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6/6/2022 10:30:00 PM

The general rule of (green) thumbs to follow 🪴

The general rule of (green) thumbs to follow 🪴

Use this gardening checklist from a plant pro to ensure that your indoor and outdoor greenery stays alive and thrives.

When you’re just get started, it’s natural to want some expert advice on how to get your garden to grow.Related StoriesFor indoor plants, Harris recommends keeping them far away from heat sources. “Choose light, airy places away from radiators and full sun for glossy foliage plants,” he says.

How often you need to water your plants will depend on the type. But all plants respond well to a long soak of water when they’re starting to dry out. There are very few that benefit from daily watering or a dribble here or there.leave your plant in a container of water—soak it in the sink, let it drain, and then put it back in its decorative pot.”

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With so many benefits, it’s no wonder people are taking up gardening , as well as buying houseplants, to connect with nature right in the comforts of their home. “The houseplant market has doubled in the past few years as people caught on to how wonderful they are in an apartment or on a balcony,” Harris says. But with a new batch of washable and stain-hiding rugs, you can have both. When you’re just get started, it’s natural to want some expert advice on how to get your garden to grow. Here’s a gardening checklist for beginner green thumbs 1. Best overall | Best rag | Best bargain rag | Best organic cotton | Best stylish | Best for kids’ rooms | Best plush | Best for pet hair | Best indoor-outdoor | Best tiles | Best less-expensive tiles What we’re looking for Material: Washability requires materials that won’t shrink, warp, or discolor in the laundry machine. Do a little research on your plants Different plant species need different care approaches.

“For example, a cactus is very different from a peace lily, and snake plants are different from ivies, so research prior to make sure you know you’re giving your plants the right care they need,” Harris says. For washable rugs, be sure to follow the product’s care instructions: Maine interior designer Kelly O’Connell caveats that some rugs require a cold wash or need to be line dried. Related Stories {{ truncate(post.title, 12) }} 2. Most non-animal-hide rugs are either woven, which generally produces a flatter surface, or pile, tied by hand or with a machine to produce a surface of soft, cut-end-up fibers. Plant according to sun and shade needs Placing plants in the wrong spot is the biggest mistake people make in the garden, according to Harris. “It’s important to choose ‘the right plant for the right place. In general, the weave of a washable rug should be tight enough that threads won’t snarl or come loose during a tumble cycle, so we’re favoring rugs with a dense pile or a tighter weave.

” This means shade-loving plants have shade and sun-loving plants have sun,” he says. Ferns and hydrangeas love the shade, for example, whereas roses and lavender love the sun. The right size will depend on your washing machine (one of the retailers on this list, Ruggable, has a useful chart of the sizes of washing machines their rugs will fit), and in general, we’re favoring rugs with a wide size range, from doormats to area rugs. Plant them in the right spot, and they’ll thrive. This is intel you should be able to find in your research, or on the tag or seed pack for your plants. Best overall Ruggable Samira Raspberry Rug From $89 From $89 Polyester with polyurethane barrier | Pile | Ten sizes Several experts we spoke to praised Ruggable’s rugs — they are “without question the best washable rugs we use,” says Sherri Monte, co-owner of the interior-design and home-organization company Elegant Simplicity. If not, ask an associate at the nursery or garden where you go to pick out your plants.

For indoor plants, Harris recommends keeping them far away from heat sources. When there’s a spill, you simply roll up the cover and toss it in the wash. “Choose light, airy places away from radiators and full sun for glossy foliage plants,” he says. 3. Lesley Suter, travel editor at Eater, has a neutral runner in her kitchen that “gets disgusting, and I’m very glad I can wash it. Regularly check for pests In particular, aphids, slugs, and snails can damage your outside plants. “Aphids usually attack new growth so look there first, and if you see them, act straight away,” he says. One is white, and she reports that it always brightens up noticeably in the wash.

“Use soapy dishwater and rubber gloves to rub aphids off the stems,” he says. Slugs and snails can be kept at bay with copper tape, eggshells, and sheep wool. She continues to be impressed by its quality. “Indoor plants get pests too, with mealybugs being common, so use neem oil or rubbing alcohol to kill them and repot afterwards to make sure any eggs are destroyed too,” he says. Take note: you may need to do this a few times. Corsillo agrees: “I was a little worried that the pattern would look cheap, but that’s not the case at all. 4.

Give them a good soak as needed How often you need to water your plants will depend on the type. They’re lightweight, they can be thrown into the washing machine, and their marbled patterns are great for camouflaging stains. But all plants respond well to a long soak of water when they’re starting to dry out. There are very few that benefit from daily watering or a dribble here or there.” From $22 at Amazon Buy From $27 at Overstock Buy Best bargain rag rug Ikea Tånum Rag Rug $8 $8 Cotton | Woven | Two feet by two feet and 11 inches Amory Wooden, a marketing executive at StreetEasy, house flipper, mother of four and dog owner, is a fan of rag rugs for their versatility. With outdoor plants, it’s important not to underestimate the water requirement of container pots. “It’s not only the sun that dries them out, but also wind does too, and containers need at least a weekly drench in the growing months and most likely a weekly feed too,” he says. While it would make the most sense to use an outdoor rug at this door, they aren’t easily washable.

In really hot weather, hanging baskets and plants like tomatoes might need a daily water supply and replenishment. Indoor plants need a little more care when it comes to watering. “It’s easy to toss them into a load of laundry and clean in a few hours. “Only water your plant when the topsoil is dry, as every day watering will drown and rot the roots,” Harris says. “Check each week, hold off if the soil is still damp, and take note: You should never leave your plant in a container of water—soak it in the sink, let it drain, and then put it back in its decorative pot.” $8 at Ikea Buy Best organic-cotton washable rug Willaby Hand-Loomed Rug From $64 From $64 Photo: Retailer Organic cotton | Woven | Eight sizes These minimalist, organic-cotton rugs from Willaby were enthusiastically recommended by two of our experts: Francesca Santi, owner of Playdate Goods, a children’s store in Asheville, North Carolina, and Laura Fenton, author of The Little Book of Living Small.” 5.

