Being Black In America Today: Share Your Experience

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Widespread protests across the nation have followed several high-profile deaths of African Americans in recent weeks. NPR wants to hear about your reaction to these incidents and your personal experience as a black person in America.

Protesters demonstrate outside the burning 3rd Precinct police building in Minneapolis on Thursday. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night.

Protesters demonstrate outside the burning 3rd Precinct police building in Minneapolis on Thursday. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night.Widespread protests across the nation have followed several high-profile deaths of African Americans in recent weeks, including


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Africa is better. Maybe consider immigrating there. Clearly this isn’t working.

Fake news

Any minority. Letters soups, handicaps, etc. live matters! Respect matter for all, not only Afro

Are you going to pay people for their emotional and intellectual labor? Reparations can happen all the time!

What’s it like being anything? This is PrideMonth

Being black in America : a never ending vacation. No work, no bills, no problem...

If you ask this question, it MUST BE COMBINED, with question, “ How is like being black in entire world? “ and answers from ALL COUNTRIES MUST BE COMPARED.

Yes, NPR would like to hear so they can selectively edit and present you with the narrative they ant pushed. DefundNPR

Being black in America means your lazy no good trash

NPR is so out of touch with the black community they have to “educate” their upper middle class neoliberal audience with this ridiculous article

Opportunities for free education leading to good careers, just takes the same effort thst all others apply... too frequently the answers is simply, too much trouble, I want a hand out! Race to the bottom!

Here’s a black experience

Maybe you should hire some black people instead of crowdsourcing?

NPR advertising the lack of diversity in their newsroom

Better than being black in China.

Might be better to do a phone interview I'll try to make it quick 54 years old born a negro then I was a Niger then I was black while in college we became African Americans then I was colored and now I'm black again, the hardest job in usa is the Black Man

You literally have 400 years of history. Open any book.

I bet you only want to hear the sad stories and not the successful ones.

What the hell is going on with NPR these past two weeks....thought you were a reliable ,”unbiased” news’ve been posting and creating some bizarre “news” lately.....🙈🤬🤯🤪‼️⁉️

All i see here are white people throwing Red Herring fallacies, trying to change the subject.

I feel black because I wanted to get into Boule a black club and they wouldn't let me in because I was white. I've known undercover operatives OSINT in Kargil with terror rebels that even let foreigners into terror cells. We see today a driven, protected hatred.

Have you asked what's it like to live in a neighborhood ravaged by riots?

Reaction? Have you watched the news, even the biased MSM? Looters, antifa and criminals suck.

I have shared instances of racist actions against me with NPR. I have stopped by police more than 20 times. Honorably discharged service-connected disabled vet college graduate. No criminal record one ticket But years of discrimination being black. Victimized by court system!

WHAT? Trying to capitalize on the death of several African Americans in the last few weeks. Shame. What is it like being Black in America? You don't have enough time to hear from me ! dontrespondtothiscrap MedvisJackson loumoore12 misskanu AngelaHattery

NPR where are the pieces about how selfish these grandma killers are being? Did breaking windows or chanting make you immune to Covid? I am sure there are some “fine people” with these rioters.

I shared my thoughts and feelings yesterday:

Great. I have food shelter transportation career(wage slave) family. Privilege of being born here. If you don't like it....then you can geeet out!!!

Funny you should ask... just shared this anecdote:

their experiences will be plagued by their implicit bias because the media tells them they are oppressed

Black people need to GET OVER grudges that are 400 years old! It's no longer applicable!

Time to cut these fools off of welfare and ship them to Canada!

These protests make a larger divide between America. Nobody feels sorry for people who are apart of this.

I would be comfortable around “these”!people.

Someone is paying them to go out. It is totally organized. Where is the FBI? We have to presidential candidates one corrupt and the other irrational.

Next week all these people will blame Trump because they got Coronavirus.

No reason at all to be suspicious of young “teens”.

I hope the pain we are feeling now will lead to a historically high voter turnout in November.

