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Being Selfish and 9 Other Things You Shouldn't Apologize for During Sex

No, adding toys aren't an insult to your partner's skill.

9/16/2019 10:15:00 AM

Life is way too short to not have all the sex you want, exactly the way you want it. 👏🔥

No, adding toys aren't an insult to your partner's skill.

4. Speaking up when something's not working for youDon't worry about wounding your partner's self-esteem. Hopefully, they'd rather get some constructive criticism than keep going with something that's doing nothing for you. Especially if

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during sex, remember that you should never feel bad about stopping immediately and finding something that works for you.5. Making whatever faces or noises you makeLooking orsounding sexyin the middle of sex is not something your should prioritize if you don't feel like it. Worrying about whether you're putting on a good show for your partner can kill the pleasure, and it's much more important to focus on how you're

feeling.6. Giving instructionsSome might say it kills the mood to communicate during sex, but that's absurd. Everybody likes different things, so how are our partners supposed to know what we like if we don't talk to them about it? Anyone whose ego is bruised because they weren't able to read your mind has their own insecurities—ones that are totally unrelated to you.

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