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Sex Advice, Sex And Love

Being Selfish and 9 Other Things You Shouldn't Apologize for During Sex

No, adding toys aren't an insult to your partner's skill.


Life is way too short to not have all the sex you want, exactly the way you want it. 👏🔥

No, adding toys aren't an insult to your partner's skill.

during sex, remember that you should never feel bad about stopping immediately and finding something that works for you.

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Why Elizabeth Warren’s Love Of Selfies Will Help Her WinPutting herself in the spotlight is a smart, not selfish, career move by the U.S. senator.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Get BangsIt's a hair decision that shouldn't be made lightly. No bangs for me, just a very big change in hair color coming up next month! 😜

Whiny, Selfish 8-Year-Old Always Wants His Parents To Stop Yelling At Each OtherST. PAUL, MN—In a shockingly selfish pattern of behavior that has occurred repeatedly over the past six months, local 8-year-old and whiny brat Sean Cooper has continued his habit of interrupting his parents with his pleas for them to stop screaming at each other, sources reported Thursday. Selfish cunt I mean- the nerve! Imagine being in a dream so real, that you forget it is a dream at all. Now imagine that dream lasting for an entire lifetime. How long until you wake up and realize you are dreaming? Because you are having that dream right now.

After Fleeing North Korea, Women Get Trapped as Cybersex Slaves in ChinaHuman smugglers take thousands of women seeking to flee North Korea to China each year, according to human rights groups and trafficking survivors. Once there, many of the women are sold to men in rural towns or to pimps. But they write trump beautiful love notes Oh pretty much what is happening at US / Mexico borders, but liberal media and Democrats try to hide it and only complain about child in cages. You know because they “you NYT ” hate Trump. Wonder what the world would be like without men?

HuffPost is now a part of OathJust yet another case of black supremacy You fail to mention that she apologized for SOME of the offensive tweets & didn't indicate which ones she wasn't sorry for. Important context there.

Soundcheck: The 13 Best Music Releases Of The WeekLil Nas X shouldn't have to explain his fear of coming out to Kevin Hart:

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