Turn your indoor plants weekly “Turn indoor container plants a quarter of a turn each week so each side gets the same amount of sun and grows evenly,” says Harris.” Fenton used the small cotton-rag rug in her son’s nursery. All plants will stretch for light, and so by turning them frequently, your plants will end up straight. 6. “I especially like their undyed rag rugs or super-subtle stripes. Follow feed protocols accordingly “Strong plant food that’s given to plants too often will kill any plant, where their leaves will turn yellow and they’ll collapse,” Harris says. So read fertilizer instructions and plant labels before feeding your plants, and make sure you adhere to their advice. “We have a toddler and, needless to say, have lots of mishaps, so we wanted practical but beautiful rugs.

7. Re-pot plants as necessary If you’re doing a good job, your plants in containers will outgrow their homes. The lightweight, machine-washable rugs can also be used as blankets or as a nice-looking couch cover to protect against pets. That means that you’ll need to re-pot when you start to see the roots start showing. “Rootbound plants struggle to take up water and nutrients and start to fail, and that’s where you’ll need to move to the next size pot when roots appear in drainage holes or the plant is bursting at its seams,” Harris says. “They’re easy to incorporate into many design styles, machine washable, and soft enough to be placed in a nursery,” says Shaffer. 8.

Prune at the appropriate time While doing your research, if you decide on flowing plants, make sure you figure out how they prefer to be pruned once they bloom. She says their low pile gives them a “cozier texture than most washable options on the market,” and “their [washable] wool line has some beautiful, colorful options that would brighten up any playroom and encourage imagination. “Some plants only flower on old wood, so if you cut it all back in autumn, you’ll have no flowers next year,” Harris says. Essential tools for first-time gardeners Hand trowel “A hand trowel is a small spade used for digging container soil and shallow depth borders,” says Harris. “We know pets love a soft spot to snuggle, and these are really cozy but can still go right in the washing machine,” she says. You can use it to make a planting hole by stabbing it into the soil and dragging it towards you, as if you’re rowing a boat. They are versatile garden tools and according to Harris, the number one essential.” From $109 at Ruggable Buy Best washable rug for repelling pet hair Hook & Loom New Ashford Eco Cotton Rug From $28 From $28 85 percent cotton; 12 percent polyester; 3 percent other clothing fibers | Woven | Ten sizes Galina Holechek, an interior designer in L.

Shop Now Hand fork “It’s best used for weeding and loosening soil before using a hand towel to plant up,” Harris says. Small hand forks are especially useful for when you need to weed around plants that are close together without disrupting the roots., recommends “smaller, tighter-patterned rugs in darker tones for areas prone to lots of spills and wear and tear. Shop Now Border spade A full-size spade is an essential tool for gardens that have large borders. It’s used to turn over soil or make large, straight-sided holes.” Matt Clayton, the founder of Pet Hair Patrol, also recommends cotton rugs with a tight weave: “The tightly woven surface prevents pet hair from getting embedded into the surface,” he says. “Use your foot to press the spade into the soil and your arms to turn soil over,” Harris says.

Be sure to wear tough, close-toed shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Interior designer Andrew Howard recommends Dash and Albert indoor-outdoor rugs for their designs, like this tattersall plaid option. Shop Now Border fork Similar to a full-sized spade, the border fork differs in that it’s pronged and breaks soil into chunks, without requiring you to lift as much soil weight when doing so. “If you’re digging a border, use a garden fork to break up soil before moving onto your spade to make a planting hole,” says Harris. From $47 at Wayfair Buy From $64 at Perigold Buy Best washable rug tiles Flor Patterned Carpet Tiles $168 for 12 $168 for 12 Photo: Retailer Nylon, PET, and nylon blends | 19. Just push down on the forkhead with your foot, and pull the fork backward to turn the soil. Shop Now Gloves Gloves protect your hands from abrasion and dirt.7-inch tiles Monte, who has a young son and a golden retriever, recommends using carpet tiles as an alternative to a traditional rug.

“Choose thick leather gloves if you’re pruning or cutting brambles and nettles back and lightweight gloves if you’re just weeding or planting,” says Harris. Shop Now Watering can All plants need water! A watering can should be easy to lift, so don’t buy the biggest you can find. $168 for 12 at Flor Buy Best less-expensive washable rug tiles TRILUC Place and Stick Carpet Tile Squares $30 for 8 $30 for 8 Polyester | One-foot-by-one-foot tiles Home-organization YouTuber Melissa Maker recommends Triluc carpet tiles, which she’s used in her own kitchen. “Choose one with well-fitting ‘rows’ that sprinkles water evenly over soil,” Harris says. “A big splash of water without rows disrupts soil structure and washes smaller plants away,” he explains. Because they’re modular, you can arrange them in tons of fun patterns. Shop Now Secateurs Secateurs are tough garden scissors and are needed for pruning back shrubs and other cutting jobs.

They have large comfortable handles and safety blades that lock when you’re not using them. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatments, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, natural anxiety remedies, and bath towels. “Choose bypass motion secateurs because they cause less damage to living branches than anvil types,” Harris suggests. Shop Now Fertilizer Fertilizer, mulch, or any kind of plant food is important to best take care of your garden and plants and to provide them with high quality nutrition. Every editorial product is independently selected. “Boost their nutrient uptake with chicken manure, horse manure, or liquid seaweed/tomato food, especially if you have container plants, which are limited to what’s in the pot,” he says. ..