices out of reach.

Medical professionals have fled justas the pandemic hammers the country with a new wave of infections. Thefts are up 62% and murder rates are rising fast.In May, Gaith Masri, a 24-year-old law student and gas-station attendant from northern Lebanon, was shot dead after a scuffle with a customer when he refused to go beyond a rationing limit. “He was killed in cold blood, just because he wouldn’t fill up someone’s tank,” said Firas Masri, Gaith’s cousin. A month earlier, a gasoline smuggler had shot their uncle in almost the same spot for also refusing to go beyond the maximum allowance the station had set. He may never walk again. headtopics.com

The World Bank, measuring the contraction of GDP per capita—which was down about 40% from 2018 to 2020—and the estimated time it could take for Lebanon to recover, reported in May that the country’s economic crisis could rank among the top three in the world in the past 150 years.

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perpetual conflict and chaos That explosion was crazy. Funny, at first glance I assumed it was Chicago The population of Lebanon could at least save their remaining wealth from hyperinflation - but only once they discover the instant feeless $NANO cryptocurrency. See for more info. Though Lebanon is not poor. Lebanon has one of the highest gold reserves, ranked 20th in the global gold landscape, 286 MT. Beautiful country with rich cultural history, rolouch Lebanon Beirut NaturalGas Minerals LebIntUni GCC

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Lebanon’s Economy, Still Reeling From Beirut Port Explosion, Falls Off a CliffLebanon is living through a once-in-a-century economic meltdown. Power outages have become frequent. Brawls have erupted in supermarkets. Hyperinflation tops 400%. The economy was collapsing long before the Port's explosion which was a result of the hegemony of Iran & of Hezbollah's storing weapons next to residential neighborhoods. The collapse was caused by corrupt politicians allowing Hezbollah full control in exchange for its protection 被洪水冲垮的不仅是桥梁,还有人心 Everything the ayatollah touches suffers the same fate.

Today, do Americans still think that the White House and the military bring hope for freedom and democracy to other countries? F**k! Lebanon was a peaceful progressing country when christisns were dominant, now they are a minority. Didn't the U.S. government create this situation?

One year on, Beirut port blast survivors still await justiceLebanon’s political elite has been accused of corruption and mismanagement that led to August 4, 2020 explosion in which more than 214 people died. Turkish Army ATTached a Village near عین عیسی And Killed 4 Members oF a Family Including a man and 3 children Today Wednesday 4-8-2021 You Will Never Ever Hear These News From TRT Media Because They always Cover all The crimes Turkey Do againsT kurds EveryWhere !

A Year After the Beirut Explosion, Lebanon Is Still Suffering—Here, 3 Designers Share Their StoriesToday marks a year since the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut. Rabih Kayrouz, Cynthia Merhej, and Sandra Mansour are committed to keeping parts of their brands firmly rooted in Lebanon. Here, they share their stories from the past year Shed tears when writting this, hope u feel the pain i felt when writting this 💔 please click on the link 🙏

A Year After Beirut Explosion, Lebanese Are Still Seeking JusticeDemonstrations against Lebanon’s political elite are set to be held as civil-society groups demand justice for the deadly explosion in Beirut a year ago, which they blame on their leaders. Poor 🇱🇧 and it’s people.

Beirut Explosion: What Happened in Lebanon and Everything Else We KnowMore than 200 people were killed in a massive explosion at the port in Beirut on Aug. 4 last year. A year on, activists and the families of those killed and injured in the explosion are still seeking justice. One year later: Cover-up after cover-up. Very much like corruption nationwide in the U.S.

A year after the Beirut blast: still no bottom to Lebanon’s crisisWandering through the shattered capital in the hours and days after the explosion, it was hard to imagine things could get any worse. Yet they did FYI please rolouch May God bless their soul who lost the lives last year——Ameen. Lebanon is a great country with strategic natural resources and historic geographical significance. DailyStarLeb AUB_Lebanon rolouch FT WSJ nytimes CNBCArabia We know who’s at bottom