Institutionalized Racism needs to stop now! Starts at the top and trickles down to local cities. No equality for black lives during slavery and none NOW! Enough is enough

Я верю вам

Fanning racial division works for you. Now where are your articles on the slaughter of law enforcement officers. NPR is not unbiased & should lose federal funding

Protests or riots?

You are not a news organization

Tsk,tsk, tsk, NPR....continuing to further the divide between Americans.......

Give me a moment to gather my thoughts. But listen up..I got a story to tell...

George floyd justice

How about you ask all the African Americans that just had their businesses destroyed asshat!

I just can’t support you guys unless you can find a way to be more in the middle...which by the way, is where most of us lie...


NatalieNicole Racism Is Terrorism. Anonymous GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydProtests

Lol BLM and Antifa are one in the same and funded by the same people

He looked down and checked several times to make sure George Floyd was died. They were waiting for it to happen. This is on purpose. Investigating all their recent contact please. So far, that Asian guy who made the space for the killing is not even charged, Most suspicious

So Jones spews this racist tripe yet he's still on the air: “Even the most liberal well intentioned white person has a virus is in his or her brain that can be activated in an instant. So what you see now is a curtain falling away…” Van Jones© CNN 5/29/2020

NPR how about being white in America today? About being angry all the time because you’re being unfairly painted a racist just because you happen to be white? About fearing for your safety because you’re white, female and older? told you should feel shame for being white? Huh?

Riots. Riots. Riots. Those are not protests!!! MLK would be sick to his stomach.

Watching whites and non-black POC carry on like normal where the protests aren’t as large or intense, meanwhile I haven’t slept well in 2 days and have a splitting headache. Many people will sleep just fine this week but I won’t 😔

NPR is in bed with Antifa. Stop all Federal & Private funding to this anarchist organization!

Anyone gonna talk about how police shoot and kill twice as many white people as black people, or does that ruin the whole “oh lawd we are being hunted!” narrative?

Please include all people of color. I've included my Vice Interview. I am the only photographer in the world with images of the first night in South LA as Rioting began the start of the 1992LosAngelesRiots.


Protests? Riots is a better description.

Married to a black man raised a biracial son. He's in the military. Had to 'vouch” for him in local businesses. Glad that I could but mad that I had to.

Do you want to pay the black people or just exploit them some more?

All of the looting animals are Democrat voters, if they vote. employees are also 95% Democrats.

It's 2020. An election year they predicted to be wild.

Lol, only now you wanna hear? Why didn’t you make this request when Trayvon Martin was executed? What about Tamir Rice? GTFOH.

Reminds me of: ThirdOfMay

Everytime I get pulled over by a cop in providence, RI. I feel like I’m about to get shot or get arrested and framed . Some of These guys make up excuses and lies to pull you over. There is nothing wrong with someone’s vehicle, It’s not reported stolen why pull them over?

Make sure to ask them how they feel about having their movement sabotaged by left wing extremists.

Humans are incapable of processing complex issues so we oversimplify:one side justifies the looting and destruction as “righteous” and “necessary” to oppose the systematic racism; while the other side uses the looting and destruction to justify the systematic racism 🤷🏼‍♂️



Mixed race here. I'm infuriated by the willful ignorance of people who have never been forced to experience life in a darker skin and try to rationalize the actions of police against protestors and media especially considering the armed white supremacists in MI 2 weeks ago.

Remember when you presented all the names of the poor people from Covid? Seems like a lifetime ago... Way to change the narrative!

Lots of great Le Mis pictures out there.

This is about to be a whole BlackToo online movement and I’m HERE. FOR. IT!!!

Seems we have a failure of leadership by all politicians (Dems and Reps) Country experienced same events in 2014 and 2015 and we had a “blue ribbon committee” of experts What happened? We need serious people to make change.

If you want a 'reaction,' read Manning Johnson's 1958 book Color, Communism and Common Sense. Woke

This kid made my day


Npr is still race bating, they just don't know the mob will come for them soon

'Protests' Fuck you That is my personal experience

Antifa is a politically correct term, Most of the violent protesters are Anarchists and Bolsheviks. If anyone doesnt know what a Bolshevik is, Look it up. My allegiance is to the United States. We must keep our union together.

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