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Behave normally, UK transport minister tells Britons queuing for fuel

Behave normally, UK transport minister tells Britons queuing for fuel

9/26/2021 2:35:00 PM

Behave normally, UK transport minister tells Britons queuing for fuel

Tran sport Minister Grant Shapps on Sunday called on Britons to behave normally when buying petrol, saying there was no shortage of fuel and the government was stepping in to ease a shortage of drivers bringing it to petrol stations.

Some operators have had to ration supplies and others to close gas stations."There's plenty of fuel, there's no shortage of the fuel within the country," he told Sky News."So the most important thing is actually that people carry on as they normally would and fill up their cars when they normally would, then you won't have queues and you won't have shortages at the pump either."

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Shapps said the shortage of drivers was down to COVID-19 disrupting the qualification process for drivers, preventing new labour from entering the market.Others pinned the blame on Brexit and poor working conditions forcing out foreign drivers.1/5Drivers queue to enter a fuel station in London, Britain, September 25, 2021. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Read Moreread moreBut business leaders have warned the government's plan is short-term fix and will not solve an acute labour shortage that risks major disruption beyond fuel deliveries, including for retailers in the run-up to Christmas.Shapps called the panic over fuel a 'manufactured situation' and blamed it on a hauliers' association. headtopics.com

"They're desperate to have more European drivers undercutting British salaries," he said.An Opinium poll published in the Observer newspaper on Sunday said that 67% of voters believe the government has handled the crisis badly. A majority of 68% said that Brexit was partly to blame.

Opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, speaking at his party's annual conference in southern England, said ministers had failed to plan for labour shortages following the 2016 Brexit vote and called for a bigger temporary visa scheme."This is a complete lack of planning: we exited the EU ... just one consequence was there was going to be a shortage of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers. That was predictable, it was predicted," he told the BBC.

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This is Britons behaving normally British 'normal': We’ll start when he does! Like if they even know the meaning of that word. This would make a brilliant Venn diagram of Conservative ministers confronting the effects of their own policies and drunk teenagers before they see their parents. Normal behaviour is panicking when the Government tells you not to.

If a few of the lazy buggers would try walking or cycling, we might be in less of a mess. (Sympathy for key workers and people who need their cars for work and/or public service, of course) Have you met us? This is a country where people called the emergency services when KFC ran out of chicken so… This is normal. We're a daft little island intent on drowning in our own stupidity.

What an idiot !! UK has enough fuel but ALL gas stations close to us are shut. Same stories coming from other parts of country. There is NO fuel in forecourt what is the point having silos full I just walked for 1.3 hours (good for me) but what about schools, groceries etc

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I wasn’t at all bothered about this until I found out that my car wouldn’t run on Blitz Spirit. The average IQ is not capable of handling the constant toxic media in the UK. UK media is disgusting. if Britons behaved normally, this government wouldn't be in place. a stunning lack of awareness from Shapps.

BUT this is normal behaviour in the U.K.🙄 How is the situation irland? When have Brits ever behaved normally? Britain if its people behaved normally, ever

Long queues and fuel rationing as Britain faces truck driver shortageWith Britain facing an acute labor shortage that has led to fuel rationing at hundreds of gas stations and retailers warning of shortages over Christmas, the government is expected to announce plans to issue temporary work visas to foreign truck drivers Report this: Actual picture of BorisJohnson today begging EU lorry drivers to get back to Britain: So what you're telling me is that capitalism falls flat on its face when it's not subsidized by socialism. You can have all these rag heads that we have in America!

Well, you asked for it 😂🤣🇪🇺 Don't be like Trump supporters in America, trying to fill up trash bags with gasoline. It would be good if the UK had a transport minister who behaved normally! We don't do normal in the uk, we do stupid Oh yes, kind reminder though in times of crisis, people tend to pack common sense for later use.

Biden destroyed Americas energy Independence. Now Saudi's tell us to F off UK inflation Yeah, right. British people really enjoy queues when they heard the exciting news they rushed to join the longest ones. It's an exciting weekend for all. Queues but in the comfort of your car, a day out for the family 😂.

UK to issue visas to lorry drivers amid long queues at gas stationsGovernment will allow up to 5,000 foreign drivers into the country on short-term visas, a measure that logistics companies and retailers have demanded for months but experts estimate a shortfall of around 100,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers. Talk about 'skilled labor' migrants: --'Do you know how to drive a lorry?' --'Yes! I am have does!' --'Great! Get the fuck in! Here's a UK passport.'

UK urges public calm over shut fuel stationsBritain on Friday urged the public not to panic-buy fuel, as some petrol stations closed pumps due to a lack of tanker delivery drivers, adding to the government's growing list of woes and stoking consumer fears of worse to come before Christmas.

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